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Jesus advised his disciples, If I’m going and put together a spot for you, I’ll come once more and can take youto myself, thatwhere I’m you could be additionally. What Jesus meant by which will appear fairly apparent. With out context to assist us, Jesus appears to imply he’ll put together rooms for his us in heaven and can take us to heaven to occupy these rooms. Nevertheless, what occurs if we think about a bit wider context?

What Did Jesus Imply: The place I Am You Could Be Additionally (John 14:3)

The Street to Glory

One of many main themes of the Gospel of John is the theme of glory. Within the biblical context, glory refers to someone’s standing, particularly a standing of royalty. When somebody is glorified, it means she or he is lifted up and given a royal title or place.

All through Johns gospel account, there are foreshadows that Jesus will probably be lifted up (John 8:28; 12:32) and glorified (John 12:16). By lifted up, Jesus isnt simply talking of his ascension, but in addition his crucifixion (John 12:33). When Jesus was nailed to the cross and an indication was put above his head, studying, King of the Jews, Jesus had been glorified. He had been given rulership, authority, and dominion.

Sure, it appears fairly unusual that an execution might be an exaltation, however thats how royalty, significance, and glory work within the kingdom of God. The ascent to the throne is thru the cross. There isn’t a glory, no reign, no rulership with out self-giving love and faithfulness.

Jesus knew that if he was devoted to the Father, the Father would give him glory, the Father would elevate him from the lifeless and seat him at his personal proper hand. As quickly as Jesus despatched Judas out to betray him, Jesus mentioned, Now’s the Son of Man glorified, and God is glorified in him. If God is glorified in him, God may even glorify him in himself, and glorify him without delay. (John 13:3132, ESV)

In different phrases, Gods rule and reign can be established by Jesus self-giving love and faithfulness. God can be glorified, however God would additionally glorify the Son by elevating him from the lifeless to co-reign with him because the Son of Man.

Sharing the Glory

Jesus makes it clear, all all through Johns gospel account, he got here from the Father and was going again to the Father. He was going again to share within the gloryhe had with the Fatherbefore the world existed (John 17:5).

However Jesus did all of this (got here to earth, took on flesh, gave his life, ascended to the Fathers proper hand), not so he may preserve the glory to himself, however in order that he may share it with us. Jesus prayed to the Father, The glory that you’ve given to me I’ve given to them, that they might be one whilst we’re one (John 17:22).

Jesus demise completed not solely his personal glorification, however by him, the glorification of humanity (Romans 8:30). People are actually represented within the Fathers home. By the mediation of Jesus, people now reign with God within the heavenly locations (Ephesians 2:6). Jesus has made preparation for us to share in his glory.

Glory from God or Man

Lets ensure that we’re clear: The glory God offers to the Son of Man isnt only for him, however for all mankind. God wishes to make all mankind co-heirs with the Messiah (Romans 8:17). He needs all of humanity to share within the Sons glory.

Nevertheless, many individuals select to obtain rulership, authority, or glory from folks fairly than from God. Most of the Jewish rulers believed in Jesus, however have been afraid to admit their religion, as a result of, they cherished the glory that comes from man greater than the glory that comes from God (John 12:43).

In different phrases, they might fairly that folks give them authority and make them rulers than they might obtain that honor and standing from God. Jesus, nevertheless, didn’t obtain his glory from folks (John 5:41), however from the Father. God is the one who offers Jesus authority, rulership, and glory.

A Standing Extra Than A Place

So, with the theme of glory recent in your thoughts, learn John 14:1-4:

Let not your hearts worry. Imagine in God; imagine additionally in me. In my Fathers home are many rooms. If it weren’t so, would I’ve advised you that I’m going to organize a spot for you? And if I’m going and put together a spot for you, I’ll come once more and can take you to myself, that the place I’m you could be additionally. And also you know how to the place I’m going.

Being within the Fathers home then, I imagine, is about sharing within the Messiahs glory, sharing in his rule and reign. Its about having a spot in Gods household, as John mentioned in his prologue, To all who did obtain him,who believed in his identify,he gave the rightto becomechildren of God (John 1:12).

When Jesus speaks of getting ready a spot for us so we could be the place he’s, I don’t imagine he isnt speaking about whisking our spirits off to a different realm to have a spot up within the clouds. Jesus is speaking about bringing us into Gods household, into the glory Jesus has with the Father. I do know we sing about going to glory, however glory isn’t a lot a place as it’s a standing.

Someday, the veil of the sky will probably be torn away and the Messiah will probably be revealed. In that day:

  • we are going to seem with him in glory (Colossians 3:4)
  • we are going to obtain the world as our inheritance (Romans 4:13; Matthew 5:5)
  • we will probably be as Jesus is (1 John 3:2)
  • we are going to share his glory below the supreme reign of God the Father (1 Corinthians 15:28)

Jesus has a spot ready for us, a place of glory, a standing of glory, a place of glory. He has made it doable for us to return into the household of God and be seatedeven nowwith Him within the heavenly locations (Ephesians 2:6). Someday he’ll take us totally into that relational standing in order that the place he’s, we could also be additionally.

I like you and God loves you,

Wes McAdams


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