Why Is Good Friday Known as Good?

Why Is Good Friday Known as Good?

Good Friday illustration of crucifixion nails

Sorrow to the Level of Demise

Whereas urging his disciples to remain and preserve watch with him, Jesus tells them, “My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death” (Matthew 26:38). Can any of us think about this? Jesus understood the complete extent of what was going to occur to him (John 18:4), and he went to it obediently.

At the moment—on a day we name Good Friday—we keep in mind the agony
skilled by Jesus not solely by way of his demise on the cross, but in addition by way of the religious struggling he endured earlier than that. It is a very darkish day. Throughout which Jesus’ disciples fell away from him in sleep and betrayal whereas he prayed alone till he was arrested and brought to be abhorred and crucified by these he got here to save lots of.

So, it’s a legitimate query: Why can we name Good Friday good?

He Took the Cup

Probably the most highly effective prayers in Scripture is the one Jesus prayed in Gethsemane on today: “My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will” (Matthew 26:39). This cup is the image of God’s righteous wrath; a container for the sin of the world, from which Jesus drank in order that we might not need to. This cup that represented the complete and unmitigated fury of his Father. That had been filling to the brim because the inception of human sin in that different, older Backyard. That is the cup that Jesus presents to his Father, realizing that he’s about to have it emptied it upon himself as a substitute, praying, “Yet not as I will, but as you will.”

That is the prayer upon which the world balanced on the day we’ve dubbed Good Friday. From the phrases of three of the 4 Gospel accounts, it’s doable to image Jesus there, fallen on the bottom (Mark 14:35), his sweat like blood on his forehead (Luke 22:44) whereas his closest followers slept by way of the hour solely a stone’s throw away (Luke 22:41). It’s as if every thing pauses right here for this agonizing second. Judas and his mob are nonetheless on their approach. Pilate is maybe standing in some courtyard, washing his fingers. Herod slouches gloomily on his throne. And Jesus is kneeling in a backyard revoking the irrevocable, already at work undermining demise.

Sleepers Awake

The only reply is that we name it Good Friday as a result of Jesus,
in accepting the cup, saved us from demise. Nevertheless it may as simply be referred to as Dangerous Friday due to what needed to occur to our Savior earlier than the enjoyment of resurrection may happen. The disciples—as soon as Jesus had roused them—would, I’m certain, not have thought of it good till later when their eyes had been open to understanding.

Sure sources recommend that we name it Good for lack of something extra particular to name it. In keeping with the Oxford English Dictionary, the phrase may merely designate a day “observed as holy.” Different sources recommend it might be a corruption of the phrase “God” (as in, God’s Friday). Actually, “good” is a bland phrase, hardly practical as an evocative adjective, even in on a regular basis circumstances. But it strikes me as a sleeper’s phrase, applicable to the easily-straying, muddle-minded flock for whom Christ had such astounding compassion.

Good Friday. Once we take into account Jesus’ phrases in Gethsemane and later, throughout his trial and on the cross itself, we notice that every one different phrases change into mainly meaningless compared. What does it matter what we name it so long as we don’t neglect that it occurred? So long as we notice—even with our information of the complete image as described to us by the Gospels—that we’re nonetheless sleepy, regardless of having been saved. So long as we try to awaken ourselves to his love and to the very fact of his taking the cup, which we ourselves couldn’t have survived.

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Why Is Good Friday Known as Good?

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