Good Stress, Bad Stress, Whats the Difference?

In our fast-paced culture, finding balance can feel nearly impossible. There is so much pressure to fill up every moment of our day. Achievement can easily become our god. Balance is something we all aspire for while testing out ideas like minimalism, meditation, and more.Where do we draw the line between the positive stress that comes with meeting goals and being productive and the bad stress that comes when we live our lives with no margin? The Bible tells us as believers we are called to be people of rest. Matthew 11:28 says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”God desires we live balanced lives not burdened ones.When we live like the weight of the world lives on our shoulders, we are carrying a burden that is not ours to take. God wants us to give to Him the heavy things from our lives. However, good stress is important for our well-being, too. Dr. Micheal Genovese says this about good stress, known as eustress:“Eustress helps us stay motivated, work toward goals, and feel good about life.”Our goals and dreams are an important part of us finding purpose and joy for our lives. But how then do we determine if we have lives filled with good stress or bad stress? And if we are burdened by bad stress, how do we gain balance for our lives?Photo Credit: ©GettyImages/eternalcreative

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