The Gospel in Jude

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Good Information of God’s Glory

The place is the gospel in Jude’s epistle? In such a compact area, we truly obtain a potent portrait of the gospel.

First and most pervasively, Jude shows the “photo negative” of the gospel, giving us a vivid and darkish image of those that twist the lavish grace of the gospel right into a license to sin (e.g., Jude 12–13). Jude piles on the metaphors all through his letter, making it abundantly clear that false instructing smuggles loss of life right into a church. And but, in contrast, this bleak image nonetheless reveals the fact of the excellent news of God’s glory in Christ’s atoning work.

As our Father, God desires his individuals to be wholesome, joyful witnesses to the gospel.

Made in God’s picture to replicate his glory, we had been created as mirrors at 45-degree angles, meant to replicate out to the world the unhindered radiance of God’s glory. However in disobedience, we flip round to face the bottom. And if you flip a mirror the wrong way up, it doesn’t replicate a lightweight however casts a shadow on the bottom. In the identical means, we sinners are inclined to focus upon the shadow of self-centered, worldly priorities fairly than on the glory emanating from God himself. Jude invitations us to worship this God—“him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you blameless before the presence of his glory with great joy” (Jude 24).

Second, Jude’s persistent admonition to keep away from false lecturers, although sobering, is itself a present of God’s grace. God is loving us by warning us towards false instructing. As our Father, God desires his individuals to be wholesome, joyful witnesses to the gospel. He subsequently instructs us—scathingly, at instances, as in Jude’s letter—out of his nice love for us.

Third and at last, Jude reminds us of God’s saving work in Christ that echoes throughout all of human historical past. Jude startlingly remarks in verse 5 that it was Jesus who introduced God’s individuals out of Egypt—centuries earlier than the incarnation! No matter Jude meant to convey right here, as a minimum he’s reminding us that Christ’s saving work isn’t an remoted and disconnected historic occasion. Relatively, Christ’s work of redemption is the climax to all of God’s mighty deeds on behalf of his individuals.

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