A La Carte (December 3) | Tim Challies

I’ve probably already mentioned this, but if not, you can get 50%-70% off ESVs at Westminster Books. That’s quite a deal! Today’s Kindle deals include quite a number of top-quality Christmas-themed books. (Yesterday on the blog: The Beauty of Banff) Ellen Turns A New Page Stephen McAlpine writes about a recent news story. “Elliot Page... Read more

A La Carte (December 2) | Tim Challies

This month’s free book from Logos is a must download: Philip Ryken’s excellent commentary on Exodus. There are several other volumes in the same commentary series available for only a few dollars, so stock up! Today’s Kindle deals include a pretty good list of books. (Also, if you’re into board games, Amazon has a bunch... Read more

The Beauty of Banff | Tim Challies

In the aftermath of all the trials and traumas of the past month, my family decided it would be wise to take a brief vacation, an opportunity to regroup, to consider the way forward. With most destinations completely or functionally closed to us, we set out for the province of Alberta, one of only four... Read more

A La Carte (December 1) | Tim Challies

Crossway is holding a pretty good sale on ESVs for Crossway+ members. (Crossway+ is a free subscription.) There are a few interesting books discounted as part of today’s Kindle deals. You may also want to check out their new batch of general market deals which include, for example, McCulloughs’s incredible biography of Truman. (Yesterday on... Read more

The Good Book Companys Cyber Week Sale! | Tim Challies

This week the blog is sponsored by The Good Book Company. They are encouraging you to give the gift of God’s Word. Pick up a great deal on books for all ages with up to 50% off this week only. FREE Shipping on orders over $30. Offer runs until December 4th. Article/Post Source

A Family Update Four Weeks After Our Worst Day | Tim Challies

We are okay. At least, I think we are. To be honest, I dont really know how to judge that, or even what it really means. But I think its true. Were badly broken, but somehow okay. It was four weeks ago, on a Tuesday evening, that we received a flurry of terrifying text messages,... Read more

A La Carte (November 30) | Tim Challies

You may want to look at this updated article from Friday in which I’ve listed Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. I’ll be updating it through the day. I’m going to keep looking, but for now the list of Kindle deals for the day is quite modest. I noticed that Amazon has Hasbro games on... Read more

The Nick Challies Memorial Scholarship | Tim Challies

In the aftermath of my son Nick’s sudden death, a number of friends asked if there was a way they could honor his memory with a gift. That led to the founding of the Nick Challies Memorial Scholarship at the schools where Nick was a studentBoyce College and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The Nick... Read more

Weekend A La Carte (November 28) | Tim Challies

Today’s Kindle deals include some contemporary books along with some classics. I believe this is the first time I’ve seen the price drop on Mez McConnell’s The Creaking on the Stairs. (Yesterday on the blog: Black Friday 2020 Deals for Christians) Secret Sins Will Harm Others “One of the most treacherous lies we can believe about... Read more

Good Gifts: New Freedom (Romans 6:1-14) Sermon Notes | Real Faith

27 Nov Good Gifts: New Freedom (Romans 6:1-14) Sermon Notes Military strategy diversionary tactic = shift focus from what should be priority 1. Lots of focus on global & national we will focus on personal today 2. There are not many things you are responsible for, but you are responsible for you. 3. Theres a... Read more

Free Stuff Fridays (RHB Publications) | Tim Challies

This weeks Free Stuff Friday is sponsored by RHB Publications. Everyone who enters will also get a free digital copy of Paul Washers powerful evangelistic ebook, Narrow Gate, Narrow Way. In addition, five of you who enter will each receive a copy of all the following books:   A Holy Fear by Christina Fox We... Read more

A La Carte (November 27) | Tim Challies

As is my tradition, I’ve put together a post dedicated to Black Friday Deals for Christians. I haven’t yet gotten to today’s Kindle deals, but will update that page when I track some down. A Day of Reckoning “The day has come in Victoria where Christians and Churches need to decide whether to obey God... Read more

Black Friday 2020 Deals for Christians | Tim Challies

While there are many places you can go today to find deals on electronics and other big-ticket items, I like to provide a place for Christian retailers to make their deals known to Christians who are trying to kick-start their Christmas shopping. I will update this list regularly throughout the weekend, so check back often.... Read more

Receive the Grace of God | Real Faith

But thank God! He gives us victory over sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ. -1 Corinthians 15:57 NLT In this season of giving thanks, let us not forget the greatest gift of all: salvation through Jesus Christ. No matter your past, God saves, heals, redeems, and restores to give new identity as saint.... Read more

A La Carte (November 26) | Tim Challies

I hope my American friends and family enjoy their Thanksgiving celebrations today. While you are doing that, I will begin scouring the web for Black Friday deals geared toward Christians. Check in tomorrow for the annual roundup. Today’s Kindle deals include three solid picks that span three different genres. Not Much to Be Thankful For... Read more

A La Carte (November 25) | Tim Challies

Westminster Books has put together a Christmas Gift Guide that may help guide your shopping. Today’s Kindle deals include some good picks from Crossway and a volume in the excellent God’s Word for You series. Critical Race Theory, Part 1 If you’ve wondered about John Piper’s perspective on Critical Race Theory, you can find out... Read more

Doctrina: La Cada | Real Faith

24 Nov Doctrina: La Cada Posted at 10:00h in Blog by Ashley LINK TO PDF Para una clase completa sobre este tema, visite: https://realfaith.com/sermons/doctrine-6-the-fall/ Dios cre al ser humano para que sea virtuoso, pero cada uno decidi seguir su propio camino descendente. ECLESIASTS 7:29 Cuando era un adolescente en la escuela secundaria, a un amigo... Read more

A La Carte (November 24) | Tim Challies

I know America is heading into shut-down mode ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. While you feast, I’ll be creating my annual roundup of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Stay tuned for that. There aren’t a lot of Kindle deals today, but on the short list is Albert Martin’s excellent Grieving, Hope and Solace. (Yesterday... Read more

Overcoming Paralysing Fear with Fear! | Tim Challies

This week the blog is sponsored by RHB Publishing and written by Christina Fox, author of the excellent new book A Holy Fear. If you could sum up 2020 in one word, which one would you use? What about fear? Did you feel its presence as news of the novel coronavirus crept its way across... Read more

New and Notable Christian Books for November 2020 | Tim Challies

As we come into the final stretch of 2020, Christian publishers continue to release some very good books. In this article Ive compiled a selection of the ones that stood out to me as being especially noteworthy. Talking Back to Purity Culture: Rediscovering Faithful Christian Sexuality by Rachel Joy Welcher. I expect the coming years... Read more

God Is Not More, Cannot Promise More, or Do More | Tim Challies

Who is Jesus? And why do Christians make such a big deal of him? Charles Hodge provides a stirring answer in his Systematic Theology. Why do Christians make such a big deal of Jesus? Here’s why All divine names and titles are applied to Him. He is called God, the mighty God, the great God,... Read more

Nick Challies (March 5, 2000 – November 3, 2020) | Tim Challies

Nicholas Paul Challies was born at Hamiltons McMaster Hospital on March 5, 2000. He was a trailblazer of sorts: The first child to Tim and Aileen; the first grandchild to Mike, Marg, John, and Barbara; the first nephew to Andrew, Maryanne, Emily, Susanna, and Grace. (Click here for information about Nick’s funeral.) When Nick was... Read more

Free Stuff Fridays (Missional Wear) | Tim Challies

This weeks Free Stuff Friday is sponsored by Missional Wear who also sponsored the blog this week. Missional Wear has got your back this Christmas with amazing and unique gifts that you can’t find anywhere else! Shopping early this year is more important than ever, so they have opened up the biggest discounts of the... Read more

A La Carte (November 20) | Tim Challies

As of today my family has served out our 14-day quarantine following our return from the US. Though we emerge into rumors of a looming lockdown, we can at least leave the house for now… Today’s Kindle deals include some really good picks (e.g. The Lord of the Rings for just $1.99). What Does the... Read more

The Funeral for My Son, Nick Challies | Tim Challies

On Saturday, November 21, 2020, we will be holding the funeral service for my dear son, Nick. Because the entirety of my family and the majority of Nick’s friends are in America, and because the borders between our two countries are functionally closed, we will be live-streaming the service. Those who did not know him... Read more

A Heart of Thankfulness | Real Faith

19 Nov A Heart of Thankfulness Posted at 22:16h in Blog by Grace Driscoll Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is Gods will for you in Christ Jesus. –1 Thess. 5:18 Are you struggling to be thankful right now? Does it seem nearly impossible to give thanks in ALL circumstances? Did you grow up... Read more

Best News Ever: Find Your Hope (Romans 5:12-21) Sermon Notes | Real Faith

19 Nov Best News Ever: Find Your Hope (Romans 5:12-21) Sermon Notes Our Ruin Romans 5:12Therefore, just as sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because all sinned 13for sin indeed was in the world before the law was given, but sin is... Read more