17 Free Christian Movies on Amazon Prime in 2020

9. The Bible (2013)

This 10-part miniseries originally aired on the History Channel, providing an overview of Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation. It was nominated for three Primetime Emmys and received solid ratings, helping launch another Bible-based series, A.D. The Bible Continues. Mark Burnett and Roma Downey were the executive producers. Rated TV-14.

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10. Ragamuffin (2013)

An eccentric musical protege climbs the Christian contemporary music charts and then decides its not the place for him. The film is based on the true story of Rich Mullins, a brilliant singer/songwriter who didnt wear shoes and who penned some of the most popular songs in contemporary music: Creed, Awesome God and Step by Step. He died in a traffic accident in 1997. Rated PG-13 for thematic elements, mild language and smoking.

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17 Free Christian Movies on Amazon Prime in 2020

11. The Passion of the Christ (2004)

Its the top-grossing faith film of all time and one of the best movies ever made. Its also ultra-realistic, which is one reason it garnered an R rating (for sequences of graphic violence depicting Christs crucifixion). Mel Gibson produced and directed it. It received three Oscar nominations.

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17 Free Christian Movies on Amazon Prime in 2020

12. C.S. Lewis Onstage (2018)

Award-winning actor Max McLean plays Lewis in this production, which follows the famous theologian from his days as an atheist to his time of conversion to Christianity, and beyond. It was recorded live. If youve never watched McLean act, then you may have heard his voice, which forms the heart of several popular audio Bibles.

Photo courtesy: Fellowship for Performing Arts

17 Free Christian Movies on Amazon Prime in 2020

13. Letters to God (2010)

An optimistic 8-year-old cancer patient begins writing letters to God, sealing them in an envelope and dropping them in a mailbox. They transform his family but also inspire his community. Its a tear-jerker of a film, and its based on a true story. Rated PG for thematic elements.

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