9 Ways Your Ego Prevents You From Experiencing God | RELEVANT Magazine

9 Methods Your Ego Prevents You From Experiencing God | RELEVANT Journal

Recently, Ive been haunted by a query. How might a lot violence, concern, racism and divisiveness happen in Gods identify? In poor health ask it a distinct method. If God is love, why does the narrative of Christianity embody so little of it?

The media consideration surrounding police brutality, elections and nationwide anthem protests makes the query extra seen and haunting. Everybody appears to have an elevated want to attract strains and share opinions, to find out whos on whose staff. The last word purpose is to show why they’re incorrect, by any means mandatory, however principally by demeaning and dehumanizing.

Im uncomfortable with all of it. The confrontation seems extra like a highschool cheerleading spat than something Christian.

However lets not faux rivalries and dehumanization are something new. Real Christians as soon as justified slavery. I reside in a rustic constructed on energy and progress, two rules I see little of in Jesus.

How does this occur? Why dont extra Christians, myself included, look extra like Jesus?


You would possibly name it the flesh. I imagine our definition for ego carefully parallels Pauls definition for flesh.

The ego is who you suppose you’re. Its your false id, your physique picture, training, theological data, garments, pals, social standing, job, successes and accomplishments. And as Paul says, your ego is in opposition to your Spirit.

Everybody has an ego, and I imagine one of many main duties of non secular maturity is recognizing and letting go of the egos lies in favor of one thing higher.

That is laborious work, nevertheless. Its excruciating, to be trustworthy, virtually like dying. I’d guess most individuals dont let go of their ego except life throws them just a few intestine punches. You most likely know just a few individuals who suffered unimaginable tragedy and have extra peace and love in consequence.

Up to now yr, I resigned from church ministry, mourned the suicide of a member of the family (and follower of Jesus), discovered and shortly misplaced a dream job, mourned the dying of Matsy Grace, our adopted Indian daughter, and battled a wierd sickness that makes going outside my worst nightmare. Ive wrestled with the darkness, questioning every part: my religion, my id and my calling. At instances, I even questioned life. Ive thrown just a few pity events that might rival the one I threw in highschool when my dad and mom had been out of city.

Can I be trustworthy? The final yr largely sucked. And Im starting to know why. My ego was dying. And when the ego begins to die, it appears like dying. My id, my objective, every part I used to persuade myself I used to be someone, that I used to be particular, was dropping out in favor of a distinct voice.

Whereas Im not an skilled, I’ve realized just a few issues concerning the ego that I need to share. I hope you’ll take these and do some work. To be led by the Spirit and bear the Spirits fruits (love, pleasure, peace, endurance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control), we should transfer past the ego and its lies.

1. The ego equates all self-knowledge with self-absorption.

Its tragic that the American Church equates self-knowledge with self-absorption. Possibly had been involved self-discovery will inevitably result in hugging timber and smoking left-handed cigarettes?

Not till my ego-centric id crumbled did I start re-examining the query, Who am I? The reply led me inside, and I discovered some ugly stuff, an id composed of success, affirmation, and egocentric ambition. Within the course of, I noticed how I manipulated relationships and used individuals.

This inward journey has additionally led me to imagine we cant really know God till we all know ourselves. To uncover the Spirit, the True Self, you will need to wade by the egos facades and smoke screens. Till then, the ego controls issues, together with Christian issues. This would possibly clarify why we cant love our neighbor as ourselves, as Jesus tells us to do, particularly when our neighbor is homosexual, Muslim or a Democrat.

If youre curious about discovering who you actually are, listed below are just a few assets:

The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective (Richard Rohr and Andreas Ebert)

The Street Again to You (Ian Cron and Suzanne Stabile)

The Enneagram and Spirituality (Don Russo and Russ Hudson)

2. The ego is very aggressive and thinks by way of win/lose.

Your ego needs to separate, divide and draw strains to show itself. Why else will we compete, aside from superiority? And whereas wholesome competitors isnt incorrect, for most individuals, it by no means goes past my staff in opposition to your staff, my group in opposition to your group, my theology in opposition to yours.

For me, the opponent was different denominations. I believed my theology was superior, which made me a greater Christian than you. In some way, God selected to disclose the true reality to a small phase of principally white individuals born in the previous few centuries.

That is my story. For others, the ego makes use of political affiliation, social standing, morality, pores and skin coloration, nationalism to raise itself.

Any pondering that makes you higher than the particular person beside you for any purpose shouldn’t be from God. The Creator is love and doesnt have to compete.

3. The ego should be right and doesn’t settle for contradictions.

Most of my Christian journey, I assumed it was my responsibility to have the fitting solutions. I studied laborious, and after I wasnt actually certain, I made one thing up.

However whereas serving to others make sense of God, particularly these troubling components about struggling and eternity, I grew to become much less sure. One thing in me knew Gods nature and interplay with His creation couldnt be defined in just a few sentences.

Now I imagine that one thing was my True Self, the Spirit.

In our effort to commercialize Christianity and mass market the everlasting message, many American church buildings have eradicated uncertainty as a result of, fairly frankly, it doesnt promote. It doesnt promote as a result of its each dangerous and time-consuming.

As I take a look at Scripture, nevertheless, I see a God who’s extremely dangerous (too dangerous for our consolation) and painfully affected person. It appears God is extra weak than highly effective and in some way God makes use of every part (love, dying, celebration, struggling) within the bigger plan.

Why was slavery allowed to occur? How might God enable the Nazis to homicide so many Jews? Why are kids overcome by most cancers and others bought into intercourse slavery? For the primary time, I can actually reply, I dont know. I discover peace within the land of unknown. I’ve religion that God is aware of.

And dying wont have the ultimate phrase.

4. The ego hates change above all else.

When you requested the ego to rank its biggest fears, change would take the highest spot. When your ego is in cost, you’re keen on consolation and the established order. It ought to come as no shock that Jesuss first sermon is Repent! (Mark 1:15 and Matthew 4:17), which suggests change your thoughts.

The ego hates that message. However its troublesome to elucidate away Jesuss want for us to alter. So, most ego-centric individuals undertaking the message onto a partner, a toddler, a guardian, a pal or lifes circumstances. So long as the ego can discover another person to alter, its off the hook.

The egos biggest concern is change.

Your ego doesnt need you to develop or change. It doesnt need you to let go or stretch your self past your present theological understanding. So, slightly than settle for the novel message of Jesus that primarily says, You modify. Youre the issue, not your partner, baby or coworkers, your ego searches for a spot that loves the established order.

Im satisfied essentially the most loving factor your partner or church can do is patiently problem you to alter or develop.

When you understand whose you’re, when youve uncovered your divine id, change isnt threatening. Change is not an indictment on a specific era, race or chief. Its an indictment in your ego.

5. The ego minimizes sins of the guts and focuses on sins of the flesh.

As a result of your ego is shaped by exterior stuff (validation, opinions, job, training), it focuses on eliminating exterior sins, those you may tangibly measure. So, all forms of sexual sins (porn habit, intercourse earlier than marriage, prostitution, and many others.), church attendance and proper theology develop into the measure of a real Christian.

Jesus appears to deal with this ridiculous angle from the start (see Matthew 5-7), and in some way I missed it. Jesus is aware of exterior sins are shadows of true transformation and had been merely reshuffling the deck till we handle whats beneath.

Greed, envy, delight, hatred, prejudice and self-importance have an effect on the guts. And sadly, America not solely accepts these sins, however usually celebrates them.

6. The ego must really feel particular and is reluctant to present others reward or credit score.

Its simply me, myself and I, says your ego. Your ego, your flesh, your false self must really feel separate and particular. It wants the highlight and isnt afraid to control individuals, even God, to draw consideration. The ego says, Look what Ive carried out. See what I completed. And its at all times trying over its shoulder as a result of it believes consideration is a finite useful resource. Often not brazenly, however virtually at all times privately, the ego resents any one that threatens its platform or popularity.

It wasnt till I misplaced a job writing full time that I spotted how impure my motives had been. The ego can, and infrequently does, stand instead of Gods voice, and also you dont understand this till issues disintegrate. I bear in mind dropping this job and wrestling with the truth of pursuing jobs in different fields. I used to be freaking indignant with God. I might need even cursed just a few instances.

Your True Self doesnt connect to accomplishments or titles. You not must be who others need you to be. Climbing mountains and ladders not appears necessary both. Even a small style of this radical shift liberates your coronary heart and thoughts. This has been my expertise, at the least.

7. The ego romanticizes the previous and idealizes the longer term, however not often lives within the current.

Relying in your place in life, the ego has an unhealthy attachment to both the previous or the longer term. For some, the ego obsesses over the great ol days. You already know, the way in which issues was once. It agonizes over what this world has develop into and believes restoring the previous method or system of doing issues would remedy our issues. This identical group is fearful concerning the future. Its unknown, so why take a danger?

If youre caught previously, wishing your marriage, church or nation would simply return to the way in which issues had been, your ego is looking the photographs.

However theres one other diversionary tactic the ego makes use of to keep away from the current: idealizing the longer term. Most individuals who idealize the longer term are cynical towards the previous. Theres nothing redemptive or helpful about what occurred again then. For this group, the ego has satisfied them to carry out for some some future model of life, when issues shall be higher. It embarrasses me to confess that is my story. And its each painful and liberating to confess that future life the place every part is ideal by no means comes.

Let me say this: the previous, current and future matter. God involves individuals of their current state of affairs. He involves us this fashion as effectively, proper now. Im satisfied our expertise of God is tied to how totally we reside in every second.

On the identical time, the previous reveals a bigger narrative of Gods work and interplay together with his creation. Your expertise shall be restricted with out data of the previous. Your religion may also be restricted in the event you concern the longer term. God leads individuals ahead, not backward. Those that enable the Spirit to steer know this.

8. The ego seeks instant gratification and despises something laborious or uncomfortable.

If its laborious, requires effort or makes you uncomfortable, its not value pursuing. So says the ego, at the least. But when youve lived for any size of time, you understand these conditions are unavoidable. Reasonably than wrestling with discomfort or nervousness, the ego seeks a fast repair.

The ego believes you may expertise God with out discomfort.

Most Christians like every part about Jesus, besides the laborious components. Like dropping your folks, being rejected by your personal individuals and, in fact, dying on a cross. Once more, Im responsible. I couldnt think about loss resulting in life. Its nonetheless laborious to imagine.

In a tradition constructed on energy and progress, the ego has loads of gasoline to fan its flame. Might or not it’s our ego insists theres no that means in struggling as a result of it is aware of one thing exists on the opposite facet, one thing like God? Might or not it’s that struggling isnt dangerous however mandatory? For years, American Christians have tried to re-wire the motherboard, believing we will discover real love and peace and pleasure one other method. We stay deeply indignant, racist and materialistic.

9. The ego is delicate and simply offended.

If you need a sensible level for inspection, right here it’s. How simply are you offended? When the ego is in cost, virtually any disagreement or opposing viewpoint appears like a private assault. In response, the ego gathers likeminded individuals to affirm itself. Though Im not in opposition to expertise or social media, I imagine its stunted most Christians non secular maturation. It has stunted mine. In a former world, huddling round frequent viewpoints was a lot tougher. However at the moment most individuals go months or longer with out participating a distinct perspective.

For proof, look no additional than most church buildings. Are they not glorified pep rallies? I want this werent true, however if you ask Christians why they attend a sure church, you’ll inevitably hear, I agree with what they educate.

Have a look at the political panorama. Had been extra polarized than any time I can bear in mind, and Im simply referring to Christians.

I write this from expertise. Once I obtained a nasty e-mail or encountered somebody who noticed the world otherwise, I ran to social media or referred to as a pal as a result of my ego wanted to be pampered.

This stems from the egos want to be proper, particular and separate. Discover Jesus was by no means offended. The spirit of God is un-offendable.


I write these phrases with humility. I sincerely hope you obtain them this fashion. Im solely 31. I havent figured God out. Im not holier or nearer to God than you. I simply need to share what Ive obtained.

Possibly this appears like nonsense. Thats OK. However I imagine everybody has divine DNA. The Maker locations His essence in you. I imagine a few of you understand this, however arent certain why youre nonetheless battling bitterness, greed, racism, and many others. Youre uninterested in trying on the market. You already know it doesnt ship what it guarantees. For me, catching a glimpse of my True Self, even when its a small one, appears like freedom. I not must be anybody aside from who I’m in God.

My ego (and yours) by no means totally dies. However its authority over our lives may be diminished.

Step one to discovering who you’re, your id, is recognizing what retains you from it. Possibly Ive completed this for somebody.

I like you all. To God be the glory endlessly. Amen!


This text was initially posted on frankpowell.me. Used with permission.

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