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You Are a Theologian

The case could be made that each Christian is a theologian as a result of each Christian has a theology, whether or not effectively thought out or not.1 In spite of everything, the phrase theology clearly has to do with God (theos, Greek for God), and for the reason that third century no less than, theology has been understood to seek advice from speaking about God (theos, God; logos, phrase).2 When that discuss is organized, we have now a physique of instructing, or doctrine. Some grow to be extremely educated in speaking about God and in occupied with him in a scientific manner. Others, due to calling or life circumstance, by no means have a lot probability to develop that stage of experience. Whether or not educated or not, Christians discuss and take into consideration God. In that mild, there’s a sense wherein each Christian is a theologian. The query is, How are we to get higher at speaking and occupied with God? That query brings us to the matter of methodology. However what is a technique? Theologian Robert W. Jenson explains it effectively: A technique, in fact, is a self-conscious manner of going about doing one thing.3

Graham A. Cole

The primary quantity within the new Brief Research in Systematic Theology collection explores why theology is essential and find out how to derive good theology from Scripture.

Once I was a lad, my uncle Gordon confirmed me find out how to catch extra fish with a rod and reel. Earlier than he tied the hook on the road, he connected a a lot smaller hook that was free. The large hook was put via the bait or hidden in it. Subsequent, the little hook was positioned via the tail of the shrimp or different bait. He known as it the keeper hook. Over time, I’ve caught some actually massive fish on that little hook alone. My uncle gave me a manner of being higher at fishing. He gave me a way, a greater fishing methodology. He taught me find out how to enhance my fishing success.

What he did jogs my memory of an outdated piece of knowledge: It’s higher to show somebody find out how to fish than merely to present that particular person a fish. The distinction is satisfying the starvation of the day versus having a option to fulfill starvation over a lifetime. Technique issues, and never just for sensible issues like fishing, but in addition for locating out the reality of issues, particularly the issues of God.4With regards to the reality of the issues of God, Scripture performs the pivotal position as Gods self-revelation. Certainly, devoted theology is a human undertaking that arises from sensible reflection on the self-revelation of God.5 As a result of it’s our reflection on Gods revelation, it’s all the time open to be reformed and corrected by that revelation.

You Want a Excessive View of Scripture

That is the reality of the Reformers slogan semper reformanda (all the time reforming). Nevertheless, it’s one factor to have an evangelicals excessive view of Scripture. It’s fairly one other to know find out how to derive instructing (doctrine or theology) from Scripture.6 We’d like steering simply as I wanted steering from Uncle Gordon. The necessity to take action is definitely illustrated. I used to be taught as a brand new Christian that when Jesus slept within the boat in the course of the storm on the Sea of Galilee, his human facet was displaying itself. However when he rose up and commanded the storm to stop, his divine facet was expressing itself. It was as if Jesuss two natures oscillated, first the human after which the divine, taking turns. Later, once I was taught some theology and find out how to consider theological proposals, I noticed that this was very very similar to the traditional heresy of Nestorianism. On this view, Jesus was each a human particular person and a divine particular person. The Father had, in impact, two sons in a single bodily physique.7 Nevertheless, if Scripture is in contrast with Scripture, and if the witness of the early church fathers is taken into consideration, then Jesus is clearly one particular person and never two. As one particular person, he had each a really human nature and a really divine one always.

Whether or not educated or not, Christians discuss and take into consideration God.

Why does doctrine matter? The significance of doctrine lies in that it solutions three normative questions important to us all: (1) What ought we to consider (orthodoxy, proper opinion)? That is the reality query. (2) What ought we to worth (orthokardia, right-heartedness)? That is the spirituality query. (3) How ought we to dwell (orthopraxy, proper apply of life)? That is the existential or sensible query. Put one other manner, the top (orthodoxy), the guts (orthokardia), and the palms (orthopraxy) all rely as considerations of theology. For instance, what ought we to consider in regards to the id of Jesus? Does our reply matter? How are we to dwell within the mild of Jesuss id? When you believed, as many do, that Jesus was merely human, then worshiping him can be idolatry. But when Jesus is a member of the Holy Trinity, then worship is solely becoming.8


  1. For an instance of an try to make that case, see Stanley J. Grenz and Roger E. Olson, Who Wants Theology? An Invitation to the Examine of God<(Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 1996). Their first chapter is titled Everybody Is a Theologian. For my part, they paint with too broad a brush. They contend, Anybody who displays on lifes final questionsincluding questions on God and our relationship to Godis a theologian (13). For them, filmmaker and actor Woody Allen qualifies as one (14). Given their definitions, it’s laborious to see the distinction between a theologian and a thinker
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  4. The thinker Ren Descartes (15961650) knew that methodology issues and that the thoughts wants route. He had twenty-one guidelines. Right here is his fourth: We’d like a technique if we’re to analyze the reality of issues. Descartes, Guidelines for the Course of the Thoughts, Wikisource (web site), https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Rules_for_the _Direction_of_the_Mind, accessed March 16, 2017.
  5. I take a distinct view than do Grenz and Olson on the query of the article of theologizing. They argue in Who Wants Theology?, 49, that Christian theology is reflecting on and articulating the God-centered life and beliefs that Christians share as followers of Jesus Christ, and it’s carried out so that God could also be glorified in all Christians are to do. That is far too anthropocentric in my opinion. The first object of theological reflection is God, not our beliefs per se.
  6. I’m utilizing doctrine, instructing, and theology as synonyms.
  7. Nestorianism is a mistaken view (heresy) of Jesus named after Nestorius (386451), bishop of Constantinople. Nestorius allegedly taught that the incarnate Christ was two individuals: one human and one divine. Whether or not he really held the view related together with his identify remains to be debated. See H. D. McDonald, Nestorius (fl. 428c. 451), in New Dictionary of Theology Historic and Systematic, 2nd ed., ed. Martin Davie, Tim Grass, Stephen R. Holmes, John McDowell, and T. A. Noble (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2016), 60910. Chap. 2 of the e-book earlier than you goals to indicate the worth of realizing info like these.
  8. The doctrine of the Trinity would be the key living proof to which I shall return at quite a few locations all through this e-book. I accomplished a primary draft of this work earlier than I learn Grenz and Olson, Who Wants Theology?In that work in addition they make frequent reference to the doctrine of the Trinity to help lots of their factors

This text is customized from Trustworthy Theology: An Introduction by Graham A. Cole.

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