We Are All Theologians

We Are All Theologians

We Are All Theologians

For years now, I’ve made it my objective to launch one thing every single day that can encourage folks, or problem them, or instruct them, or in any other case carry them some sort of religious profit. Not surprisingly, I obtain all kinds of suggestions, and there are a few sorts that, greater than another, discourage and dismay me. It’s when individuals who have been Christians for a very long time reveal that they’ve solely the smallest quantity of theological data or, even worse, reveal their perception that theological data is an pointless and even evil factor. That is sadly frequent and at all times tragic.

Ignorance is the expectation, in fact, in relation to new believers—all of us start with data that’s minuscule and defective. However ignorance is a superb concern when folks have professed religion for a few years or been in church for a lot of a long time, but have by no means superior past the fundamentals. In lots of instances, folks have merely by no means been instructed that there’s such a class as “theology.” Maybe they’ve solely ever been instructed that “Christianity is not a religion but a relationship.” And whereas it’s true and treasured that we get to have a relationship with God, the Christian religion can be a considerable, established, orderly, cohesive physique of reality. Maybe they’ve solely ever been instructed that theology is harmful, that “doctrine divides.” Or possibly they’ve been instructed or taught that theology is boring, the purposeless and even prideful pursuit of data that compels us to physique slam others with information. Admittedly lots of people abuse theology in that manner, however theology is much extra and much better than that.

Understood correctly and practiced biblically, theology is just not the buildup of chilly information, however of correct and true data that’s meant to work its manner out in our ideas and lives. When we have now nice data of God, we will suppose nice ideas of God. Once we suppose nice ideas of God, we will reside nice lives for God. Once we reside nice lives for God, we carry nice glory to God. In that manner theology is just not meant to serve self, however to serve others and, by way of them, to glorify God. We will’t really know God or reside for God till we all know the information God offers us about himself. Which is to say, we will’t really know God as he’s or reside for God as he needs so long as we reject or downplay theology.

We’re all accountable earlier than God to know these items really and rightly, to align our data with the supply of reality God has given us in his Phrase. We’re all accountable to deepen and sharpen this information, to achieve higher data and to make sure it turns into extra correct over time. What else is “guarding the good deposit” than this? How else might we be “transformed in the renewing of our minds” however this?

What many individuals fail to know is that the difficulty is just not whether or not we have now theology, however whether or not the theology we have now is factual or false. All of us have ideas in regards to the existence, character, and actions of God. All of us have ideas about humanity, about our place and objective on this world, and about our relationship to God. All of us act on the idea of our ideas, our convictions. We’re theologians, and the one query is whether or not we’re good or poor ones.

We Are All Theologians

We Are All Theologians We Are All Theologians We Are All Theologians We Are All Theologians

We Are All Theologians

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