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Christians could also be free to retire from their occupation, however as disciples of Christ we aren’t ever free to retire from serving God and others. If we’re lucky sufficient to be free of the calls for of working for a dwelling, that opens a door of alternative to do extra work for the dominion utilizing the knowledge, expertise, skills, and assets the Holy Spirit has given us via a lifetime of discipleship.

If this feels like retire however dont retire, that sums it up properly. Retire or dont out of your job or profession; however for those who do retire, then think about and plan for a retirement that’s totally different than the world envisions.

What Reimagined Retirement Appears Like

In my guide Reimagine Retirement: Planning and Residing for the Glory of God, I have a look at the biblical and historic perspective on retirement after which describe what a Christian reimagined retirement may appear to be. I describe it this fashion:

A reimagined retirement is one that’s deliberate, structured, lived, and regularly re-examined in gentle of sound biblical doctrine, ideas, and follow. It’s a retirement lived for the glory of God, his kingdom, and the nice of his individuals. (44)

Retirement might imply a brand new season of life, but it surely doesn’t imply we must always cease rising and investing our time, skills, and treasure in God’s kingdom-building work. All our private and materials items, whether or not we have now a lot or little, are good items from God that can be utilized in retirement for our pleasure, others’ good, and God’s glory (1 Cor. 12:11; 1 Pet. 4:1011; 1 Tim. 4:14). All of us have been given items in varied measures from God within the type of abilities, skills, assets, and talents.

Listed below are 4 sorts of stewardship.

1. Stewardship of Time: Serving and Mentoring

One of many biggest risks of retirement is withdrawal from the mainstream of life and decreased involvement with others. Its vitally necessary for the Christian retiree to remain concerned and to maintain household, church, and neighborhood relationships alive (Heb. 10:2425). In these contexts serving, discipling, mentoring, and private ministry can happen.

Older Christians are referred to as to disciple, mentor, and train. They share biblical information and godly knowledge acquired via expertise, particularly with those that are youthful (Matt. 28:20; Phil. 3:17; Titus 2:34; 2 Tim. 2:2; Heb. 13:7). There’s a lot that older Christians can contribute by being a wonderful instance of godly character.

2. Stewardship of Skills: Calling and Vocation

Many think about retirement as a time to lastly do no matter they need (topic to bodily and monetary limitations). They envision infinite hours of relaxation, rest, and recreation with few duties or obligations of any type. That is inconsistent with the Bible’s God-glorifying imaginative and prescient of labor.

With out work that’s each fulfilling and contributes to the nice of others, our lives in retirement will lack the that means and objective work offers.

The Bible teaches the intrinsic worth and dignity of labor (Gen. 1:31; John 5:17; Col. 3:23; 2 Thess. 3:12), and that doesnt apply solely to work-for-pay. We discover pleasure and success by working in the vocations to which had been referred to as, and it enriches others’ lives. With out work that’s each fulfilling and contributes to others’ good, our lives in retirement will lack the that means and objective work offers.

3. Stewardship of Treasure: Stewardship and Generosity

We shouldn’t retire (cease working for pay) until we are able to present for our households and proceed to be beneficiant towards others (1 Tim. 5:8; 2 Cor. 8:1314; 1 Pet. 4:10). We should be cautious to not retire from a paying job too quickly; we have now a duty to our households and others to be fairly assured we are able to afford to retire earlier than we pull the set off.

As a result of growing longevity, inflation, health-care prices, and different issues, there are critical doubts about our capability to fund a number of many years in retirement, and rightly so. Many surveys and research have reached the identical conclusion: many individuals don’t find the money for saved to help a chronic interval of not working for earnings. Though Social Safety and a pension could also be adequate for some, most received’t be that lucky.

4. Stewardship of Testimony: Character and Perseverance

We might finally retire from our job or profession, however we by no means retire from being a disciple of Christ (Titus 2:12). Had been abide in him in order that our lives will proceed to bear fruit (John 7:3739; 15:517; Ps. 92:1214). The biblical sample for the older Christian is to proceed maturing as a trustworthy follower of Jesus, energetic church member, and good husband or spouse, father or mom, grandparent or good friend.

Christians could also be free to ‘retire’ from their occupation, however as disciples of Christ we aren’t ever free to retire from serving God and others.

Faithfulness comes via continued train of the non secular disciplinesdevotions, fellowship, studying, prayer, and listening to the preaching and educating of God’s Phrase and diligently making use of it to our lives (Acts 2:42). It additionally means humbly receiving trustworthy and loving enter from these God brings into our lives.

Gods Good Presents

A few of Gods good items to us are for others’ good, however he additionally offers them for our enjoyment (James 1:17; 1 Tim. 4:45). Considered one of his biggest items is his creation, which we are able to get pleasure from in myriad methods. If God has given you the power to journey, go to high school, eat out, or go to a film or a music live performance on occasion, get pleasure from these issues with a transparent conscience and provides him thanks. Sure, he has given us greater than we’d like, however that’s only a reminder of the God who loves us, saved us, and who freely offers items in accordance with his sovereign grace.

Sure, weve acquired many good items, however the biggest of all is understanding Jesus as Lord. Weve been purchased with a pricethe dying of God’s solely Sonand as a result of we belong to him, our chief objective in life, and retirement, is to glorify God and to get pleasure from him perpetually (Ps. 37:4; 100:12; Phil. 4:4). Borrowing from John Piper’s language in Dont Waste Your Life, God created us to stay with a single ardour to joyfully show his supreme excellence in all of the spheres of this life. . . . The alternative of losing your life resides life by a single God-exalting, soul-satisfying ardour.

The Bible exhorts us to pursue, get pleasure from, and glorify God all through our livesincluding once we’re “retired.”


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