Healthy Conflict Resolution

Conflict is inevitable. The determining factor for healthy relationships is not the absence of conflict but the ability to work through them. Many people battling addictions have trouble with conflict resolution. Rather than confronting an issue, one might look at porn as an escape or avoid it.In all the years, Ive counseled or mentored others,... Read more

Love That Changes Lives

They were going to kill me.Many years ago, a group of men caught me doing something terrible. As they dragged me away, sheer terror exploded through my body like lightning, because I knew they were going to kill me. More than that, I knew how men like these operated: they were going beat me and... Read more

How To Share Your Story to Help Others Through Theirs

Debilitating guilt. Difficult habits. Dehumanized marriage. You recognize the warning signs of sexual addiction because you have firsthand experience. While your story might not be something you’ve shared with everyone, you’ll notice that some people will need to hear it. You’ll find yourself wanting to guide them to the exit.Am I worthy to share my... Read more

Why You Need To Forgive To Get Free

Did you know that unforgiveness could be stopping you from overcoming pornography?I’ve worked with a lot of men over the years to help them get free of porn. I’ve worked with young and old, rich and poor, students, doctors, and everything in between. And I’m always amazed at how no one has taught them how... Read more

Tangible Steps to Freedom

Motivation is what gets you to start, and habit is what keeps you going. Jim RyunThese words summarize the path Ive taken to healing from my addictions: alcohol, promiscuity, and living a generally hedonistic lifestyle. I remember what first led me to my addictions–pain, boredom, sometimes just an empty feeling that brings you to a... Read more

What Happens After 10 Years of No Porn?

From a predator to a protectorA few years ago, one of my pastors told me, Men tend to become one of two things: a predator of women or a protector of women. Again and again, Ive seen this statement proved right not just in others lives but also in my own life. Catalyzed by porn... Read more

Help! My Spouse Just Told Me They Watch Porn.

You can see in your spouse’s eyes that something is wrong. His eyes shift nervously to different things in the room but never meet yours. She opens her mouth to speak, but no words come out. Whether you are the wife or the husband waiting for your spouse to tell you what’s worrying them, you... Read more

Alia’s Story – She Left the Porn Industry Behind

I always knew I would enter the sex industry. My understanding of worth and beauty was so entangled with that of the porn stars I had grown up idealizing, that entering the industry was inevitable. Leaving, on the other hand, was something I never expected.My earliest memories are intertwined with pornography and abuse. My understanding... Read more

How I Overcame Childhood Trauma

Abuse: treat a person with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly.Unfortunately, childhood abuse is common, and if you have experienced it, whether physical, verbal, or sexual, I want to say that I am sorry for what happened to you. No excuse in the world can excuse what that person did to you, but I... Read more

Victory Over Porn

[ad_1] Are you fighting a current loss on account of COVID-19? I think about you've misplaced one thing in a technique or one other, and I do know it may be a tricky capsule to swallow.A loss usually results in grief. When one thing fully overturns our expectations and modifications on a regular basis residing,... Read more

Does Marriage Make It Simpler to Give up Watching Porn?

[ad_1] Have you ever ever hoped marriage can be the answer to your sexual issues?At the moment, you'll study the stunning fact of what it’s wish to get married in case you’ve ever struggled with pornography…trace: it’s not what you suppose.Marriage doesn't essentially make it simpler to get free from porn. After I acquired married,... Read more

Are You Doing Accountability The Mistaken Method?

[ad_1] Has somebody talked to you in regards to the significance of group not too long ago?How in regards to the worth of vulnerability?I guess youve seen content material on each topics no less than as soon as within the final six months.Curiously sufficient science has proven the proportion of individuals on this world with... Read more

What Are You Working From?

[ad_1] Everyone Has PointsSome individuals had been taught tips on how to take care of them healthily by addressing them, processing them, and studying from them. Nevertheless, the overwhelming majority weren't taught these useful classes. Quite than therapeutic from the heartbreak, you might need been taught to keep away from it. As an alternative of... Read more

Three Methods COVID Cures Porn Habit

[ad_1] COVID is altering every part. We dont know the way precisely, however its clear that issues won't ever be the identical. I've to be sincere; the size of this example feels just like September 11, 2001. It is a international state of affairs that can have long-term international ramifications.I'm ever the opportunist. I notice... Read more

Joshua’s Story: From Porn Star to Pastor

[ad_1] Meet Joshua BroomeMy identify is Joshua Broome, and I've been in over 1,000 pornographic movies, received varied awards, traveled the world, and grossed over one million {dollars}. Some could have thought that I had all of it, however throughout this time I used to be near taking my life.Joshua’s ChildhoodI grew up in a... Read more

Why is COVID-19 Inflicting Me to Relapse?

[ad_1] Like most of us, COVID-19 has precipitated some great change in our on a regular basis life. You could be feeling feelings, experiencing issues, and coping with conditions you've got by no means needed to take care of earlier than. When our world will get turned the other way up, typically we do too.... Read more

four Methods to Struggle Boredom

[ad_1] Let’s be actual; COVID-19 is altering the whole lot in our lives proper now. Cities are shut down, individuals are confined to their properties, and the financial system is extraordinarily unstable. We live in unprecedented instances.Probably the most regarding ingredient of this pandemic is how many individuals are caught at house, left to their... Read more

Does Porn Have an effect on Me?

[ad_1] What’s fallacious with porn?“Does porn affect me? There’s nothing wrong with it. I’m not hurting anybody. It won’t harm me or my marriage. So what is the big deal with watching porn?”Let’s put it this manner, “What’s wrong with smoking cigarettes? They aren’t hurting me. I run a mile a day, and I don’t... Read more

three Issues To Get Free Now

[ad_1] Pornography is a prevalent commodity in our society at this time, with over 2 billion pornographic web sites on the web.Issues werent at all times this fashion. As not too long ago as 20-30 years in the past, porn existed in magazines & secret rooms of native comfort shops. Whereas these media varieties had... Read more

Secondhand Porn

[ad_1] When the physician instructed Nathan that he had the lungs of a heavy smoker,he protested, I by no means smoked a day in my life! What he didn't take into consideration was that the on line casino the place he labored allowed public smoking.He ultimately stop his job on the on line casino. Sadly,... Read more

It is Time to Break the Routine in Your Marriage

[ad_1] The Routined CoupleWe're a really routine couple. Richard wakes up every single day at 5 am to seize a espresso and search the Lord. I, however, am routine relating to well being and health. I work out 5-6 days every week and eat the identical varieties of meals, meal after meal. The opposite day... Read more

Tips on how to Talk Successfully with Your Partner

[ad_1] Males and Ladies Talk In another way.Let’s face it; women and men talk in a different way. Some would even say we communicate completely different languages. By no means have I discovered this assertion to be extra correct till marriage.When males talk, they typically speak with the “give them the meat, throw away the... Read more

The Little Issues Matter

[ad_1] The Month of Love is Right hereFebruary has lastly approached us once more. Draped on each storefront in our small city of Santa Barbara are coronary heart cut-outs, footage of cupid, and naturally, the indicators that learn purchase him/her the right reward this 12 months. As I curiously checked out all the ornamental love... Read more

eXXXamine | Ex-Porn Star Interviews Lady Who’s Ex-Husband Was Hooked on Porn

[ad_1] Statistics say that 56% of divorce circumstances concerned one social gathering having an obsessive curiosity in pornographic web sites.Right now’s final and closing episode of eXXXamine – Actual & Uncooked Conversations About Porn & Purity was very important for me to carry to you due to this alarming statistic. If 56% of divorces are... Read more

How I Overcame my Porn Habit with This Revelation

[ad_1] “Even so, consider yourselves to be dead to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus.” (NASB) -Romans 6:11I fought with porn for greater than 10 yearsI fought with porn and lust for over ten years. I felt like nothing might assist me. I felt like I used to be dwelling in a deep... Read more

eXXXamine Ep. 8 | Ex-Porn Star Interviews Netflix After Porn Ends Producer

[ad_1] In episode Eight of eXXXamine, I had an actual & uncooked dialog about porn & purity with my pal Billy. Billy is greatest identified for his work on the Netflix documentary After Porn Ends 1, 2, and three.After Porn Ends is a documentary that explores the careers of varied porn stars, and examines their... Read more

Why Youre Fallacious About Getting Freed from Pornography

[ad_1] I Was Fallacious Too:Fifteen years later, and I used to be nonetheless drowning within the disgrace of a horrible porn behavior.I figured if I put in a couple of web filters, discovered accountability companions, and made a couple of high-stakes guarantees to God, my conduct would change very quickly.Every one got here up quick.Free... Read more

eXXXamine Ep. 7 | Meet Ex-Porn Performer, Sayeh

[ad_1] Sayeh Becker is a younger lady who was within the grownup movie business for simply two weeks. She skilled a lot darkness in her quick time within the business and ended up in a psychological establishment the place she started studying the Bible and located Jesus.The way it all started:Sayeh moved to California in... Read more

The best way to Cease Watching Porn in 2020

[ad_1] New 12 months, new you, proper?If youre looking our website or studying this weblog, I can nearly assure you dont wish to carry your outdated porn behavior into the brand new 12 months. Whether or not youve been battling porn since youth, or its one thing you watch occasionally, you're right here since you... Read more