Get Out! Tim Keller on the Exodus Story

Get Out! Tim Keller on the Exodus Story

Get Out! Tim Keller on the Exodus Story

If there’s one Previous Testomony passage that the New Testomony invitations us to learn in a Christ-centered approach as a paradigm of Christ’s salvation, it’s the exodus.

I’ll always remember almost 40 years in the past sitting in R. C. Sproul’s lounge in Stahlstown, Pennsylvania. Alec Motyer, a British Previous Testomony scholar I had by no means heard of, was visiting. I used to be on the ground with a bunch of different faculty and seminary college students, and Sproul stated to Motyer, “Tell us about the connection between the Old and New Testaments.” Motyer replied one thing like this:

Give it some thought. Consider what an Israelite would say on the way in which to Canaan after passing via the Pink Sea. If you happen to requested an Israelite, “Who are you?” he would possibly reply, “I used to be in a international land underneath the sentence of demise and in bondage, however I took shelter underneath the blood of the lamb. And our mediator led us out, and we crossed over. Now we’re on our solution to the Promised Land, although we’re not there but. However he has given us his legislation to make us a neighborhood, and he has given us a tabernacle as a result of we should dwell by grace and forgiveness. And he’s current in our midst, and he’ll stick with us till we arrive dwelling.

Then Motyer added, “That’s exactly what a Christian says—almost word for word.” And my 23-year-old self thought, “Huh.”

What can we be taught from the Pink Sea crossing about Jesus and our salvation?

No Atypical Faith

Christianity, which after all is the success of Judaism, is totally and totally totally different from each different faith. I’ve been saying this for greater than 30 years, and I usually have a look at different religions to be sure that somebody gained’t pull a “preacher gotcha” on me: “What about this religion over here?” and I’d should say, “I haven’t heard about that one. Let me read about it.” No, each different faith is like constructing a bridge. You construct a bridge by placing pylons down, and then you definately construct the bridge over the pylons. And should you run out of cash, it’s the bridge to nowhere. There are a number of like that. That’s what each different faith is like. It’s a course of by which you are attempting to recover from to the opposite aspect. You by no means really feel like you’ve arrived, however you’re making an attempt. In each different faith, persons are making an attempt to work their approach throughout.

Not with Christianity. One minute you’re not regenerate and the subsequent minute you’re. One minute you’re not adopted and the subsequent minute you’re. Both you’re regenerate and adopted, otherwise you aren’t. There’s no course of. Both you’re within the kingdom of darkness, or God has introduced you into the dominion of the Son he loves (Col. 1:13). Consider all these statements and pictures that make Christianity distinctive: you both are a Christian or usually are not. “Very really I let you know, whoever hears my phrase and believes him who despatched me has everlasting life and won’t be judged however has crossed over from demise to life” (John 5:24).

This concept of crossing over—going from demise to life instantly—is one thing that Martyn Lloyd-Jones used to make use of as slightly take a look at or analogy. When he was speaking to people and making an attempt to get a way of the place they had been spiritually, he would ask them, “Are you a Christian?” In the event that they stated, “Properly, I’m making an attempt” (and many individuals stated this, particularly British individuals, who wish to be modest), then Lloyd-Jones would proceed to elucidate that their reply indicated that they’d no concept what Christianity is about in any respect. Not within the slightest. What makes one a Christian is a change in standing.

  1. You had been in that kingdom, and now you’re in this kingdom.
  2. You had been out of the household of God, and now you’re in the household of God.
  3. You had been not born once more, and now you are born once more.
  4. You had been underneath God’s wrath, and now you’re justified.

Bang! It occurs like that. Have you learnt the ability of this?

Not Saved By Your Religion’s Energy

Cate Blanchett acted in a 2002 film known as Heaven. It’s not a widely known film, however Cate Blanchett is among the finest actresses on the market. It’s a film a few regular girl who’s upset about how a drug supplier is ruining the lives of youngsters in a specific a part of town. The police gained’t hearken to her, so she decides to detonate a bomb in a drug supplier’s workplace and kill him. However an evening watchman takes the bomb out, having found it in a waste basket, and places it into an elevator the place it explodes and kills 4 individuals, together with kids. When Blanchett’s character, a lady who loves kids and is doing this for the sake of youngsters, learns that she has killed kids, she collapses. As a result of Blanchett is such an incredible actress, you’ll be able to see her collapse bodily and emotionally. She is a smoking wreck. In a single sense she goes right into a hell of guilt and disgrace, and she or he by no means will get out of it.

Paul sensed that very same guilt and disgrace, and but he wrote, “There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” (Rom. 8:1). How might he say such a factor? Paul crossed over. He didn’t say, “Well, I’ve got a lot to atone for in my life.” That’s the approach the center works for an individual who’s in bondage to the legislation. However Paul was unbelievably humble about who he was, and it wasn’t false modesty. Why? As a result of he crossed over. He knew the place he stood. After all, Paul had solely begun to vary on the within, however he knew the place he stood with God. It’s astonishing.

Any individual says, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’re saved by grace other than works and your ethical effort. However you’ve acquired to imagine, don’t you? And also you’ve actually acquired to imagine with all your coronary heart as a result of salvation is by religion.” Don’t try this. Have you learnt what you’re doing? Even this textual content tells us one thing about that: “The waters were divided, and the Israelites went through the sea on dry ground, with a wall of water on their right and on their left” (Ex. 14:21–22). The Israelites all crossed over, however that doesn’t imply that all of them crossed over with the identical disposition.

  • Some walked via marveling on the partitions of water: “Wow! Look at that! God is on our side! Eat your heart out, Egyptians! The Lord is fighting for us.”
  • Others had been most likely strolling via like this: “I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die!

But all of them crossed over. Particular person Israelites had totally different qualities of religion, however they had been all equally saved. They had been equally delivered. Why? As a result of you aren’t saved due to the standard of your religion. You’re saved due to the object of your religion: the Redeemer, the God who’s preventing for you. Every thing about this textual content says, “Grace, grace, grace, grace. Crossing over is by grace.”

Charles Spurgeon preached on Moses’s saying, “Stand firm . . . . be still” and let God combat for you (Ex. 14:13–14). If you attempt to add to God’s salvation, you subtract. If you happen to attempt to benefit God’s salvation, you haven’t believed in God in any respect; you’re trusting your self, even should you attempt to do solely slightly bit. At one level Spurgeon says:

I dare say you’ll suppose it an easy factor to stand nonetheless, nevertheless it is among the postures which a Christian soldier learns not with out years of instructing. I discover that marching and fast marching are a lot simpler to God’s warriors than standing nonetheless. It’s, maybe, the very first thing we be taught within the drill of human armies, nevertheless it is among the most tough to be taught underneath the Captain of our salvation. The apostle appears to trace at this problem when he says, “Stand fast, and having done all, still stand.” To face comfy within the midst of tribulation, exhibits a veteran spirit, lengthy expertise, and far grace.

If you happen to’re a Christian, you’ve already crossed over. God has handled sin and demise, and all your different issues are merely flea bites compared. That’s the way you take care of your flea bites—by not taking a look at them as huge issues. Take a look at what God has already performed for you.

Get Out! Tim Keller on the Exodus Story

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