6 Questions to Ask your Aging Parent Who Doesnt Know God

My father passed away recently. Unfortunately, we were estranged most of my adult life, which made our last days together even sadder. With God’s grace, our relationship mended before he passed, but his departure was bittersweet. We were talking but we both knew the time was short. There was so much to say, and there were so many questions I wanted to ask before the time was gone. The most important question I needed to ask: Do you know Jesus?

The time was gone before I asked. Maybe I should have known the answer to this question before the end of my father’s life. Honestly, we never talked about it. I assume and hope the answer is “yes,” but I am not entirely sure, which is more regrettable than missing the opportunity to ask. Do you know the answer to this question and other questions about your parents faith?

If you have aging parents who may not know God, now is the time to ask these questions. If they do not know God, asking questions about faith allows God to “quicken” and enlighten their hearts to His love. Now is the perfect time to start the conversation that may lead to salvation.

To get the conversation started, here are questions to ask your aging parent who may not know God.

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