Why Cultural Context Is Key

Why Cultural Context Is Key

Darryl Williamson

How do you anticipate unbelieving pals, household, and neighbors to react to your religion? Lots of the finest evangelists anticipate to win them to religion in Jesus Christ. I’ve discovered I typically anticipate hostility. And that’s most likely a product of rising up in a churchgoing however not evangelical house, after which attending faculty the place my beliefs have been clearly marginal. It comes extra naturally for me, then, to reside my religion as a countercultural act. Even so, I like different Christians who extra naturally advocate for our religion as a public good.

You’ll have heard Tim Keller say, “We must be a counterculture for the common good.” That assertion might be present in The Gospel Coalition’s Theological Imaginative and prescient of Ministry in part three on contextualization, which asks, “How should we relate to the culture around us?” The counterculture for the widespread good brings collectively biblical expectations that we regularly pit towards one another. We should stand aside from the world, for the sake of the world.

I really like this line from our theological imaginative and prescient, which derives from 1 Peter 2:12. TGC affirms, “We are neither overly optimistic nor pessimistic about our cultural influence, for we know that, as we walk in the steps of the One who laid down his life for his opponents, we will receive persecution even while having social impact.” In different phrases, some will hate us due to Jesus, whilst we make a distinction on this world for his sake.

To be taught extra about contextualization I’ve invited Darryl Williamson to affix me on The Gospel Coalition Podcast. He’s the lead pastor of Dwelling Religion Bible Fellowship in Tampa, Florida, and a Council member of The Gospel Coalition.

Take heed to this episode of The Gospel Coalition Podcast and take a look at different episodes within the sequence Why We Want Theological Imaginative and prescient.

Why Cultural Context Is Key

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