Beth Moore: Keep in mind Peter’s Failure and Redemption within the Hours Earlier than Good Friday

Beth Moore: Keep in mind Peter’s Failure and Redemption within the Hours Earlier than Good Friday

Tomorrow is Good Friday, the day that marks the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. In line with the Bible, yesterday, He was betrayed by one in all His closest disciples, Peter.

Simply as Jesus prophesied, Peter disowned Jesus — denying that he even knew Jesus to authorities on three completely different events.

Regardless of the acts of betrayal, Peter went on to assist set up the Early Church, receiving forgiveness and private redemption. In line with Christian custom, he would later be martyred for his religion.

Bible trainer Beth Moore has shared an insightful thread on Twitter, reminding us all the energy of Peter’s story.

“Mindful this day of Peter and his crushing denials of Christ. Praise God for the man Jesus made of him in the aftermath. It proves that, in Him, failure is NOT a life sentence. The cross of Christ stands eternally fixed, a stake in the ground, between failing and being a failure,” she wrote. “I see few heavier burdens among believers than the crushing weight many continue to bear over previous failure sorrowfully repented of years ago. Example: parents who feel they failed their kids often live the remaining DECADES of their lives—not as having failed but—as FAILURES.”

She continued, “That Thursday night at the Passover table, Jesus knew the difference between a faker (Judas) & a failure (Peter). That failure became a success: 1 of the fiercest forces in NT history. GIVE IT TO JESUS. Every ounce of your failure. Offer it to Him to do w/it whatever He pleases. Let Jesus make of it humility, gratitude, compassion, empathy for others fraught with their own feelings of failure & shame. Lead the way to the cross where Jesus bore it. There, by faith, failures are crucified with Christ & no longer live & trophies of grace walk out of graves.”


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