Will My Fears Hurt My Child’s Faith?

Most parents know, kids learn as much through observation as through active teaching, if not more. Weve probably all watched a child mimic how one parent sits, stands, or walks, or heard them repeat phrases weve spoken word for word. We might celebrate this tendency when modeling loving relationships and a close connection with Christ. But what happens when we routinely battle anxiety? How can we keep our fears from stunting our childrens faith?

For those who find that very question overwhelming, take comfort in this: God is more powerful than our biggest parenting fails. He can redeem all things. Ive seen Him do this with my daughter, who is now 23. I routinely battle obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). When she was a child, my condition caused her pain and confusion. But God worked in and through our situation and used my challenges for her good. (Listen to her story on my Faith Over Fear podcast HERE).

Gods sovereignty over our mistakes can provide the confidence and assurance we need to train children who seek, love, and trust Christ.

Here are 5 ways we can help counter some of the negative effects our fears might have on our childrens faith.

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