The place the Gospel Meets Pornography

Where the Gospel Meets Pornography

Anna was simply 9 when she first noticed porn. She walked right into a room the place a member of the family was watching it on TV. This similar individual would sexually abuse Anna all through her childhood. As Anna grew up and tried to make sense of the abuse, she turned to porn on the lookout for solutions. It rapidly grew to become her go-to method of coping with stress or ache.

Nate was a seminary scholar when he began viewing hardcore porn. He went on to develop into a pastor, and but his porn habit drove him into riskier and riskier sexual conduct. He discovered to “disassociate” his sexual life from the remainder of his life. Instantly, issues got here to a head.

Garrett was pastoring a small-town church. He felt remoted and discontent, and usually turned to porn for affirmation. He hated residing as a hypocrite. Earlier than he knew it, the entire city had discovered.

Anna, Nate, and Garrett had been Christians, however they had been enslaved to porn. In right now’s podcast, a particular collaboration with Love Thy Neighborhood, we hear how the gospel freed them from their addictions and helped them grasp why they sought consolation in porn within the first place.

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