Worthy of the Fruits of Justice https://chrisonet.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Worthy-of-the-Fruits-of-Justice.jpg

There’s work within the fields.

Solar and soil, wind, rain and the seasons have their calls for.

Those who purchase the seeds and lease or personal the lands have their calls for.

The managers, the pace-setters, the quota-getters, the overseers: they’ve their calls for, as effectively.

The timing and the rhythm are all the pieces.

The posture and phrases are all the pieces, too.

My ancestors knew this posture. They knew the phrases. The knew the work. The solar, the soil, the tempo, the oversight.

Their rhythm, their timing is written into my grandparents, dad and mom, into me.

My youngster is aware of it, too.

Do. Repeat. Shift.

Do. Repeat. Shift.

And: once more.

When that’s my rhythm, too, one thing exceptional occurs:

There’s a rustling.

A wind picks up.

And their voices cry out from the wilderness:



Look the place you might be however then flip as a result of there may be extra.

Flip as a result of the ancestors noticed this story earlier than you bought there. They knew the pitch and the season and the beat earlier than you ever heard it.


Flip and take your face from the duty and look to the sky.


There’s a breeze simply now nevertheless it desires to be a storm and it will likely be.


The ancestors are whispering, and similar to the breeze theyre about to shout.


There’s fruit to bear.

Nevertheless it won’t be the fruit your overseers informed you to plant.

There’s fruit to bear.

However its prone to be born of your personal inspiration.

It could possibly be that your labor is fruitful:

However not a lot for you.

If the labor is difficult however the fruits are distinctly not yours to share?

Then perhaps the ancestors are chanting a distinct tune, setting a brand new tempo, calling forth a shifted order that claims:

You matter. Your time and your labor matter. Your posture and your pacing and your leisure matter.

And you might be worthy of the fruits.

You’re worthy. In Jesus identify.



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