The Forgotten Figure in the Nativity Scene

As a child I bear in mind a hierarchy of characters within the Sunday-school Nativity play. All the women needed to be Mary and maintain child Jesus. It was enjoyable to decorate up like a shepherd or make sheep and cow noises.

However I dont bear in mind any children asking to be Mary’s husband. Joseph is usually the forgotten determine within the Nativity scene, however he shouldnt be. The heavenly Father intentionally selected him to be the earthly father of Jesus. Lets see what Matthew tells us about him.

Josephs Household

Matthew 1:117 provides us Jesus’s household line, from Abraham to Joseph. Two figures stand out on this record: Abraham and David.

Two thousand years earlier than Jesus, God made a promise to Abraham: all of the peoples of the earth will likely be blessed by means of your nation of offspring (Gen. 12:3). In Jesus, God stored that promise.

One thousand years earlier than Jesus, God made a promise to David. When David turned king of Abrahams nation, God promised to boost up one in all Davids descendants to rule over an everlasting kingdom (2 Sam. 7:1116). Jesus was the achievement of that promise: the anointed one, the Messiah, who would rescue the folks and set up an everlasting kingdom.

A descendant of Abraham and David, Joseph was certified to be the earthly father of Jesus due to his household. However its extra than simply his household that makes Joseph a personality value remembering. Its additionally his religion.

Its extra than simply his household that makes Joseph a personality value remembering. Its additionally hisreligion.

Josephs Religion

In Matthew 1:1825, Joseph shows God-pleasing character and imitable religion, expressed in 3 ways.

1. He sacrificed his status by marrying Mary.

Whereas Joseph was pledged to be married to Mary, he found his bride-to-be was pregnant with a baby not his personal (Matt. 1:1819).However, Joseph displayed compassion by desirous to spare Marys status by means of quietly dismissing the wedding pledge. However an angel appeared to him in a dream: Don’t concern to take Mary as your spouse, for that which is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit.She’s going to bear a son, andyou shall name his title Jesus,for he’ll save his folks from their sins (Matt. 1:2022).

But when he was going to wed Mary, Joseph had his personal status to think about. Are you able to think about the whispering and gossip swirling round a marriage with a pregnant bride? Joseph knew folks would condemn him for getting Mary pregnant earlier than their marriage, however he married her anyway (1:24). Via this he demonstrated belief within the angels message. Despite the fact that Joseph would endure disgrace and stigma, he obeyed God.

2. Mary was a virgin till after Jesuss beginning.

Dont miss this. Mary was nonetheless a virgin when Jesus was born: When Joseph woke from sleep, he did because the angel of the Lord commanded him: he took his spouse, however knew her not till she had given beginning to a son(Matt. 1:2425).

This took a measure of self-control for Joseph. Despite the fact that Joseph was married to Mary for a part of the being pregnant, they didnt consummate the wedding throughout that point.

Matthew reminds us of Isaiahs essential prophecy about Jesus: All this came about to meet what the Lord had spoken by the prophet: Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and so they shall name his title Immanuel (which suggests, God with us) (Matt. 1:2223; cf. Isa. 7:14).

To ensure that Joseph to maintain himself from having sexual relations along with his spouse, he needed to belief the angels phrase that the kid inside Mary was the One they’d lengthy been ready for: the Messiah.

3. Joseph named the infant.

If we learn too shortly, we are able to miss a tiny sentence: And he referred to as his title Jesus (Matt. 1:25).

In naming the kid, Joseph took on the position of father, successfully adopting Jesus as his personal. He trusted the angels message: this baby was conceived by the Holy Spirit, not by one other man. Joseph embraced the position of adoptive father.

As well as, Joseph didnt select a household title for the kid, however named him Jesus.This was the title supplied by the angel, that means “the Lord saves.” Jesus, the angel declared, would save the folks from their sins (v. 21)and Joseph believed it. He demonstrated his religion in God by naming the kid Jesus.

Religion Hero

Joseph took duty, sacrificed his status, wedded a susceptible Mary, and raised a baby not biologically his personal. He did this as a result of he trusted that Jesus was who the angel stated he was.

Certain, Josephs household made him certified to be the earthly father of Jesus. However what stands out about Joseph, the person whom the heavenly Father selected to be Jesus’s earthly father? His religion.

Extra younger boys ought to hope to be Joseph within the Nativity play. He believed in Jesus and, at great price to himself, he bravely acted on his religion, placing himself second and God first. Joseph might stand quietly within the background of the Christmas story, however thats exactly what makes him a hero of the religion.


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