4 Prayers to Pray When Youre Afraid

four Prayers to Pray When Youre Afraid

This text is a part of the four Prayers to Pray collection.

My life is yours, O God; created by you, redeemed by you, preserved by you, and
mine once more at this time, as a result of you’ve remembered me. And now the calling of at this time is upon me,
with its work and trial, and I am going forth to it till the night. Let your blessing go along with me into
no matter it brings. I don’t belief myself in any respect. I’m afraid to dwell, until you retain me. I’m afraid
to behave or to talk, until I’m guided by you. Maintain me at this time, that I could not depart your peace or
fall into sin. Henry Wotherspoon

I pray that the Lord might strengthen you and reveal his personal all-sufficiency so clearly
and powerfully to your coronary heart, that you could be not be afraid of any occasion, however cheerfully depend on
him, to be all that to you, in each circumstance and alter, which his promise warrants you to
anticipate. John Newton

TheESV Prayer Bible, with 400+ historic prayers linked to key passages all through the Bible textual content, demonstrates how one can pursue a deeper communion with God by combining private Bible studying with prayer.

Grant Lord, we ask you, that we might be taught to have our hopes and fears, our joys
and sorrows, all grounded in your holy Phrase, that we might be taught to like what you like, and to
hate that which you hate. William Wilberforce

O Lord, since I do know not whence comes this grievous anguish and ache that oppresses
and troubles my physique and soul, whether or not from the Satan or from mine personal weak and diseased
physique, I commit the reason for all my struggling unto you and search my assist from you alone, O Lord,
God of peace that passes understanding. Take away, for the sake of him, who in Gethsemane and on the cross did endure all human ache and anguish; take away, for the sake of Christ my solely Savior, who’s the everlasting covenant between you and me: take away my fear-filled coronary heart, for his expensive sake, and so carry quiet unto my physique and soul. Wilhelm Loehe

This text is customized from the ESV Prayer Bible.

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