TGC Podcast: Trip Lee on Faith and Healing

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Journey Lee: Father, thanks in your Phrase. And we pray you’ll assist us to see it, to listen to it humbly, and to reply with religion. We ask in Jesus identify. Amen.

I wish to learn fromMatthew 8. I wish to learn verses 1 to 13. While you obtained it, say, I obtained it. If you happen to dont have it but say, Maintain up! Matthew, 8:113.

Gods Phrase says this:

When Jesus got here down from the mountainside, giant crowds adopted him. A person with leprosy got here and knelt earlier than him and mentioned, Lord, if you’re keen, you can also make me clear.

Jesus reached out his hand and touched the person. I’m keen, he mentioned. Be clear! Instantly he was cleansed of his leprosy. Then Jesus mentioned to him, See that you simply dont inform anybody. However go, present your self to the priest and supply the present Moses commanded, as a sworn statement to them.

When Jesus had entered Capernaum, a centurion got here to him, asking for assist. Lord, he mentioned, my servant lies at residence paralyzed, struggling terribly.

Jesus mentioned to him, Shall I come and heal him?

The centurion replied, Lord, I don’t should have you ever come beneath my roof. However simply say the phrase, and my servant might be healed. For I personally am a person beneath authority, with troopers beneath me. I inform this one, Go, and he goes; and that one, Come, and he comes. I say to my servant, Do that, and he does it.

When Jesus heard this, he was amazed and mentioned to these following him, Actually I let you know, I’ve not discovered anybody in Israel with such nice religion. I say to you that many will come from the east and the west, and can take their locations on the feast with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob within the kingdom of heaven. However the topics of the dominion might be thrown outdoors, into the darkness, the place there might be weeping and gnashing of tooth.

Then Jesus mentioned to the centurion, Go! Let it’s completed simply as you believed it might. And his servant was healed at that second.

Its Gods Phrase.

Im speaking about religion and therapeutic right here fromMatthew 8:113. It doesnt take a lot time dwelling or strolling round or observing our world to be reminded that we stay in a damaged world; a fallen world the place issues go unsuitable.

And most of us perceive this. I do, nonetheless, know two individuals who dont appear to know that we stay in a fallen and damaged world. And people two persons are my youngsters. I’ve a 6-year-old son, and a 4-year-old daughter, please pray for me. And one of many issues that they cant deal with very properly is any type of disappointment.

Theyre so used to issues going their manner that they actually wrestle when one thing doesnt go their manner. They usually clearly really feel like theres a deep injustice that has been completed to them. And one of many issues they dont perceive is that, typically, there are issues that go unsuitable that we cant repair. So if my son wakes up within the morning and needs a Pop-Tart (and we dont have any Pop-Tarts), its very laborious for his little mind to know: Im sorry, however theres nothing I can do for you at this second. I couldnt make you a Pop-Tart if I needed, as a result of we dont have the components for this unusual nutritionless snack that you really want within the morning.

I used to be simply speaking to my spouse on the telephone, and she or he was telling me my daughter is wanting ahead to a visit to go see her grandparents. And he or she doesnt perceive that two months is a short time away. So she retains saying, Hey, mother, are we going to see our grandparents tomorrow?

And my spouse retains saying, No, its nonetheless two months, and my daughter is annoyed that my spouse cant velocity up time to make it come faster.And I’ve to clarify to her, Selah, mommy will not be a witch. No matter type of black magic youre hoping for, I dont suppose she will be able to do it. And even when she might, its outlawed by Scripture.

They’re so used to having all of their wants met. However as they develop up, theyll need to, after all, develop accustomed to the truth that we stay in a damaged world the place issues go unsuitable. And typically with issues that we can’t repair; some issues that dont appear fixable. And naturally, theyll undergo issues which might be quite a bit more durable than time not going quick sufficient and never having the stuff that they need. Issues that it doesnt appear that anyone can repair them like a handicap, or unemployment, or habit, or a damaged marriage, and even demise.

One of many issues thats serving to them start to understand that is my very own well being, Ive had an sickness for the previous 12 years. And after they consider illness, they consider, like, a chilly you could recover from fairly shortly.

Its beginning to sink in for them that that is an sickness that theres no fast repair for. That this sickness has been with me for some time, and itll proceed to be. And its not for lack of making an attempt to repair it. Which brings me to a different thingsometimes properly go to individuals to attempt to assist us with a few of these issues, these main issues that present up in a damaged world, however possibly theres simply nothing they’ll do.

And normally, when individuals cant repair your issues, its as a result of theyre both unwilling to repair it or theyre unable to repair it. So it does no good to be keen to repair one thing if youre not capable of repair it. So I’m keen to ship your entire youngsters to varsity for 4 years. However I aint obtained it like that, Im not ready to do this.

Im keen however Im not ready. It additionally doesnt do you any good to give you the option if youre not keen. Comcast is ready to repair your cable and web points, however theyre not keen. I dont know if youve ever talked to their customer support, they don’t seem to be keen. And when you work for Comcast, Im not sorry, do higher. I would like to stay to my manuscript.

So what occurs is, in our textual content, at present, we encounter two males who’re very properly acquainted with the brokenness of our world. They usually have but to come across any person whos each keen and capable of do one thing about their brokenness.

That’s, after all, till they meet Jesus. And so the rationale I believe it helps us to check this textual content is, when we’ve got this brokenness we want any person whos each keen and capable of do one thing about it. We have now to method the best particular person, as theyve completed with the Lord Jesus. And we’ve got to method him rightly. And so my prayer is that one, properly each see Jesus because the one which we must always carry our brokenness to. And, that properly see within the instance of this leper and this centurion, the correct manner, the correct posture. If had been going to have this dialog with Jesus about our brokenness and request that he do one thing about it: we wish to perceive who he’s, and we wish to have the dialog in a manner that honors him. The principle factor I would like you to stroll away with at present is that religion is bringing your brokenness to the one whos each keen and ready.

Speaking about religion and therapeutic: religion is bringing that brokenness to the one whos each keen and ready. So properly have a look at the 2 males, and as we have a look at them, I would like you to concentrate to 2 issues that simply present up, crystal clear in the best way that they method Jesus: their humility and their religion. All proper, so simply search for these issues. Nicely begin with the religion of the leper.

The Religion of the Leper

To offer you a bit context, for the passage that we learn. It comes proper after the Sermon on the Mount. So had been aware of the Sermon on the Mount: it’s the most well-known sermon that Jesus preaches. And he (type of) turns all the things on its head and he talks about what true blessedness is, and he talks about loving enemies, and enduring persecution.

And he provides these type of new kingdom ethics. After which proper after that, coming again down the mountainside, the Lord Jesus then exhibits them what it seems like now that the dominion has come close to. Now that the King of all Kings has come to earth, and it looks as if heaven is breaking its manner into earth. Hes going to indicate them what occurs there.

Matthew 8:1That is what it says:

When Jesus got here down from the mountainside, giant crowds adopted him. A person with leprosy got here and knelt earlier than him and mentioned, Lord, if you’re keen, you can also make me clear.

So once more let me set this scene: Jesus has come down the mountainside. Hes strolling and he has this enormous crowd following behind him. Youve seen films or commercials the place any person is strolling simply with a horde of individuals behind them. That is whats occurring with Jesus.

After which, this man with leprosy comes as much as him. Now, attempt to image the scene: we dont know the way the people who find themselves with Jesus responded to this man with leprosy. They had been most likely confused, they had been most likely terrified. Some might have backed away in disgust.

Some might have requested Jesus, Hey, I dont suppose you perceive he has leprosy. Be careful. Some might have simply been curious to see what Jesus would do as a result of leprosy was a critical situation. So only a few issues for us to know about leprosy. That phrase leprosy was most likely used to explain a bunch of various pores and skin circumstances. So, we shouldnt consider it as synonymous with the leprosy that had been aware of.

However these had been pores and skin circumstances; they had been apparent to see. So all people would have seen these discolored patches and his sickly look. And at its worst stagesthey didnt know methods to remedy these pores and skin circumstances. So the one factor that they may do was to quarantine individuals, to only type of put them off by themselves.

They needed to stay outdoors of the place all people else lived. They needed to maintain their distance from the individuals. It additionally meant they had been ceremonially unclean.Leviticus 13says An individual who has a case of great pores and skin illness, is to have his garments torn, his hair hanging unfastened, he should cowl his mouth and cry out, Unclean, unclean. He’ll stay unclean so long as he has the illness, he’s unclean, he should stay alone in a spot outdoors the camp.

And this man has this critical pores and skin illness. So, hes struggling. Proper? Hes affected by the bodily situation, he’s affected by social isolation. Hes affected by a non secular isolation as a result of hes avoided the non secular features of this group. Hes in a nasty scenario, and we cant know the way lengthy he had leprosy; how lengthy hed been affected by the illness, however we all know he wanted to be rescued, and that he had but to come across any person who might truly ship him.

Physicians throughout this time didnt know an entire lot. Really, when Scripture talks about physicians, its detrimental as a result of they’d usually benefit from individuals. They didnt know what they had been doing. And Scripture desires us to not depend on them as an alternative of God. However by some means this man heard of Jesusafter nobody else with the ability to assist him hed heard of Jesushed heard that there was any person particular, an amazing healer. And primarily based on what he heard, he was assured that Jesus might ship him. That he thought, If I can current myself earlier than Jesus, I believe he can do one thing about it. So he approaches him.

And simply as an apart, that is how religion operate: that we hear one thing about who Jesus is, or we’ve got some type of encounter with Jesus. And what it produces in us is that this confidence and this belief that Jesus is who he says he’s, and may do what he mentioned he would do. That when this man heard about this nice healer, he didnt reply with skepticism, he responded by saying, I have to go to him.

Thats religion. That’s religion. The textual content says, he got here up and knelt earlier than him. That kneeling is a posture of humility. I advised you look ahead to the humility. Kneeling is a posture of humility; kings dont kneel earlier than peasants; victors dont kneel earlier than the those that they simply defeated. This man knew he wasnt earlier than simply one other personhe was within the presence of any person with some type of particular divine energy. And so he says this, Lord if youre keen, you can also make me clear. Thats an attention-grabbing strategy to say that, he says, If youre keen.

Why would he query if Jesus was keen to do it? The phrase that’s translated as keen can imply to want, to plan, to want. Hes saying, If that is what you wish to do. If its in your will. He might marvel if Jesus is keen as a result of hes not sure if Jesus will need something to do with a sick, ostracized leper like himself (as a result of all people retains him at arms attain). So it might make sense if the leper questioned if Jesus would need something to do with him.

One other attention-grabbing factor concerning the wording, he says, If youre keen, you’ll be able to cleanse me. He doesnt ask, If youre keen, are you able to? That is extra of an announcement of religion than a request. As a result of he already believes, he says, You’ll be able to, I do know you could. That could be a belief and confidence that Jesus can do it.

And thats what religion seems like. The query isnt it could he, its will he? And that is at all times going to be the best strategy to posture ourselves. After we wish to current our brokenness to Jesus, we wish to come earlier than Jesus. The query is rarely about Gods skill; its a query of whether or not or not its in his will.

Thats how we must always carry our brokenness to a Savior as superb as ours, with an open hand, saying, I do know you’ll be able to, Im asking if you’ll.

Not solely that, however actual religion isnt demanding. He doesnt say, Youre Jesus, you bought to do that. He doesnt say, You healed different individuals, now its my flip. He says, If youre keen and I do know you’ll be able to. Demanding issues of God can look like some type of stronger, bolder religion, however that’s pretend, pseudo-faith. Thats not the type of religion we see in Scripture, making God your servant, naming stuff and claiming stuff. That’s not within the Bible. We must always say, Lord, if youre keen, I do know you’ll be able to.

And heres how Jesus responds. Verse Three Reaching out his hand Jesus touched him, saying, I’m keen, be made clear. Instantly his leprosy was cleansed.

So, first of allJesus responds by touching him. So weve talked about the best way that leprosy would have remoted this man. Who is aware of how lengthy its been since one other human being has touched him?

Jesus, in his kindness, reaches out and touches him. He doesnt keep away from him; he gravitates towards him. We all know Jesus doesnt want to the touch him with a view to heal him. We see that within the subsequent passage in the best way that Jesus usually heals. What we do see in Jesus is that this very constant love and take care of the marginalized and the outcast.

If anyone had a proper to think about themselves as superior to any person else, it might be Jesus, and yeteven those that different individuals contemplate too lowly for them, undeserving to be of their presence, Jesus gravitates in direction of them. He graciously comes up near those that have been solid off. Thats excellent news.

Thats excellent news in a world the place we’re fast to chop individuals off and solid them off. Thats excellent news in a world the place we’re consistently making an attempt to attract dividing traces about whos in the best camp, and whos within the unsuitable camp. Its excellent news that Jesus gravitates in direction of outcasts such as you and me. Its excellent news that the issues about usthe worst issues about us that can make different individuals simply type of recoil and again away in disgustthat these issues should not a wedge between us and Jesus.

Jesus reaches out and he touches this man. When your palms are soiled, and also you contact different stuff it will get different issues soiled. You already know, persons are afraid of this leper they contact him, he is likely to be contagious, they may get it. When your palms are soiled, and you employ cleaning soap to scrub them, what occurs? The cleaning soap isnt like different issues that get soiled, the cleaning soap overpowers the grime and the cleaning soap doesnt change, the grime does. The identical factor with Jesus. Jesus will not be apprehensive, Oh, if I contact this man, possibly that leprosy will come on to me. Why? As a result of Jesus is Lord even of leprosy, and illness, and illness, and demons. Theres nothing thats going to overpower him. Jesus isnt apprehensive about him getting near this man. Jesus is each keen and ready. His Lordship is on show.

Verse 3: He says, I’m keen, be made clear. And instantly his leprosy was cleansed. So he’s keen, he doesnt need to cleanse this man. Hes not beneath obligation by legislation. Hes not buying and selling items, making an attempt to get one thing in return. Hes not apprehensive about his disciples judging him. He does this as a result of hes keen. He does this as a result of hes compassionate. He does this to indicate who he’s. He does it to replicate the distinctive position he haswhats occurring in redemptive historical past.

He simply says, Be made clear. I learn this passage to my daughter final evening and she or he mentioned, How does Jesus simply say issues and so they occur? And I mentioned, Nicely, I believe youre on to the specialness of Jesus. Think about if we might get work completed that manner. If we might simply be like, Hey, work, be completed. Emails, get learn and replied to. Thanks.

That may be good. However Jesus speaks and its completed. We see this at creation the place God says, Let there be mild, and there was. The way in which that we are able to attempt to get issues completed with our phrases is, if we converse to another person and ask them to perform it.

The Lord Jesus doesnt want that, he can simply converse and its completed. And he says that and the person is cleansed. And this isnt distinctive simply to this story. All all through the gospels, illness, and demise, and demons flee on the phrases of Jesus. Jesus is clearly the Lord and the King of all. You might have demons who’re terrorizing individuals who, as quickly as Jesus exhibits up, they cower in concern.

That on the phrase of Jesus, the ailments which have been terrorizing individuals,they depart. That individuals who have been useless may be raised as a result of Jesus is Lord. Jesus is actually Lord.

We all know that Lord isnt a nickname for Jesus. Lord is a title. Lord means grasp; it means boss. Hes in cost over all issues. And thats why the humility that this man exhibits is important. We dont run up on Jesus demanding that he heal us.

We are saying, God, I do know you’ll be able to, if youre keen. So not solely does it occur, it occurs instantly. Proper? It says hes cleansed instantly. When had been sick, we take medication, and it takes some time to work. Proper? Jesus can heal instantly.

Similar factor occurs on the finish of the passage in verse 13, the centurion, it says, and his servant was healed that very second. Issues take some time when theyre tough, when we’ve got to chip away at one thing, Jesus doesnt need to chip away at something, as a result of all of creation is beneath his command. Verse 4, Jesus advised him, see that you simply dont inform anybody, however go present your self to the monks and supply the present that Moses commanded as a sworn statement to them.

The kindness of Jesus goes to indicate up in his complete life, that the struggling might be over, and that social and non secular isolation might be over too. This type of holistic therapeutic that we see from Jesus. And he tells him, go present your self to the priest, as a result of the monks will say, Sure, he has been cleansed, not unclean. Itll be a sworn statement.

Now, I advised yall a bit bit in the past, that I’ve an sickness that Ive had for the previous 12 years. The shorthand identify is power fatigue syndrome, the official identify is myalgic encephalomyelitis, however I wasnt going to say that, as a result of I dont know if we converse in tongues at this convention. So, properly say power fatigue syndrome.

And Ive had that for the previous 12 yearsand its been the toughest a part of each a part of my life. Even right down to there being days this week, the place I needed to be in mattress for a lot of the day. Slept a full evening, then was additionally in mattress for an additional 10 hours throughout the day. And thats been a actuality in my life and to learn passages like these, if Im sincere, may be tough for a sick particular person.

As a result of it simply appears really easy. It looks as if: simply consider and youre healed, not simply this. What concerning the lady whos been bleeding for 12 years, who simply reaches out and touches the hem of his garment, and identical to that shes healed? How about Jairus daughter? I might go on and on. It looks as if religion simply takes care of itand I do know Im not the one one that has an sickness, or who has family and friends who’ve sicknesses. The query, Why isnt God keen to heal me? may be whats complicated, particularly when you may have false instructing that can say, Look, if youre sick, its an absence of religion, religion at all times results in therapeutic.

Just a few issues which might be useful for me after I learn passages like that is remembering that these arent at all times simply one-to-one comparisons. What had been studying is about particular instances within the historical past of what God is doing on this planet. And, Jesus is making particular factors about who he’s. So, that he heals not solely out of compassion and love, but in addition out of a want to indicate who he’s; to indicate that the dominion is breaking by way of; to indicate the credibility of his ministry. Similar issues with the apostles therapeutic: Its to present validation to the message.

Additionally, therapeutic is extra complete than we give it some thought typically. We shouldnt suppose that, if Jesus doesnt heal us from our bodily illnesses, that hes not healed us in any respect. As a result of usually you see individuals each therapeutic and forgiving sins on the similar time. So, we shouldnt suppose that if God has solely healed our relationship with Him, that He hasnt healed us.

And we all know that God, possibly, will heal us later. However the battle within the meantime: it’s to not enable that lack of therapeutic to interrupt down and erode our religion. Its a really susceptible place to have one thing that youre struggling by way of, that youve requested God to ship you from, that he hasnt delivered you from but.

1 Thessalonians, when Paul sends Timothy again to verify on their religion, hes saying, Look, I needed to ensure yall had been good, each due to the tempter and trials. Trials make us susceptible for our religion to be eroded. And typically that may be speedy, as a result of we consider God possibly isnt pretty much as good as He mentioned He was. We consider that God possibly doesnt care about us anymore.

Theres additionally a slower, type of, eroding of our religion. Or, possibly even with out interested by it, we simply cease praying. I do know I felt convicted about that not too long ago that I havent been praying as a lot as I used to. And I believe its as a result of unbelief crept in my coronary heart that made me suppose, Perhaps He actually cant, or simply wont. Always asking myself, What does this sort of religion seem like for me? As a result of our religion can really feel extra like an impediment as an alternative of a pathway. It will probably really feel like its the factor thats standing in the best way of who God desires me to be, not the best way that hes working it in us.

However heres an illustration to assist us take into consideration this: You ever watch a TV present and somebody wealthy lives in some penthouse or loft, and so they have a doorman. Ive by no means seen one among these doormen within the wild as a result of I dont have sufficient wealthy mates. However, what occurs is, they stand there and so they determine who can are available in. And in the event that they do their job correctly, they solely let individuals in who you wish to see. Theyre not going to let anyone to return in and are available to your door except its any person thats speculated to be in there. And a great doorman retains individuals out who arent speculated to be in. And in the identical manner, God doesn’t enable something into our lives thats not for good.

Typically we are able to suppose that if theres one thing thats tough for us, it has by some means snuck previous God. That possibly God fell asleep on the job. That possibly God turned his again for a second. However let me let you know the truth that God is each keen and ready, tells me that if theres one thing laborious thats current in my life, its not as a result of He desires me to endure, and its not as a result of Hes unable to cease it. Then it should be that He has objective in it; that something that God allows He allows for a purpose. And, let me let you know that may be laborious to carry on to, within the midst of laborious weeks. However, God is in management and hes completely sovereigneven in powerful issues.

And what can occur is after we let our religion be eroded like thatwhat had been at risk of iswe are turning God into our genie, the place we’re demanding that God heal us or else had been completed with him.

Discover Jesus tells the leper to not inform anyone. He says, Look, dont inform anyone simply go straight to the monks. And we expect one of many causes that he tells him to not inform individuals is as a result of Jesus doesnt need individuals to misconceive who he’s.

He doesnt need individuals to only assume that hes just a few miracle-working religion healer, whos doing indicators and wonders in all places. Jesus is rather more than some religion healer or genie that might do a few of the stuff we would like him to do. He’s Lord. He’s the Son of God. He’s the Son of Man. He’s the King of Kings, the Eternal One, hes the Phrase within the flesh.

And the error that claims I wont maintain on to this religion in Jesus except he does this stuff for me, is similar mistake hes making an attempt to maintain these others from. Jesus will not be our religion healer, he’s our Lord.

Very last thing Unwell say earlier than we discuss concerning the centurion is that this: After we ask God to heal us, if had been in Jesus, the reply that he provides us is rarely, No. Its, Not but. As a result of what we all know is that Jesus bought good therapeutic for us on the cross. What we all know is properly be resurrected with new our bodies. What we all know is itll dispose of all sin and demise. What we all know is itll wipe each tear from our eyes. The query will not be if hell do it, its when hell do it.

So, if youre right here at present, youre saying I’ve been praying that God would heal, and he hasnt but. I would like you to know that the worst case situation is that He mentioned, Not but. And, if Hes determined for me to cope with this trial for the remainder of my life on this earth, then Hes doing it for some clever functions, for His glory, and for my good. However I do know that I do have therapeutic to look ahead toit was bought by Jesus. Thats not why we come to Jesus. However man, he’s gracious to have bought and promised that to us. Amen. Amen.

We must always, in religion, carry our brokenness to the one whos keen and ready.

Religion says, I do know you’ll be able to, if solely you’ll. I would like us to additionally now have a look at the religion of the centurion.

Religion of the Centurion

We regarded on the religion of the leper, lets have a look at the religion of the centurion. Verse 5. It says,

When Jesus had entered Capernaum, a centurion got here to him, asking for assist. Lord, he mentioned, my servant lies at residence paralyzed, struggling terribly. Jesus mentioned to him, Shall I come and heal him? The centurion replied, Lord, I don’t should have you ever come beneath my roof. However simply say the phrase, and my servant might be healed.

So once more, this story has lots of similarities.

He comes as much as Jesus. Jesus nonetheless has individuals with him, following him. This particular person is a centurion, or a Roman soldier: somebody who possibly had command of 100 troopers. As a result of hes a Roman soldier, we additionally know hes a Gentile: one other one that would appear to be removed from God. It looks as if he had additionally heard issues about Jesus and what Jesus might do, and it made him wish to carry this subject to Jesus. Besides this man isnt approaching his personal behalf, hes approaching behalf of his servant.

However the posture that he has is similar to the posture of the leper. We see that humility and that religion. He pleads with Jesus, and Jesus asks, you recognize, Am I to return to heal him? Which, fairly outstanding that Jesus is keen to only go to the house of a Gentile: in a tradition the place individuals believed that Gentiles should not in Gods plan. He mentioned, Unwell come to your own home and heal him. However the centurion says, Im unworthy so that you can even be beneath my roof. That is the correct response of any person whos seen God clearly: a way of our personal unworthiness. Not solely a way of the greatness of Jesus, but in addition the truth that had been unworthy compared to him.

Isaiah 6:5: Woe is me, Im a person of unclean lips. John the Baptist interested by Jesus, Im not even worthy to tie his sandals (Mark 1:7,Luke 3:16,John 1:27). Folks falling at their toes. Woe is me. That is the best response. And thats the humility of the centurion.

After we come to Jesus, even with our brokenness, we must always know Jesus has known as us to return to him with our requests, but in addition maintain our unworthiness in our different handunderstanding that something that God provides us will not be as a result of had been entitled to it, its as a result of hes gracious.

Typically we wrestle with gratitude and contentment. And its as a result of, partially, we neglect that had been unworthy. And so, after we dont have one thing that we desperately need, as an alternative of considering, Perhaps God might be gracious and provides me one other factor I dont deserve, we expect, God is withholding from me one thing that’s rightfully mine. We may be tempted to suppose that the other of gratitude is silence.

You already know, like, if somebody provides one thing to my youngsters and I say HeyI hit my son on the again of the headHey, say thanks. However thats simply typically what he says out of his mouth. Gratitude is extra than simply saying thanks out of your mouth. The alternative of gratitude isnt silence, its entitlement.

And that entitlement is the enemy of any type of contentment, feeling such as you simply deserve it. So properly wrestle with gratitude and contentment, so long as we dont perceive that each single factor we’ve got is a present from Jesus. So, he comes not with entitlement, however with humility. SupposePsalm 8. David, Who’s man that youre even conscious of me.

Matthew 13:89:

The centurion replied, Lord, I don’t should have you ever come beneath my roof. However simply say the phrase, and my servant might be healed. For I personally am a person beneath authority, with troopers beneath me. I inform this one, Go, and he goes; and that one, Come, and he comes. I say to my servant, Do that, and he does it.

So in his response, he says two issues: First, You dont want to return to my home as a result of Im not even worthy so that you can be up beneath my roof. Second, its additionally simply pointless, Lord. You dont even want to return to my home with a view to do what youre going to do.You simply say the phrase and hell be healed. Now this man understands one thing concerning the unbelievable energy of Jesus. He’s totally assured within the therapeutic energy of Jesus. He understands the ability of Jesus isnt sure by location. Its not like a distant management that has some type of restricted vary. The facility of Jesus can go so far as it must, and all he must do is say the phrases. He touched the leper. This Centurion understands, You dont even have to the touch my servant, simply say the phrase and hell be healed. Had been used to issues which have some type of restricted vary.

Im on tour proper now, theres a tour bus, theres a TV on there with satellite tv for pc TV, which sounds good. That satellite tv for pc by no means works although. We’re allthis is such first world problemsbut look, my tour bus doesnt have good TV (Im making some extent although). What occurs is half the time it doesnt work as a result of we might be out of vary by some means, therell be some bushes that block it. Radio frequencies arent getting by way of. No matter stuff isnt working correctly.

This man understands that theres not one thing thats going to dam the sign of Jesus energy; theres not some vary that hes restricted to. Jesus doesnt even have some jurisdiction that hes restricted to. Jesus is all highly effective, and all of creation is at his command. So the person says, Look, that is how he causes that he mentioned, Look, I obtained individuals beneath my command, I dont even need to go in every single place I have to go to get issues completed. Proper? Unwell inform somebody, Go do that, he does it, I inform one other soldier, Go try this. I inform my servant to return, and he comes.You dont have to return to my home.

He understands that Jesus additionally has unbelievable authority. However the place this man sends individuals to do his bidding, all Jesus has to ship is his phrase. The identical phrase that he holds the universe along with. AndHebrews 1:3says that God holds the universe collectively by the phrase of his energy. And Jesus is amazed by this mans religion.

And he responds to it,Matthew 8:10. When Jesus heard this, he was amazed and mentioned to these following him, Actually I let you know, I’ve not discovered anybody in Israel with such nice religion.

Look, it has to take one thing really particular to amaze Jesus. He wasnt like, Man, I noticed your outfit with them sandals, I used to be amazed. He doesnt say, Man, youre so properly spoken, Im amazed, he doesnt say, Man, you bought 100 individuals beneath you, Im amazed. He says, I’m amazed at your religion. These are the sorts of issues that draw the eye of the God of the universe. Not pleasure, however humility. Not self-dependence, however religion. Jesus responds to religion.

Not as a result of had been doing one thing we cant do, or weve impressed him with superb work. However as a result of its an acknowledgment that we can’t do it on our personal. And thats precisely the place Jesus desires us. Acknowledging had been damaged, and we desperately want him. And hes amazed by his religion, that he is aware of that Jesus simply must say the phrase.

We have now such misguided views on religion, we deal with religion like a want typically. Like, I didnt examine for my take a look at, however I obtained religion Im going to move it. Thats silly. Havent been going to work however I obtained religion the cash might be in my account. Thats not religion, thats silly.

The type of religion that the Bible is speaking about could be very totally different than what we do. And we try this with God too, the place typically we’ll simply give you one thing and say, I’ve religion that God goes to do this. We demand issues of God and name it religion. Religion will not be giving God an task and holding him to it. Religion is believing that God is who He mentioned He’s, and can do what He mentioned He’ll do.

And if we’re clear that thats what religion is, then we might be clear what it means to attempt to persevere in that religion and maintain on to that religion. A few of us are battling our religion in Jesus as a result of he hasnt completed issues that he by no means mentioned he would do within the first place.

And so, if we assume {that a} passage like that is telling us that God will at all times heal us anytime we’ve got religion, then had been going to wrestle. However once more, religion is believing that God is who He mentioned He’s, and can do what He mentioned He would do.

For this man, he heard one thing about Jesus being a healer, and he believed that. For us, the best way that we feed our religion goes to the a lot wider testimonies of who Jesus is, and who God is. We feed our religion the identical manner you’re employed on build up. As a result of somebody might say, Look, Im battling my religion,or, I dont know what I take into consideration Jesus. The way in which that we construct up belief with any person is by taking a look at their monitor file.

I belief my spouse. Weve been married nearly 10 years, I understand how she is; Ive seen the best way she cares for me and my household. Ive seen many issues like her integrity. I belief her. The way in which that we’re capable of see Gods monitor file is correct right here on this phrase. The place we see God, time and time once more, be nothing however gracious and holy and good and trustworthy. That is the place we feed our religion. That is the place had been reminded what Jesus is like. That is the place had been reminded what hes completed. That is the place had been reminded what his guarantees are. That is the place had been reminded that hes by no means damaged a promise. That is the place had been even reminded that hes already advised us how all the things will finish.

Spoiler alert: He wins.

That is the place we feed our religion. So if, even after having put our religion in Jesus, if we consider our religion solely as a one-time career of religion, properly nonetheless be at risk. That is what occurred with the Thessalonians: Paul sends Timothy again to verify on their religion as a result of their religion may very well be at risk. Our religion must be persevered in.

And God will maintain us, however hell maintain us as we feed it in His Wordthats how hell maintain us. We deal with our religion typically like we are able to simply depart it in a nook someplace, and itll be positive. My spouse, she loves vegetation however she at all times murders them. Shes not good at protecting them alive. And so we needed to give you a rule in our home, no extra actual vegetation. It was laborious fought, however I used to be victorious. So now theyre pretend vegetation. The wonderful thing about pretend vegetation is you can not pay any consideration to them and theyre positive. You’ll be able to neglect they exist for a 12 months, come again, seems precisely the identical. And typically we deal with our religion like that.

Like, Hey, I made this one-time career of religion in Jesus. We neglect about our religion, we put it up on the shelf, we don’t do any of the watering, we dont give it something that it must thrive and to flourish, and we assume itll be positive. And when the tempter comes and when trials come, had been confused when our religion appears weak. When God has advised us how had been to feed our religion. Preserve taking a look at His monitor file, maintain gathering with His individuals, maintain taking a look at who He’s.

Matthew 8:1112, Jesus says this, hes impressed with this Gentiles religion.

I say to you that many will come from the east and the west, and can take their locations on the feast with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob within the kingdom of heaven. However the topics of the dominion might be thrown outdoors, into the darkness, the place there might be weeping and gnashing of tooth.

Jesus is saying this to the individuals of Israelwhove had all of this redemptive historical past, who had all this revelation from God, who God has been working with, in redemptive historical past, up up to now.

He hasnt seen any of them have the religion that this Gentile has. And hes saying, If anybody assumes that your invitation to this banquet with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is predicated in your ethnic id, you might be unsuitable. Hes saying, The invitation to this banquet is predicated on religion.

Religion is how that invitation will get to you. And hes saying, Persons are going to return from east and west. I simply image individuals from in every single place flocking to the Lord Jesus as he attracts them to himself. And this religion would be the distinction between reclining on the banquet in glory with the patriarchswith Abraham, Isaac, and Jacoband between being solid into outer darkness the place there may be weeping and gnashing of tooth.

The excellent news is that the therapeutic energy of Jesus is not only restricted to bodily illnesses. We see Jesus forgiving sins; we see Jesus delivering us from bondage to sin; we see Jesus opening peoples eyes and drawing individuals to himself. Even from the east and the west.

Look we’re, partially at present, an instance of the truth that individuals from throughout going to flock to Jesus. In case your image of everlasting glory is a bunch of people that look identical to you, youre going to be upset whenever you get there. As a result of Jesus in his nice energy is opening peoples eyes from in all places. And we had been in actual hazard, all of us, of being solid out into the outer darkness due to our sin and God will choose us due to our sin.

The Scriptures actually clear that had been saved not by works, however by way of religion. So, Jesus is saying its these with this religion, who might be saved from that outer darkness. Now I do know, for positive, that so many people eager to have a relationship with God and eager to be saved, eager to have everlasting life, have tried to go to so many different individuals and thingsthinking that we might earn our manner there. Someone else might get us there. We grew up within the church, went to lots of Bible research, did a bunch of stuff, saying Im a great particular person. Jesus is saying, You get invited to the banquet by religion. And you’ll go to no matter else you wish to, and possibly any person who was keen, however you’ll by no means discover anyone apart from Jesus whos each keen and capable of save your soul.

Romans 5:78says, For one will scarcely die for a righteous personthough maybe for a great particular person one would dare even to diebut God exhibits his love for us in that whereas we had been nonetheless sinners, Christ died for us. No person else is keen to put their life down for sinners who hated them. However Jesus did, he was keen.

The primary three chapters of Hebrews talks about all this stuff in redemptive historical past and the way Jesus is bigger than them. How these sacrifices handed away, and that theres oneonly onewho might present that once-for-all sacrifice. Jesus was capable of save us from this everlasting damnation. Solely Jesus is keen and capable of cope with our brokenness in a holistic manner. We are able to go to medical doctors who might help us, simply with our bodily illnesses. We are able to go to totally different sorts of the medical doctors who assist us with a few of our emotional well being. Solely Jesus, who created the entire soul, can heal the entire soul. Religion seems like us bringing our brokenness to the one whos each keen, and ready.

Unwell shut by saying this.Matthew 8:13, he says, Then Jesus mentioned to the centurion, Go! Let it’s completed simply as you believed it might. And his servant was healed at that second. The truth that Jesus got here therapeutic is proof of who he’s. And people final phrases that he says, Let it’s completed for you that sounds quite a bit like relaxation.

He doesnt say, Go obtain it. He says, Let it’s completed for you. He doesnt say, Go heal him. He says, Let it’s completed for you. Its excellent news that Jesus has completed the work for us; that Jesus can do the therapeutic for us; that Jesus has completed the saving for us; that Jesus did the obedience for us; that Jesus did the buying for us, the resurrecting for us, the victory for us.

So for these of us who’re battling what life seems like on this damaged world (thats stuffed with issues that appear unfixable, and brokenness that looks as if it cant be mended). The excellent news for us is had been not looking for the one whos keen and ready. We all know who it’s. And if theres one thing in our lives that he hasnt made complete but, weren’t in search of another person to do it: had been ready for the day that he’ll. And we are able to relaxation in that. We are able to hope in that, and we are able to look ahead to the banquet. Amen. Amen. Let me pray.

Father, we thanks a lot for Jesus. God, after we learn these texts within the gospels: had been blown away on the kindness of Jesus and the ability of Jesus, the goodness of Jesus, that every one we’ve got is Jesus. Father remind us of his kindness, and his goodness, and his energy, and his saving work. Assist us to belief him extra. God I pray for my mates who dont know Jesus, youd assist them to see him in a manner theyve by no means seen him earlier than, as Savior and Lord and King. And for these of us who know him, assist us to see him extra clearly. Assist us to carry our brokenness earlier than him, trusting him, and believing him. We ask in Jesus identify. Amen.


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