Mothers Day Prayer of Encouragement and Blessing

A Mothers Day Prayer


Nothing surprises You, but we are knocked off balance easily as we traverse the road of motherhood. Each stage comes with a rollercoaster of emotion as we watch little people grow and bloom right before our eyes. We watch them struggle, trying to make things easier for them so they dont have to travel through some of the valleys we have climbed out of. We celebrate their victories as if they are our own, and our love for them is greater than anything we ever thought could possibly reside in our chests.

Motherhood is a gift we are incredibly thankful for today, Father. All of the parts of it the hard, the ugly, the triumphant, the sweet, and the beautiful. For we learn so much about ourselves, about who we were meant to be, through this journey You have purposed us to walk out. We learn more about who You are, as we unconditionally love our own children, no matter the cost.

Father, Your goodness and compassion for us is immeasurable. Continue to guide our steps as mothers. Make clear to us where our hands end and Yours begins. Help us to let go, a process that begins as soon as they no longer need us to rock them to sleep. As we let go, step by step and stage by stage, show us how to guide them to You. Help us learn how to encourage our children, cheering them on so they may discover the great and amazing plans You have for them.

Sustain us when we are weary, Father, for You are our strength. In our weakness, You are strong. But when we are caught up in panicked emotion as our protective instincts override our senses, we often forget to lay whats burdening us at your feet.

As we face impossible situations without precedent, increase our trust in You, Father. You sent Your only Son to die for us. Jesus sacrificed His life to save ours. The greatest expression of loveof all timefor us. When we look in the mirror, remind us that our reflection is embraced in heaven. Because of Christ, You are with us always. Help us to embrace our value, because in doing so our children see and experience the true power of being loved as a child of God. There is no condemnation and shame, only love and acceptance. To live in the arms of Your Love is to experience true freedom, joy, and peace, regardless of circumstance, status, or title. You love us, for us, just as we are. Though we continue to grow each day, You dont withhold an ounce of compassion from us as we flounder. Father, please remind us of this, through the power of Your Holy Spirit given to us by Jesus Christs sacrifice, when we are losing patience and hope with our children and ourselves as mothers. Take away the benchmarks we place upon ourselves and the comparisons we fall victim to. Father, bless us with peace of mind, and the full satisfaction of being loved by You. For we love, because You first loved us. May our children come to know You, and Your great Love, too.

In Jesus Powerful Name we Pray,


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