No Officers Will Be Charged Directly in Breonna Taylor’s Death | RELEVANT

A grand jury in Louisville has indicted former detective Brett Hankison on three counts of first-degree wanton endangerment. He will be the only officer indicted for his actions during the police shooting that killed 26-year-old Breonna Taylor in her own home on March 13. Neither Sgt. Jon Mattingly or Myles Cosgrove will faces charges. Wanton... Read more

Unity Doesn’t Mean Conformity | RELEVANT

In theory, we all desire unity in the Church. We talk about reconciling our differences and joining forces. But often, we actually mean that other Christians need to appreciate (and probably adopt) our gifts, passions and expressions of faith. Were convinced that our convictions are correct, and we pick apart those who may care about... Read more

Real Men: Pray, Plan, Preach (Romans 1:8-17) | Real Faith

23 Sep Real Men: Pray, Plan, Preach (Romans 1:8-17) Posted at 16:10h in Blog by Mark Driscoll Online (including sr. pastors) –Like Daniel in Babylon, Jesus disciples sent out teams, you need brothers for the battle Last weeks kickoff Men new to the valley got connected Men got their first Bibles Men got engaged Men... Read more

Capitol Hill Baptist Shows How to Fight for Religious Freedom in a Pandemic

The Story: A prominent evangelical church in Washington, D.C., provides a model for how churches should fight for religious liberty during the pandemic. The Background: Capitol Hill Baptist Church (CHBC), an 850-member church led by TGC Council Emeritus member Mark Dever, has filed a lawsuit in federal court claiming Washington, D.C., mayor Muriel E. Bowser... Read more

What Each Christian Denomination Believes about Women Leaders

The debate about how women should lead within the church has existed since the early days of the church. This topic continues to propel debates on social media and divide denominations. This article does not promote one view over another, but rather serves to give an overview of what several of the largest denominations believe... Read more

China Censors Teachers from Mentioning God

China Censors Teachers from Mentioning God A new report from the Center for Studies on New Religion's publication Bitter Winter reveals China is spying on and censoring any religious teacher to make sure they don't mention God.The Center for Studies on New Religion, a human rights organization focusing on abuses by the Chinese Communist Party's... Read more

Students Gather around Flagpoles for 30th Annual See You At The Pole Event

Students Gather around Flagpoles for 30th Annual See You At The Pole Event Students around the world still gathered, both in-person and virtually, for Wednesdays See You at the Pole event.This year, the SYATP organization had a livestream video so that students could still participate. The Annual Global Day of Student Prayer is held on the... Read more

D.C.’s Ban on Indoor and Outdoor Church Services Sparks Suit from Prominent Congregation

D.C.'s Ban on Indoor and Outdoor Church Services Sparks Suit from Prominent Congregation A prominent Washington, D.C. church filed suit against the city and its mayor Tuesday, seeking to overturn a ban on mass gatherings that prohibits congregations from meeting not only indoors but also outdoors during the pandemic.The lawsuit by Capitol Hill Baptist Church... Read more

Kenosha Church Remains Unscathed after Rioters Burn Block to the Ground

Kenosha Church Remains Unscathed after Rioters Burn Block to the Ground Since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the later death of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Kenosha has become the epicenter of national unrest.According to CBN News, protests erupted in 140 cities throughout the spring and summer. While some people wanted to... Read more

Africa Has Dodged the Worst of the COVID-19 Pandemic | RELEVANT

Early in the pandemic days, there was a good deal of gloomy prophesying about what would happen when the novel coronavirus hit Africa, predicting that the looming health emergency would cripple a continent in which many countries are experiencing high rates of poverty. There were calls for an influx of aid and loans to African... Read more

Church must offer hope as UK faces second wave, say Archbishops

(Photo: Facebook/Church of England)As the UK grapples with a second wave of coronavirus, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York have called on the Church to play a vital role in offering hope and comfort to the nation.  In a joint letter to bishops of the Church of England, Archbishops Justin Welby and Stephen Cottrell admitted... Read more

Foundational Qualities of Good Leaders (That Might Surprise You)

Humility It needs to be said that the foundational character quality of a good leader, a godly leader, a gospel fruit-producing leader, is humility. No, I dont mean a sort of feigned public humility; I mean humility that has captured a leaders heart. Humility means the awareness of my own sin, that I care more... Read more

Communities of Moral Deliberation

Like many political scientists, I was surprised when Donald Trump emerged in 2016 as the Republican nominee. Once the nominee, however, I was not surprised that he easily won both my home state of Tennessee (61.1%) and the rural county where I live (78.9%). What I did find shocking, perhaps naively, was that exit polls... Read more

When It Comes to Grief, Answers Won’t Fix Everything | RELEVANT

Mystery is part of life and part of faith. Not mystery as riddle or puzzle, which suggests someone holding us in ignorance for a while or playing games with us. The other meaning of mystery is realities that are so large, so complex and so high that our limited minds cannot comprehend them. Mystery as... Read more

3 Reasons Youre Feeling Stuck and How to Break Free

2. Youre Stuck in the Idea of How Things Are Supposed to Be  We tend to view our lives according to our goals, our desires, and our will. We marry someone with the expectation that they will fulfill certain needs or desires in our lives. We have kids in the hopes of expecting things to... Read more

‘Merciful Hand of God:’ Thai Church Celebrates Baptism of over 1,400 People

'Merciful Hand of God:' Thai Church Celebrates Baptism of over 1,400 People Despite gloomy predictions for Thailand at the onset of the global pandemic, an evangelical church-planting mission in the Southeast Asian country has experienced dramatic growth.According to Christianity Today, church members of Free in Jesus Christ Church Association (FJCCA) celebrated the baptisms of 1,435... Read more

Protecting Abuse Survivors Is ‘Personal,’ Says New Southern Baptist Leader

Protecting Abuse Survivors Is 'Personal,' Says New Southern Baptist Leader (RNS) In his first meeting as leader of the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee, the Rev. Rolland Slade called on other committee members on Tuesday (Sept. 22) to be responsible to shepherd and to protect survivors of church sex abuse.Slade, senior pastor of Meridian Baptist... Read more

Twin Sisters Kidnapped, Pastor and Three Other Christians Killed in Nigeria

Twin Sisters Kidnapped, Pastor and Three Other Christians Killed in Nigeria JOS, Nigeria, September 22, 2020 (Morning Star News) A church elder was shot as his daughters were kidnapped in northwest Nigeria on Friday (Sept. 18), days after a pastor and three other Christians in a north-central state were killed earlier this month.Hassana and Hussaina... Read more

New study raises hopes for Christianity in Iran

Getty images/stock photoIn a recent survey of about 50,000 Iranians over the age of 20, a Netherlands-based secular research group found that 1.5% of respondents identify as Christian. Applied across Iran's population of more than 80 million, the number of Christians in Iran is "without doubt in the order of magnitude of several hundreds of... Read more

51 Percent of Pastors Expect Attendance to Decline Post-Pandemic, Barna Poll Shows

51 Percent of Pastors Expect Attendance to Decline Post-Pandemic, Barna Poll Shows A slight majority of pastors say they believe their congregation will experience a decline in attendance once the COVID-19 pandemic crisis is over, according to a new Barna survey.The poll, released Monday, showed a record-high 51 percent of senior pastors and executive pastors... Read more

Headteacher denies sacking Christian teacher because of her beliefs

Kristie Higgs is taking legal action against her former employer for unfair dismissal and discrimination(Photo: Christian Legal Centre)A school headteacher has denied dismissing a Christian teacher because of her beliefs about homosexuality.  Kristie Higgs, 44, is challenging her dismissal for gross misconduct by Farmor's School in Fairford, Gloucestershire, at an employment tribunal in Bristol this... Read more

Society must resist calls for legalisation of assisted suicide – CARE

(Photo: Unsplash/Anna Dziubinska)Nola Leach, the Chief Executive of Christian advocacy group CARE, has called for more investment in palliative care as an alternative to assisted suicide.  Writing in The House, Ms Leach said that legalising assisted suicide would create a society in which "people who think they are a burden effectively abdicate the protection they... Read more

Is Soft Totalitarianism Coming to America? – Tim Challies

I grew up in the era of the Cold War. From my youngest days I was taught that the West was the bastion of democratic freedom and the Soviet Union the stronghold of oppressive totalitarianism. We knew who the enemy was, and we knew he was across the ocean, behind the Wall. On our fridge... Read more