Billie Eilish Has Dethroned ‘Old Town Road’ on Billboard

Lil Nas X got here. He noticed. He conquered. And now he’s galloping off into the sundown in a lot the identical manner he got here, can’t no person inform him nuthin’.

The all-time reigning Billboard champ offered 2019 with a rags-to-riches story for the ages, as a Soundcloud rapper with a novelty nation/hip-hop hybrid dominated the summer time charts and offered the U.S. with an altogether too-rare instance of a genuinely joyful, healthful superstar story.

He held the highest spot for an unprecedented 19 weeks. Giddy up!

However a brand new challenger has ascended to the throne as Billie Eilish’s infectious “Bad Guy” is now No. 1, after sitting comfortably within the No. 2 spot for the final 9 weeks (that’s additionally a document!). She’s the primary artist born on this century to have a No. 1 tune on Billboard’s chart, since Lil Nas X was born in 1999, making him a lion in winter in pop music years.

“Bad Guy” and “Old Town Road” are each harbingers of a brand new type of pop hit, one which depends on being good (which each songs are) and on having that intangible one thing we would name “Big Meme Energy.” Each songs are TikTok staples, the place countless variations and goofs preserve them within the public creativeness in a for much longer and extra artistic vogue than, say, simply having a music video on TRL did — which isn’t to say each music movies aren’t fairly good, simply that they haven’t been significantly key to success.