The Gospel in Hebrews

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The Deity and Superiority of Christ

The ebook of Hebrews unfolds the gospel in at the very least 5 methods: it reveals the connection between Christ’s individual and his work, reveals his superiority to Previous Testomony individuals and establishments, underscores humanity’s want for redemption, warns of apostasy, and exhorts professed believers to persevere.

First, Hebrews remarkably combines the individual and work of Christ. Chapter 1 teaches the deity of Christ as powerfully as anyplace in Scripture. Chapter 2 highlights Christ’s humanity. Chapters 7–9 represent probably the most intensive instructing on Christ’s priesthood and atoning sacrifice. What’s the level? The individual of Christ as God and man constitutes the premise for his saving work. His id undergirds his performing the distinctive saving deeds of dying for sinners and rising from the lifeless. As a result of he’s God, he is ready to save us, for less than God can save. As a result of he turned a person of flesh and blood, he is ready to save us, for one among our human race died in our place and overcame demise and the Satan in his resurrection.

We’re needy sinners in want of a gracious and mighty Savior.

Second, Hebrews reveals Christ’s superiority to Previous Testomony individuals and establishments. He’s the nice and last Prophet, far surpassing Previous Testomony mediators of revelation—prophets and angels (Heb. 1). Due to this fact, the gospel that he introduced is much more essential than the legislation that was given to Moses by way of angels (Heb. 2:1–4; Acts 7:53; Gal. 3:19). He’s superior to Moses, Aaron, and all Israel’s subsequent excessive monks (Heb. 3:6; Heb. 5; 7). It is because Jesus is a priest based on the order of Melchizedek who, in contrast to the sons of Aaron, lives eternally and thus has a perpetual priesthood. He’s the Nice Excessive Priest who presents himself as the ultimate providing, bringing the tip to sacrifice and saving to the uttermost those that come to God by way of him (Heb. 9–10).

Want for Christ

Third, Hebrews underscores humanity’s want for redemption. As youngsters of Adam we’re fallen, and we don’t train correct dominion over creation (Heb. 2:8). We’re held in bondage by the worry of demise and by him who had the ability of demise, the Satan (Heb. 2:14–15). Left to ourselves, like Israel of previous, our hearts are unbelieving and rebellious (Heb. 3–4). We’re unclean and want Christ’s purifying blood, his violent demise, to be cleansed to serve the dwelling God (Heb. 9:14, 23; 10:22). Whilst believers we’re liable to wander from our past love and thus we’d like God’s warnings, exhortations, and charm to persevere. In a phrase, we’re needy sinners in want of a gracious and mighty Savior. And that’s simply what God has supplied in his incarnate Son, Jesus Christ.

Fourth, as strongly as anyplace within the Bible, Hebrews warns of the hazard of apostasy—in 5 passages: Hebrews 2:1–4; 3:7–4:13; 5:11–6:12; 10:19–39; and 12:1–29. Plainly, the unique readers of Hebrews had been at risk of turning from the religion that they had previously professed. Nonetheless, Hebrews additionally asserts that God not solely saves his individuals from their sins but additionally retains them saved to the tip (Heb. 6:13–20; 7:23–25). And one of many implies that God employs to maintain us is to warn of the folly of deserting him who saves us freely by his grace. There may be nowhere else to show.

Regular On

Fifth, Hebrews exhorts professed believers to persevere (Heb. 2:1; 4:14; 6:1–3; 10:23, 36; 12:1–2). It’s true that God saves us as soon as and for all. However that salvation will not be static however dynamic. It’s as dynamic because the dwelling relationship between God and his individuals (made formal within the new covenant; Heb. 8). The covenant is God’s pledge to be God to us and to make us his personal. As a result of he loves us, he not solely assures us of his love with each promise and oath but additionally exhorts us to maintain on dwelling obediently within the religion, to maintain on gathering with different believers for worship, and to not harden our hearts in opposition to him in revolt.

Whereas Hebrews clearly makes its personal distinctive contribution, it joins different New Testomony books in exulting in the identical wonderful grace in Jesus that varieties the Bible’s important message. The message of Hebrews is, at its core, the gospel: the excellent news of redemption for struggling sinners.

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