I went into marriage expecting I would need a lot of medical intervention in order to have children. I had been told my chances were slim. Five months into my marriage, I began thinking about my options, but before I could start, we found out I was pregnant! Throughout the pregnancy, I had a feeling of gloom and doom because I kept seeing warning signs that something wasnt right. At 25 weeks, my water broke. I was in shock and thought, my pregnancy is over because I didnt think a baby could survive that early. Days later, my son was born. He fought and battled, and I found myself in a place of hopelessness, wondering every day if my son would live to see tomorrow. I could truly feel that we had literally hundreds of people all around the U.S and even around the world praying for us during this time. I found myself spinning with God and had to really rely on the prayers and faith of others. We were told if our son made it through, he would go home with a trach tube. 110 days later, we walked out of the hospital with our son—no trach, no oxygen assistance, just us and our baby. Despite all we went through with our son, I knew deep down I had a desire for another child. I wanted to fully experience pregnancy in a way I didnt get to. I knew it would take trusting God to go through it again. To our surprise, we found out we were pregnant again just 10 months later. I was excited, then almost immediately thought, what have I done!” I struggled with my ability to have faith; it was hard to believe things would be different this time. As I struggled through, I remember God telling me, “Ive been with you the whole time. I carried you through it and I never left.” I realized no matter what happened, good or bad, God was going to carry me through this again. I stood on that promise, and our healthy baby girl was born in February, 2020.

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