Godliness ≠ Legalism

Generally when folks hear the phrase “godliness” it transmutes of their thoughts to legalism. And so they say, I’ve been delivered from legalism, doing all this stuff to achieve advantage earlier than God. And they also don’t wish to self-discipline themselves as a result of it seems like legalism. However you must perceive there’s a universe of distinction between self-discipline and legalism. Legalism says, “I will do this thing in order to gain merit before God.” Self-discipline says, “I love God, I love the Lord Jesus Christ and I will discipline myself to please them.”

The apostle Paul understood this higher than anybody or any theologian in historical past as a result of you must perceive that he fought legalism bare-knuckled throughout Asia Minor. In reality, within the opening chapter of Galatians the place he’s speaking concerning the Judaizers and those which might be concerned in legalism, he says that as a result of they preached one other gospel, allow them to be anathema—or damned, separated.

It’s a routine, it’s a apply, it’s a self-discipline enjoined for the aim of godliness.

He hated legalism however he enjoined self-discipline upon all of his followers for the aim of godliness. So it’s a routine, it’s a apply, it’s a self-discipline enjoined for the aim of godliness—which holds promise for this current life, how you reside proper now, and within the life to come back.

R. Kent Hughes is the creator of Disciplines of a Godly Man.

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