How to Talk to Children About the Coronavirus

The coronavirus has created an amazing quantity of concern and affliction for hundreds around the globe. Given the pervasive messaging about it affecting each space of life, kids actually can and are internalizing concern.

Whereas we by no means wish to assume by way of capitalizing on others struggling, crises like this present worthwhile alternatives for significant conversations with our children.

Yesterday, I talked to a first-grader about it. Listed here are the three questions I requested her together with a few of the messages I communicated to her.

1. Why do Christians not need to concern dying?

Most individuals suppress or ignore the inevitable actuality of dying. The coronavirus has raised this query in an simple means for us all. I needed to speak to the kid concerning the consolation and hope believers have within the face of dying.

Christians are the individuals who taunt dying with the cry, Oh, dying, the place is your sting? Oh, dying, the place is your victory?

We talked about how Jesus got here to avoid wasting us from our sins and to ship us from dying. Loss of life for the believer is acquire as we go to stay in glory with Christ and are free of sufferings on this life. Sure, now we have trepidation concerning the technique of dying (that’s depressing), however by way of last consequence, now we have no concern due to Christs victory at Calvary.

I needed the Christians hope in dying to be the very first thing we mentioned.

2. Why ought to Christians nonetheless be accountable, protected, and sensible concerning the coronavirus?

Whereas now we have no concern in dying, we additionally dont act like fools. We dont take unwise dangers, and we heed the recommendation of credible authorities. Why? The primary-grader and I talked about how our lives are a present from God. Our Lord calls us to be trustworthy stewards of this life for his glory.

A part of being steward includes defending our our bodies and monitoring our well being. We wish to deal with our lives and the lives of others as sacred, since have been all made within the picture of God.

Given this vital stewardship, we should always observe the commonsense practices that healthcare authorities have deliveredwashing arms, avoiding handshakes, staying inside if we show signs. In doing so, weren’t solely being good stewards of our personal lives, have been additionally defending and honoring the dignity of others.

3. Why can Christians stay on this harmful world with out concern?

Some have died by the hands of this virus. It has made others extremely sick. Many have been blessed to keep away from it altogether, however theyre plagued with concern.

One of many Bibles most comforting phrases is Don’t concern. Why does the Christian have freedom to reject concern and stay in peace? As this woman stated, as a result of God is accountable for every thing. A lot of the concern arising from this worldwide disaster emanates from the notion that God has misplaced management of the world.

In actuality, Christ has ascended to his throne in heaven, the place he guidelines over all. In our dialog I assured this baby that God stays accountable for each single factor in his universe. His goodness constitutes an equally vital side of our consolation. Not solely does God maintain all issues beneath his sovereign management, however he additionally governs all issues in accord together with his pure and excellent character. Figuring out that he’s each good and in addition sovereign means we are able to stay in peace.

Whether or not via the closing of their faculty or data theyve heard within the media, your baby will study of the coronaviruss risks. Proactively level them to the Lords good and gracious character, together with the gospels candy and positive guarantees, and you’ll consolation them amid this current disaster. And it might put together them for lifes afflictions down the highway.


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