How To Avoid Distraction In Church On Sunday

We arrive with the intent to worship Jesus with focus.

But the burdens of our week, the tensions of our morning, the children by our side, the anxiety of our upcoming schedule all conspire to distract us. here are four ways you can avoid Distraction in Church


1. Choose your seat wisely.

For me, I have found that sitting in the center towards the front helps me to focus my attention.  I have fewer things to look at because it’s too awkward to turn around.

When I used to sit in the back or the balcony, I felt like I had a TV to watch.  There are so many interesting things that happen during the message. I had to find the right spot to aid me in focusing during service.

I, also, try to sit in the same general area every week.  

Don’t get me wrong if there is no seat in the area I find another area to sit in. But, I have found that by sitting in the same area every week, I get bored looking at my surroundings because I have already gone through studying everything.  So find a seat that will eliminate or greatly reduce the distraction.

2. Take Notes

Taking notes is a great way to stay focused.  You have to listen more intently and process for the key sentence and verses to write down.  Does it matter if you never look at them again? No. Why? Because note-taking is a tool that can be used on so many different levels.  While it would definitely benefit you to look at them again if just the process of taking notes keeps you focused that’s okay. My friend once told me about a woman who said she never looked at her notes again.  It was all about the process that held her accountable for really paying attention to the sermon.

3. Have a moment of peace before you go to church

Sometimes, Sundays can be the most hectic day of the week.  Usually, you can’t find something, or of course, your car needs gas. Whatever the case, try to reserve a part of your morning to just sit and rest.  A chaotic morning can sometimes breed a chaotic mind making it difficult to really rest. I know this is so true for me. If I have a lot going on, my mind feels jittery because I haven’t taken time to have proper rest.  This doesn’t have to be a long time.. 15 minutes in the parking before you get out of the car at church is enough to help you to get focused on God.

4. Spend time in the word throughout the week.

What we feed throughout the week we will crave.  Choose to consistently spend quality time with the Lord during the week feeding your spirit.  You will begin to crave God’s word more and more. You will find that you focus more on the church because you are hungry.  You want to learn more about the great God that we serve. Things that used to distract you will distract you less because you have kept your eyes fixed on Jesus all week.  What you look at is what will become the most attractive to you. So if you look at Christ all week long, you will become more attracted to him and less attracted to the pleasures of your flesh that cause you to become distracted.

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