A Prayer for Those Facing Job Loss: Hope for Uncertain Times

Never before in recent history has our nation and world faced such difficult, chaotic times. In just a matter of months, the Coronavirus pandemic has swept across our globe causing great fear, illness, economic hardship, and most tragically, the loss of many lives. Most of us would have never envisioned the year 2020 to look like this. But here we are.

And in the midst of these uncertain days, millions of people are now also facing potential job loss. Many others already find themselves without a job, and no viable means to support themselves or their families.

One thing to remember, no matter what we may be facing right now, when were losing our hope: Jesus is the answer. For every season. For every day. He is with us and cares about all that were going through. We may not see an easy solution; we might feel trapped in our situation with seemingly no way out. But Jesus is the way-maker. The miracle worker. He is the One who can set free, open doors, and heal our land. He is the One who multiplied the loaves and fish to feed thousands, and turned the water into wine.

And He promises to carry our burdens and help us through the dark days. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images/tuaindeed

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