Real Men: Pray, Plan, Preach (Romans 1:8-17) | Real Faith

23 Sep Real Men: Pray, Plan, Preach (Romans 1:8-17) Posted at 16:10h in Blog by Mark Driscoll Online (including sr. pastors) –Like Daniel in Babylon, Jesus disciples sent out teams, you need brothers for the battle Last weeks kickoff Men new to the valley got connected Men got their first Bibles Men got engaged Men... Read more

Is Soft Totalitarianism Coming to America? – Tim Challies

I grew up in the era of the Cold War. From my youngest days I was taught that the West was the bastion of democratic freedom and the Soviet Union the stronghold of oppressive totalitarianism. We knew who the enemy was, and we knew he was across the ocean, behind the Wall. On our fridge... Read more

A La Carte (September 22) – Tim Challies

There are some interesting titles available today over on the Kindle deals page. (Yesterday on the blog: No Hand But His Ever Holds the Shears) RBG’S Dying Wish Clint Archer: “The death of RBG should cause all of us to pause and consider. It must be difficult to be a judge and then have the... Read more

A La Carte (September 21) – Tim Challies

There are a few Kindle deals you may want to take a look at. Over at Westminster Books you can get a nice deal on the newest book by Sinclair Ferguson. (Yesterday on the blog: Who Have We Come To Worship?) The Death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the Future of the Supreme Court... Read more

No Hand But His Ever Holds the Shears – Tim Challies

Suffering is never pleasant. We never welcome trials as we do joys, for suffering always brings sorrow, it always brings pain. Sometimes a loved one is taken from us and we experience the aching grief of absence. Sometimes we suffer the loss of money, property, or position and we mourn what has been torn from... Read more

Who Have We Come To Worship? – Tim Challies

An element of worship we treasure at Grace Fellowship Church is the Call to Worship. This is the element at the beginning of the service that is essentially a declaration that we are now beginning something special, something different from everything else we will experience through the week. As we explicitly call people to worship,... Read more

Weekend A La Carte (September 19) – Tim Challies

I want to commend to you this episode of the Ministry Network Podcast (whether or not you’re in ministry). It’s about prayer and I found it encouraging, challenging, and endearingly eclectic. There are a few Kindle deals for your enjoyment today. (Yesterday on the blog: New Religions for a Godless World) Three(ish) Views of Contraception... Read more

Lost and Found: Finding Gods Power (Romans 1:817) Sermon Notes | Real Faith

18 Sep Lost and Found: Finding Gods Power (Romans 1:817) Sermon Notes Pray Romans 1:8First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because your faith is proclaimed in all the world. 9For God is my witness, whom I serve with my spirit in the gospel of his Son, that without ceasing... Read more

Free Stuff Fridays (A Book Bundle!) – Tim Challies

This week the blog has been sponsored by the Ministry Network by Westminister. And today they are giving away a great book bundle! Church life is filled with joys and trials, tragedies, and triumphs. Along this journey, Ministry Network offers encouragement and support. On our podcast, you can learn from the experience and advice of... Read more

New Religions for a Godless World – Tim Challies

Weve all heard by now of the rise of the Nones, that growing demographic that, when filling out a census, marks their religious affiliation as None. While until recently they made up only the smallest minority in America (and the rest of the Western world) they may now come close to forming a majority, especially... Read more

The Local Church Was Made To Serve The Christian, Not The Christian The Local Church – Tim Challies

The sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath. Sabbath is a gift God has given us for our good. We are feeble creatures who need rest, yet foolish creatures who would otherwise work ourselves to the bone. The sabbath is a reminder of our weakness, of our finiteness, of our inability. It... Read more

Real Men: 10 Things Men Need to Lead (Romans 1:1-7) | Real Faith

15 Sep Real Men: 10 Things Men Need to Lead (Romans 1:1-7) Posted at 12:15h in Blog by Mark Driscoll Real Men Vision We have employers, job placement, investment, realtors, mortgage brokers, theologians, evangelists, prayer partners, workout buddies, hunters, fathers, grandfathers, brothers etc. all here to help =Godly/healthy leaders of self, family, business, ministry, community... Read more

A La Carte (September 15) – Tim Challies

Caring for the Souls of Children, on sale this week at Westminster Books, seems like an important and long-awaited title. There’s an eclectic little mix of Kindle deals there today. (Yesterday on the blog: 7 Books To Help You Understand the Times) A Parent’s Cry Sometimes we need the simplest reminders. “My husband and I... Read more

Paul, Timothy, and Podcasts – Tim Challies

This sponsored post invites you to enjoy lively discussions with the most respected teachers from Westminster’s new MinistryNetwork. Paul and Timothy enjoyed a special relationship. In 2 Timothy 1:4, Paul writes: “As I remember your tears, I long to see you, that I may be filled with joy.” Paul didn’t just teach Timothy. He embraced his young spiritual... Read more

A La Carte (September 14) – Tim Challies

Here’s a final reminder that the good folk at Faithlife have asked me to let you know about an upcoming free webinar for church leaders who are preparing for fall ministry in light of COVID. It’s not the best day ever for Kindle deals, but I did unearth a few at least. Enjoying Imperfection “Only God... Read more

7 Books To Help You Understand the Times – Tim Challies

You do not need to be a particularly astute observer of society to understand that we have entered into a time of great transition and even great upheaval. A new worldview based around a very particular conception of social justice is quickly gaining traction. Traditional understandings of sex and gender are being overthrown. New words... Read more

God Will Disclose His Heart To You Today – Tim Challies

Today the great majority of the people who read this site will be heading to church (or perhaps still taking in a service through a live-stream). As we assemble to worship, we will have the privilege of hearing the Bible read and preached. And in this brief quote from Harold Senkbeil we are reminded of... Read more

Weekend A La Carte (September 12) – Tim Challies

My friends at Faithlife asked me to let you know about an upcoming webinar for church leaders who are preparing for fall ministry in light of COVID. My gratitude goes to ONE Audiobooks for sponsoring the blog this week with their offer of a free audiobook every month. Today’s Kindle deals include mostly classics. (Yesterday... Read more

Lost and Found: Finding Gods Peace (Romans 1:17) Sermon Notes | Real Faith

11 Sep Lost and Found: Finding Gods Peace (Romans 1:17) Sermon Notes For every effect= cause. Bigger effect = bigger cause. July 9, 1958 10:15pm 7.8 earthquake rockslide 40 million cubic yards into Gilbert Inlet Alaska – megatsunami, & biggest wave ever recorded 1,720 ft high! Spiritual equivalent = Pauls letter to the Romans Theologian... Read more

A Harvard Professor, a Con Man and the Gospel of Jesus’s Wife – Tim Challies

It is more than a little ironic, and more than a little disturbing, that some of the most prominent Christian scholars in the world are not Christian at all. At least, not by a definition that would require their assent to the doctrines outlined in the historic creeds and confessions. To the contrary, many of... Read more

Learning To Thrive as a Diverse Church – Tim Challies

Toronto is the most diverse city in the world which means that Toronto churches are among the most diverse churches in the world. If over fifty percent of the people who live in the city were born in a country other than Canada, which is exactly the case, then in all probability over fifty percent... Read more

A La Carte (September 8) – Tim Challies

Today’s Kindle deals include a pretty good selection. Take a look at yesterday’s as well if you weren’t checking in on the holiday. (Yesterday on the blog: A Labour Day Personal/Family Update) The State of Theology Ligonier Ministries has released the results of their latest State of Theology survey. It tells what Americans know (and... Read more

Get a Free Audiobook Every Month! – Tim Challies

This week the blog is sponsored by ONE Audiobooks who is offering access to a free audiobook, every month, no strings attached. Click here to get this months audiobook Depression, Anxiety, and the Christian Life: Practical Wisdom from Richard Baxter by J.I. Packer and Michael S. Lundy. This timely resource was endorsed by Sinclair B.... Read more

Real Friend | Real Faith

07 Sep Real Friend Posted at 10:40h in Blog by Grace Driscoll SEPTEMBER IS FRIENDSHIP MONTH for REAL WOMEN with blogs, Dear Grace videos, and testimonies A true friend is one who is walking in, when everyone else is walking out. -Unknown, but very true Friendship has a wide variety of meanings today, from casual... Read more

A La Carte (September 7) – Tim Challies

It is Labour Day here in Canada, just as it is in the USA and perhaps elsewhere. For that reason I’ll mostly be laying low and trying to figure out what to do for an outdoor holiday on a rainy day! Today’s Kindle deals include Al Mohler’s excellent new book The Gathering Storm which I’m... Read more

A Labour Day Personal/Family Update – Tim Challies

It has been some time since my last personal/family update, and it seemed like Labour Day might be the time to remedy that. I suppose most people sleep in on a holiday, but I’ve never been good at sleeping inor sleeping at all, really. So instead I’m up early with an itch to do some... Read more

Teach Us the Art of Praise! – Tim Challies

While most people know that few have ever preached like Spurgeon, not nearly so many know that few have ever prayed like Spurgeon. Believe it or not, many who attended his church spoke less of his preaching and more of his praying! The little book The Pastor in Prayer captures some of his pastoral prayers,... Read more

Weekend A La Carte (September 5) – Tim Challies

If you’re interested in an ESV Journaling Bible, Westminster Books has them half off for the week. Today’s Kindle deals include mostly classics. (Yesterday on the blog: Tips for Young (and Maybe Not-So-Young) Bloggers) 7 Takes About How Much I Intensely Dislike The Enneagram I enjoyed reading Anne Kennedy because she makes me laugh (and... Read more

Tips for Young (and Maybe Not-So-Young) Bloggers – Tim Challies

Its always a blessing for me to see the launch of a new blog, and perhaps especially so when that blog has been founded by a young Christian. Im convinced theres still a place for Christian blogs, even in 2020, and I am eager to give whatever tips I can to help these new bloggers... Read more

When Unanimity is the Enemy of Unity – Tim Challies

It is Gods desire that there be unity between his people, and for that reason Christian unity is a prominent theme in the New Testament. Jesus prays for it in his High Priestly prayer, Luke describes it in his history of the early church, Paul demands it of the congregations he writes to, Peter appeals... Read more