Should Christians Believe That Everything Happens for a Reason?

Should Christians believe that everything happens for a reason? I wanted to answer this question was a resounding, yes! And then I thought about it practically. Is there a reason my son was born three months early? Is there a reason why he passed away when he was 22 months old? Is there a reason why my mother died three months later? What could possibly be the purpose behind my diagnosis with breast cancer? Why did I have to be the 1-in-8 women to be diagnosed? Furthermore, what is the reason for the transatlantic slave trade, the holocaust, 9/11, Coronavirus, and other world tragedies and catastrophes?

As I contemplated the question, my opinion that everything happens for a reason was solidified, but I also realized that we might never know the reason. And that’s the problem with the way most of us ask this questionwe need to understand why and arent satisfied when God wont reveal it to us.

Curious about others opinions, I asked over Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

  • On Twitter, out of 1,904 people, 50% of them said yes, they believe everything happens for a reason. 38% answered no, and 12% answered unsure.
  • On Facebook, out of 22 responses, 16 said yes, five said no, and one was unsure.
  • On Instagram, out of ten responses, eight said yes, and two said no. 
  • On LinkedIn, out of 132 votes, 105 said yes, 22 said no, and five were unsure.

The responses came from Christians and non-Christians alike. I was surprised that on all four platforms, the majority of respondents answered yes, they believe everything happens for a reason.

I understand why. After suffering the losses of my son and my mother, going through a divorce, being diagnosed with breast cancer, and experiencing multiple job losses, I refuse to believe that those things happened randomly. I refuse to believe that there is no purpose or reason for the trials Ive experienced.

Here are some of the Bibles answers to the question people have asked for centuries:

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