We Might Be Confused, however God Isnt

Relaxation in God’s Understanding

In the present day you’ll encounter issues that can confuse you, however relaxation assured the One who guidelines all these issues will not be confused.

We actually don’t know a lot. Each day we’re all greeted with mysteries. None of us can predict for certain the place our private tales are going. We’re all confused about what occurs to us, to these near us, and on the planet by which we reside. As a lot as we attempt to make sense of our lives, there are issues that we merely aren’t capable of perceive. Right here’s what all of this implies—you and I’ll by no means discover interior peace and relaxation by making an attempt to determine all of it out. Peace is present in resting within the knowledge and charm of the One who has all of it found out and guidelines all of it for his glory and our good.

When our youngsters had been very younger, after I would refuse to allow them to do one thing, they didn’t perceive why, so they’d start to protest. I’d then get down on my knees so we could possibly be head to head, after which I’d discuss with them. The dialog would go like this:

“Do you know that your daddy loves you?”

“Yes, I know my daddy loves me.”

“Is your daddy mean and bad to you?”

“No, you don’t like to be mean.”

“Is your daddy a horrible, bad daddy?”


“Then listen to what daddy is going to say. I would like to tell you why I had to say ‘no’ to what you wanted to do, but I can’t. If I explained it to you, you wouldn’t understand anyway, so here’s what you need to do. You need to walk down the hallway and say to yourself, ‘I don’t know why daddy said no to me, but I know my daddy loves me and I’m going to trust my daddy.’ I really do love you.”

“I love you too.”

There may be a lot that we’re incapable of understanding. So relaxation is present in trusting the Father.

There may be a lot that we don’t perceive. There may be a lot that we’re incapable of understanding. So relaxation is present in trusting the Father. He isn’t confused, and he certainly does have your greatest curiosity in thoughts. Sure, he’ll ask you to do exhausting issues and he’ll convey troublesome issues your manner, however he’s worthy of your belief and he loves you dearly. In the present day your heavenly Father reaches right down to you and says: “I know you don’t understand all that you face, but remember, I love you. Trust me and you will find peace that can be found no other way.”

This text is tailored from New Morning Mercies: A Each day Gospel Devotional by Paul David Tripp.

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We Might Be Confused, however God Isnt

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