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What Solutions are Individuals Searching for from the Bible in an Age of Coronavirus? - Bible Gateway Weblog

If we survey the queries on Bible Gateway which are trending above regular this week, they fall into three major classes: the top of the world, illness, and concern. Additionally bats.

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As occurs in lots of geopolitical crises (most lately, the battle between the USA and Iran in January), queries like finish of the world, indicators of the top occasions, and final days are trending greater: about 47% of spiking queries relate to this subject.

Equally, queries associated to ailments are leaping: ailments, viruses, plagues, illness, and hand washing comprise one other 47% of the elevated complete.

The remaining 6% of elevated queries relate to concern: queries like concern, nervousness, and concern of sickness have all elevated.

Lastly, in February, the question bats was up 70x over regular in Singapore, and solely in Singapore, after experiences prompt that the novel coronavirus unfold from bats.


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