The Great, Wonderful Jesus

The Great, Wonderful Jesus

The Great, Wonderful Jesus

Some issues should not solely value studying, however value studying aloud. I stumbled upon simply such a factor a short while in the past and needed to share it with you. This stunning little bit of writing comes from a Dr. William Plumer and what was apparently his inaugural handle at Western Theological Seminary. Do your self a favor and skim it—out loud, in fact. (Word: I took the freedom of enhancing it barely to take away or substitute some antiquated phrases and to only in any other case clean it out somewhat. You’ll find the unique right here.)


Jesus Christ is a superb, superb individual. To his individuals he’s altogether beautiful. He’s their Advocate, the angel of the covenant, the writer and finisher of religion. He’s the alpha and the omega, the Beloved, the shepherd and bishop of souls, the bread of life, the bridegroom, the intense and morning star, the brightness of the Father’s glory, and the specific picture of his individual.

He’s their Creator, captain, counselor, covenant, cornerstone, and chiefest amongst ten thousand. He’s to them because the Dew, the door into the fold, a diadem, a day-star, a deliverer, and the will of all nations, ranks and generations of pious males.

Of their eyes he’s the Elect Emmanuel, the eternal Father, and everlasting life. He’s a Fountain of dwelling waters to thirsty souls, of pleasure to distressed ones, of life to dying ones. He’s the muse on which his individuals, with security, construct their hopes of heaven. He’s the daddy of eternity, the primary and the final, the primary fruits, the first-born amongst many brothers, and the primary begotten from the useless.

To his chosen he’s as probably the most high quality Gprevious, a information, a governor, a wonderful Lord, God, the true God over all, God blessed endlessly. He’s Head of the church, the assistance, the hope, the husband, the heritage, the habitation of his individuals. He’s the horn of their salvation and rides upon the heavens. He’s the Jehovah of armies, the Inheritance, Judge and Oking of his individuals. He’s their Light, their life, their chief, their law-giver, their atoning lamb, the lily of the valley, the lion of the tribe of Judah.

He’s the Man Christ Jesus, the grasp, the mediator, the minister of the true sanctuary which the Lord pitched, and never man. He’s the mighty God of Isaiah, the morning-star of John, the Michael of Daniel, the Melchizedek of David and Paul, and the Messiah of all of the prophets. He’s the Only-begotten of the Father – filled with grace and reality. He’s each the basis and the off-spring of David. He’s the Peace, the prince, the priest, the prophet, the purified, the potentate, the propitiation, the doctor, the ability of God, the passover of all saints.

He’s the Rock, the refuge, the ruler, the ransom, the refiner, the redeemer, the righteousness and the resurrection of all humble souls. He’s the rose of Sharon. He’s the Seed of the girl, the seed of Abraham, the seed of David, the Son of God, the son of man, the power, the defend, the surety, the shepherd, the Shiloh, the sacrifice, the sanctuary, the salvation, the sanctification, and the solar of righteousness of all believers.

He’s that holy factor that was born of Mary. He’s the Truth, the treasure, the instructor, the temple, and the tree of life. He’s the Way, the nicely of salvation, the phrase of God, the knowledge of God, the trustworthy witness, the great.

His individual is one, however his natures are two. He’s each human and divine, finite and infinite, created and uncreated. He was earlier than Abraham, although not born till lengthy after Abraham. He was useless, and is alive forevermore. He has the arm of a God, and the center of a brother. None loves like him, none pities like him, none saves like him. It’s no marvel the youngsters love him, the saints reward him, the martyrs die for him, the sorrowing lengthy for him, the standard belief in him, the penitent pour out their tears earlier than him, and the believing lay quick maintain of him. His frown shakes the heavens, his smile offers life, his presence converts dungeons into palaces, his blood cleanses from all sin, his righteousness is the white gown of the redeemed.

In case you could be protected, or clever, or holy, or blissful, or helpful, or robust, or victorious, look to him! Look to nobody else! Stroll in him, abide in him, glory in him, and rely as loss all issues in addition to him. Look to that great, superb Jesus Christ!

The Great, Wonderful Jesus

The Great, Wonderful Jesus The Great, Wonderful Jesus The Great, Wonderful Jesus The Great, Wonderful Jesus

The Great, Wonderful Jesus

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