We Were Made for Intimacy

We Have been Made for Intimacy

Created to Be Shut

We had been made for closeness to others and to God via Christ, and but it doesnt at all times really feel as if we will grasp Gods nearness to us. Although God needs intimacy and fellowship with us, its not unusual for us to really feel as if he’s distant. In his guide, Created to Draw Close to: Our Life as Gods Royal Monks Edward T. Welch says:

To be near God is actually a human need, however intimacy with somebody you cant see has its challenges, and intimacy whenever you really feel a bit responsible is much more difficult. This intimacy, nonetheless, is the Christian hope, and we won’t hand over on it.

Edward T. Welch

This meditative and devotional guide traces iterations of the priestly job description all through the Bible, serving to believers uncover their identification as royal clergymen who had been created to attract close to to God.

Scripture says that the Spirit of God helps us to know and really feel the presence of God after we consider him when he says he’s close to. In Christ, we’re deemed royal clergymen and are given direct entry to our Father.

Within the video above, Welch explains how our innate human needs for closeness mirror Gods ownand he delights to be close to to us.

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