Surviving Lockdown: What to do When Theres no Work? – TGC Africa

“I think acceptance is important at this moment. And also just remembering that as much as there is no assurance that it’s going to end, there is also no assurance that it is going to remain this way.” Welcoming Back Sanelisiwe Jobodwana Blaque : Welcome back to The Gospel Coalition Africa Podcast. If you are... Read more

A Word for Christians in Isolation // Wilko Olles – TGC Africa

Recent weeks have changed much. In fact, theyve changed almost everything, and that globally! Weve been forced to adapt on the fly to new circumstances as we navigate previously uncharted territory. Were learning what it means to be truly in isolation from the rest of the world, at least physically. Pastors are learning how to... Read more

The Christian Life is Never Boring // Blaque Nubon – TGC Africa

Does Christianity appear dull to you? Is it boring, tiring and tedious? As Blaque Nubon preaches from 1 Peter 1 he challenges us to confront a frightening truth: It is only when we are in love with sin that Christianity appears dull. We all struggle with sin as elect exiles. But the minute we embrace... Read more

How Can I Know if Im Being Greedy?

In 1 Corinthians 6:10, Paul lists people who will not inherit the kingdom of heavenand he includes “the greedy.” Presumably, greed is not synonymous with wealth, as there are greedy poor people and generous rich people. It can be hard to know when I’ve crossed the line from making or saving money into the sin... Read more

Should I Buy a House Near My Church?

I’m increasingly convinced that proximity to one’s church is exceedingly valuable. It allows for greater investment in a familiar location, for easy invitations to church, and for developing community with a flavor that’s being lost. My wife and I have no kids and are considering what’s next for us in terms of where we should... Read more

The Gift of Freedom: The Believers Declaration of Independence

We are never truly free until the grace, goodness, and mercy of God become a reality in our personal experience. Are you a free person? Most likely, you would say that you are. Perhaps you would base your answer on the fact that you can go most anywhere you choose and do what you like... Read more

Come On In! 10 Tips for Welcoming Guests into Your Church Building

Stepping into a new church for the first time, even if youre a churchgoing person, can be intimidating. Where should I park? Which door is the front entrance? Is there a place to hang my coat? Where’s the bathroom? For those who dont regularly attend, the anxiety can be even more acute. Is this the... Read more

Friendship: The Family you Choose? // Bronwyn Lea – TGC Africa

On a recent cross-country flight, I watched two very different movies with a surprisingly similar theme. Both the period drama and the feel-good comedy emphasised the centrality of friendship. Friends are the family you choose, says hero Zak in The Peanut Butter Falcon (2019). It got me thinking: can you choose your family? What makes... Read more

How to Share Christ in a Workplace Where You’re Not Supposed to Discuss Him

I am a scientist, researcher, politician, and educator. In all these fields, I’m not allowed to talk about my faith in Christ. And sometime it makes me upset. So how can I honor God through my works? This is such a great question. Scripture summons us to speak about the good news of what God... Read more

What Will Suffering Saints Sing? // Christian Lwanda – TGC Africa

While we’re still in this season of COVID-19, it’s worth asking the question: what will suffering saints sing? When we are once again able to gather on a Sunday morning after COVID-19 has passed, and our members who have lost money, or even loved ones, due to this pandemic, return, what will we ask them... Read more

How to Confront Your Bosss Sin

An employee sees that his manager is not quite doing his work unto the Lord or with excellencein fact, he lacks integrity and is fudging a few details to get better results. Both the employee and the manager are brothers in Christ. Does the subordinate call out his managers sin, or does he stay silent?... Read more

How Should Christians Think about Lockdown? Addressing 5 Concerns

As parts of Africa go on lockdown, and perhaps increasingly so over the coming weeks, I want to address 5 common concerns expressed by Christians on our continent. Many, but not all, of the Christian concerns have great merit and deserve to be addressed as part of us wrestling with our response as followers of... Read more

African Atheism Rising: Part 1 #AfricanApologetics – TGC Africa

Twenty first century economists coined the phrase Africa rising. And Africans can be sure that African Atheism is rising. The world is staggering in the light of COVID-19. In responding to this pandemic, peoples underlying worldviews are surfacing. While Christians are navigating the possibility of pain and suffering with their caring and concerned Father, Atheists... Read more

When Motherhood Isnt Enough

I dont even know who I am anymore, I said through tears as my infant twins screamed down the hall of our cramped apartment. Just a few months earlier, I couldnt imagine anything other than being their mother. I waited a long time to get pregnant with them, going to the office every day as... Read more

Singleness: A Womans Perspective // Nyeleti Furumele

“I’m happy. There’s nothing wrong with me and honestly, speaking I feel like Jesus has been so amazing in teaching me the difference between singleness and being alone. And singleness and being lonely. I’m not lonely, in terms of I feel loved, I have love. I have people who love me, but I’m alone because... Read more

Facing Hard Truths and Finding Freedom – TGC Africa

Good morning [email protected]! Our Bible reading this morning is taken from Ephesians 1: 3-14. Ephesians 1: 3-14 “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places, even as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world,... Read more

The COVID-19 Catechism: A Guide for Christians in the Crisis – TGC Africa

In her introduction to the New City Catechism, Kathy Keller writes, “Catechisms were written with at least three purposes. The first was to set forth a comprehensive exposition of the gospel… The second purpose was to do this exposition in such a way that the heresies, errors, and false beliefs of the time and culture... Read more

COVID-19 Is Teaching Us About Humanity – TGC Africa

If the COVID-19 pandemic highlights anything, it is that to be human is to be interdependent, finite, and dependent. This virus has thrown a tiny spanner into humanitys project of self-procured immortality, independence, and self-reliance. John Donnes adage, no man is an island, quickly fades into the past in this fast-paced, technologically advancing world. Large... Read more

9 Ways Emotions Play a Role in Theological Diversity

Complex Human Beings Because human beings are complex creatures with reason, will, and emotion, no reductionistic scheme that pigeonholes us as purely intuitive or purely rational beings can explain why we reason or why we dissent the way we do. Insights from neuroscience and social psychology, such as Haidts social intuitionist model of moral psychology,... Read more

The Plague, the Passover and the Propitiation – TGC Africa

The greatest plague that infected virtually the whole world wasthe Spanish Flu (19181920). In Spanish:La Gripe Espaola. It infected over 500 million people, about a quarter of the worlds population at the time. Possibly 50 million people died in countries from France to Brazil to India to Ghana. The Plagues of Exodus The greatest grouping... Read more

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

Why is it that when marginalize peopleAfrican American peoplemobilize in protest,were considered dangerous, a threat, disorderly, vicious and menacing?And why is it that when marginalized peopleAfrican American peoplebring this tothe publics attention, white men demean us on our own facebook pages, call usdivisive, race-baiters and reverse-racists? I live in a parallel society where I cannot... Read more


I have been a Neonatal ICU nurse since 2010. I am also on the bereavement committee, and part of my job includes dressing babies once they pass on to Heaven. God had been speaking to me about finding someone to help sew gowns small enough to fit our premature patients, and in turn, assist grieving... Read more


Nine years ago, my friend, Justin, and I were feeling an extreme passion to serve God. Justin felt the need to bring awareness to the homelessness issue in our small town in North Carolina. While we prayed and dreamed, we pulled more people together to figure out how to serve the homeless in our area... Read more

Christian, Your Response to Suffering Matters – TGC Africa

Greetings to you Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus our Lord. My name is Rodgers Atwebembeire, the pastor of New City Community Church, a church that meets at the compound of the African Bible University opposite Quality shopping mall in Lubowa. Welcome & Prayer I would like to speak to you for a moment about... Read more


Bourbon Street, New Orleans. Before my first visit, I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t prepared for the “conveyer belt” of humanity when I first stepped out onto the corner of Bourbon and St. Peters. In 2007, I connected with RAVEN Ministries to do street evangelism on the most chaotic dark street, possibly in... Read more


I was set free in one conversation while drinking a milkshake. A few years earlier, my soul and body had been traumatized. From that day, I would cry and wonder how I could ever have a healthy marriage. Would the panic attacks ever go away? Would I ever sleep through the night again? Over that... Read more

How Can a Christian Professor Witness at a Secular University?

How can an assistant professor (junior faculty) witness to university students in an American secular-university context? Can he or she use office hours to pose probing questions to visiting students who, in turn, might ask about the hope that he or she has? Can the professor put Bible verses on the wall or office desk?... Read more

Why is there Sickness? Has God Lost Control? – TGC Africa

My heart goes out to the families and nations that have lost loved ones by these deadly diseases. Without any doubt, we are living in peculiar times. Consequently, it requires unprecedented action. We all know of the Ebola outbreak that killed many people in Sierra Leone and other parts of Africa. In 2018 Zimbabwe was... Read more

How Can I Know If Im Working Too Much?

My husband works a demanding sales job in which he is compensated only with commission, and I stay at home with three small children. He misses dinner most weeknights, and if he isnt gone on appointments on Saturday, hes sometimes working from home finishing up for the week. Once or twice a week, he stays... Read more