Prayer Request: Extra Adverse Prosperity-Gospel Tales

Prayer Request: Extra Adverse Prosperity-Gospel Tales

Prayer Request: Extra Adverse Prosperity-Gospel Tales

Joyce Meyer, an influential charismatic creator and speaker, just lately admitted: “I was glad for what I learned about prosperity, but it got out of balance.” In a January 8 video posted on her Instagram account, Meyer, talking earlier than a big viewers, said:

I’m glad for what I discovered about religion, however it obtained out of stability; and so each time anyone had an issue of their life was ‘cause they did not have enough faith. If you got sick, you didn’t have sufficient religion. In case your baby died, you didn’t have sufficient religion. Effectively, that’s not proper. There’s nowhere within the Bible the place we’re promised that we’ll by no means have any bother. I don’t care how a lot religion you’ve obtained, you’re not gonna keep away from ever having bother in your life.

I’m assured that each Job and Jesus would wholeheartedly agree.

Meyer’s assertion is a departure from one of many tenets of the prosperity gospel. The prosperity gospel emphasizes the avoidance of struggling or failure. These are usually not the marks of your finest life now. If you happen to endure or fail in life, it’s since you haven’t exercised sufficient “faith”—a sort of religious power or drive that must be launched.

On this warped view of religion, if you generate sufficient of it, then God will come by for you. If he doesn’t, then the issue is your lack of religion. In different phrases, religion will not be a God-centered act of the desire, stemming from God; moderately, it’s a human-centered religious drive, directed at God. This false view of religion turns God into a private cosmic genie who exists to grant your needs.

Defective Religion  

As Meyer mainly admits, this false view of religion is what she used to imagine. For instance, in her 2008 pamphlet Therapeutic Scriptures, she wrote:

I’ve religion, for I’m a believer. I imagine I obtain my therapeutic, and my religion makes me entire. . . . The facility that raised Christ from the useless is at work in me. My religion places that energy into lively operation in my physique. Illness has no alternative. . . . If therapeutic doesn’t happen, the issue is an individual’s lack of religion.

The underlying assumption right here is that it’s at all times God’s will to heal somebody; due to this fact, in the event that they aren’t healed, the issue should reside throughout the particular person. Invoice Johnson, senior pastor of the influential Bethel Church in Redding, California, believes it’s at all times God’s intention to heal. He wrote:

When [Jesus] bore stripes in his physique he made a fee for our miracle. He already determined to heal. You possibly can’t resolve to not purchase one thing after you’ve already purchased it. There aren’t any deficiencies on his finish—neither the covenant is poor, nor his compassion or guarantees. All lack is on our finish of the equation.

Whereas Johnson doesn’t specify an absence of religion in both the ailing particular person or the “miracle healer,” his perception nonetheless locations the burden on the particular person; the implication is that you just’re doing one thing improper as a result of God received’t act. Is there one thing improper with Johnson as a result of he has had surgical procedure and he wears glasses?

Step within the Proper Route?

Meyer’s admission—that an individual’s lack of religion will not be the rationale they endure or fail—is a optimistic improvement. However whereas she acknowledges she obtained out of stability, and hopefully is shifting towards a biblical theology of religion and struggling, folks shouldn’t assume she’s utterly divested herself of prosperity-gospel teachings.

In the identical clip the place she admits she was out of stability, she calls religion a drive; and in one other current Instagram video, she exhorts the viewers:

[I]f you’ve gotten religion, then God can do wonderful issues in your life. However you gotta not less than begin with an angle, “Something good is going to happen to me. Come on. Something good is going to happen to me.” And should you can’t do anything, not less than seize a maintain of that—that one thing good goes to occur to you.

To be honest, she clarifies that one thing good will occur as a result of God has a very good plan for you, so you may belief in that fact. However what if God’s good plan for you consists of hardship? Are her exhortations considerably completely different from one other tenet of the prosperity gospel: Simply assume optimistic ideas and inform your self what future success you want? Such “positive thinking” is pagan philosophy disguised as biblical fact.

Pray for Extra Mild

Could Joyce Meyer proceed to seek out stability and hold looking for the reality within the Scriptures. Maybe she is going to comply with the instance of Benny Hinn’s nephew, Costi Hinn, who has explicitly denounced the errors of the prosperity gospel.

Could we hear extra detrimental confessions in regards to the prosperity gospel come forth from its main lecturers.

Actually transformed in 2012, Costi Hinn left his uncle’s ministry, repented of his educating, and tried to steer members of the family of the reality. Now a pastor, Costi just lately co-authored (with Anthony G. Wooden) the e book Defining Deception: Releasing the Church from the Mystical-Miracle Motion, which exposes the educating of prosperity-gospel lecturers and actions resembling Third Wave/New Apostolic Reformation.

We have to be praying for individuals who educate this false gospel. How then ought to we pray?

  • Pray that God will open the eyes of lecturers caught up within the false educating of the prosperity gospel. Could they embrace God’s fact and repent.
  • Pray that the folks entrapped within the false teachings would search fact and be delivered.
  • Pray for these, like Costi Hinn, who’re actively sharing the reality with these enamored with the prosperity gospel.

Could we hear extra detrimental confessions in regards to the prosperity gospel come forth from its main lecturers.

Prayer Request: Extra Adverse Prosperity-Gospel Tales

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