Free Ebook: The Final Days of Jesus

Free Book: The Last Days of Jesus

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In these unsure instances, believers can take solace within the unchanging nature of God towards us, his beloved kids. Be reminded of the reality of the gospel and encourage others amongst you to do the identical by downloading the free book The Last Days of Jesus: The Most Essential Week of the Most Essential Particular person Who Ever Lived by Andreas J. Kstenberger and Justin Taylor with Alexander E. Stewart.

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On March 29, AD 33, Jesus entered the town of Jerusalem and boldly predicted that he would quickly be put to deathexecuted on a cross, like a typical felony. So started crucial week of crucial one that ever lived.

Almost 2,000 years later, the occasions that happened throughout Jesuss final days nonetheless reverberate by the ages. Designed as a day-by-day information to Ardour Week, The Last Days of Jesus leads us to reexamine and meditate on the history-making, earth-shaking significance of Jesuss arrest, trial, crucifixion, and empty tomb.

Combining a chronological association of the Gospel accounts with insightful commentary, charts, and maps, this ebook will show you how to higher perceive what really occurred all these years agoand why it issues at the moment.

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