Sunday A La Carte

As I collected links this week, I found the list growing and growing until I realized I had a lot more than I could put to use. So I decided to collect some of them into a special Sunday edition of A La Carte. Enjoy!

From time to time I like to link to some of the books I’ve been enjoying but don’t plan to review. In that vein, William Hague’s William Wilberforce is a brilliant biography of a great individual.

A Scandal Afoot?

WORLD covers the recent phenomenon of the Instagram account PreachersNSneakers. “WORLD asked 15 pastors featured on the site to respond to that question and also share the circumstances of their shoes. Were they a gift? Did they buy the sneakers before they were vintage? Only one pastor responded: ‘How’d you get my email?’”

Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language (Video)

I found this expert examination of body language rather interesting.

Find the Point of Entry

“We are, by nature, self-justifying creatures. Any sin to which we are prone may come with excuses. The circumstances under which we repeatedly find ourselves falling can readily be justified as necessary. Yet a repentant heart would do what is practicable to inconvenience itself enough to minimise repeat occurrences. There comes a point at which, if we’re not willing to do so, we are proactively giving sin a foothold and evidencing a heart that is happy to indulge sin. And that, dear reader, is a treacherous path indeed.”

What Does Job 31:13-15 Tell Us About the Unborn?

Jared Wilson explains. “This passage tells us at least three things about the unborn, and thus about abortion…”

5 Ways Stephen Hawking Was Wrong

David L. Block and Kenneth C. Freeman explain five of the ways that Stephen Hawking, despite his intellectual brilliance, was so very wrong.

How Dodge City Became The Ultimate Wild West

The Saturday Evening Post: “Everywhere American popular culture has penetrated, people use the phrase ‘Get out of Dodge’ or ‘Gettin’ outta Dodge’ when referring to some dangerous or threatening or generally unpleasant situation. The metaphor is thought to have originated among U.S. troops during the Vietnam War, but it anchors the idea that early Dodge City, Kansas, was an epic, world-class theater of interpersonal violence and civic disorder.”

The Plague of Lazy Pastors: Real Ministry Requires Hard Work

“The apostle Paul thought and spoke of Christian ministry as labor. He abhorred laziness in the pastorate.” So this article is meant to address pastors and encourage them on in the hard work God calls them to.

Sunday A La Carte

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Sunday A La Carte