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In mid-June of this yr, a former theology scholar (lets name him Demas) posted the next. Demas had efficiently accomplished his MDiv at a well known evangelical seminary, after which had served a number of years as a fruitful pastor of a rising church in a metropolitan space, whereas pursuing a PhD in New Testomony research. He was a fairly good scholar, a gradual preacher, and was invariably heat and personable with individuals. Sadly, he entered into an adulterous relationship and ended up promoting actual property. Mercifully, he and his spouse held their marriage collectively. So that is what Demas posted on his weblog in June of this yr, a number of years after resigning his pastorate:

Heres my public contribution throughout #PrideMonth: Each time I speak with a conservative Christian or pastor (who [sic] I like and esteem, and whom I imagine good issues about, and which I was) about homosexuality now, no matter I really find yourself saying to themwhat Im really THINKING is, Look. Ive achieved biblical and theological coaching at a really excessive stage. Not less than as excessive if not increased than you (for 99.9% of the inhabitants). And Im telling you: You. dont. know. for certain.

You dont know for certain that your studying of the Bible is true. Or in case your hermeneutics are right. You have no idea for certain how interwoven or weighted the divine and human authorship(s?) of the Bible is. You have no idea that.

You dont know 100% for sure which historical books are literally God Almightys everlasting Phrase. As a result of there have been plenty of books. And we depend on these specific books as a result of theyre those the Church occurred to be utilizing when the Church first put a Bible collectively. Moses didn’t carry the entire Bible down the mountain from God. We love these books, however we’ve got very skinny understandings of how this assortment of books got here collectively and why and on whos [sic] authority. We have no idea.

We dont know for completely sure how God wished us to make use of these books. How he wished them utilized to the 21st century western world.

We have no idea for sure. We can not know for sure.



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