Contemporary Hearth Chief Todd Bentley Has Been Accused of ‘Preying on Interns’

Some very disturbing allegations are being made about evangelist and Contemporary Hearth chief Todd Bentley. His one-time protege Stephen Powell took to Fb to make quite a few allegations drawn each from his personal expertise and the testimonies of others. Powell stated his former mentor has “an appetite for a variety of sexual sins, including both homosexual and heterosexual activity” and is “not fit for public ministry” attributable to his “perverse sexual addiction”. Powell at present runs Lion of Mild Ministries in Pineville, North Carolina.

In a really emotional testimony, Powell says that “down through the years, Todd [Bentley] has made sexual advances toward, and in some cases engaged in sexual sin with, a number of different men and women outside his marriage, many of them interns and/or students under his leadership care in the church.”

“I believe that both Todd and his wife, Jessa, are both complicit in this sexual perversion and have both participated in inviting other sexual partners, both men and women, into their marriage bed,” Powell says. “Todd and Jessa’s relationship and marriage began in sexual sin and it appears that that sin has only grown and become stronger in their lives over the years, despite the bond of marriage they share.”

Powell goes onto say a male intern claimed that in 2013, Bentley provided him a thousand {dollars} for sexual acts. Different interns say Bentley provided them cash for varied sexual acts, and one other claims Bentley despatched him express pictures and movies.

Powell says that Bentley’s spouse and several other ministry companions assist cowl Bentley’s actions up. He singled out Bentley’s spouse Jessa, and Rick Joyner, founding father of Morning Star Ministries and Heritage Worldwide Ministries, of enabling and overlaying up for his predatory actions. Joyner and Bentley created Contemporary Hearth USA in 2009, after Joyner took Bentley underneath his wing following Bentley’s divorce and “emotional affair” with a former staffer.

Bentley rose to nationwide prominence observe the controversial Lakeland Revival in 2008.

Powell says he believes no less than one in all Bentley’s accusers was bribed into silence, and that he himself has been threatened with “a lawsuit and violence” if he went public.

In his personal Fb video, Rick Joyner acknowledged that he was “aware” of the accusations towards Bentley however stated he didn’t have any “authority to dictate policy” to him. Joyner known as any suggestion that he’d helped cowl issues as much as be “bizarre.” He stated Powell talking publicly in regards to the accusations made towards Bentley was an indication that he was working out of a spirit of “witchcraft.”

“When people come to me with pressuring, manipulating, especially threatening if I don’t do something their way, or in their time, I know that’s the devil,” Joyner stated. “That’s in Scripture, counterfeit spiritual authority which is called witchcraft. That is not the Holy Spirit. We’ve got to start recognizing what is from the Holy Spirit and what is not.”

Joyner additionally claims he has confronted Bentley about some inappropriate textual content messages that had been delivered to his consideration, however strongly denies that Bentley’s actions ought to disqualify him from ministry. He says God has warned him about “anyone who says this person should never minister again …that’s evidence they have limited the cross in their own life.”

Joyner acknowledged that he had not responded to Powell’s requests to fulfill, however says he deliberate on speaking to Powell “at the right time and for the right reason. I was not gonna cave to his pressuring, threatening, manipulating, anything else,” he stated. “Frustration, I don’t think is a Fruit of the Spirit …If we do things out of frustration that is not going to be the Spirit of God.”

Joyner says that he is aware of “public figures” who’ve performed issues “way worse” than what Bentley is being accused of, and it has “stretched” his thought of “what God will give his grace and mercy to.”

“Even the deplorable things that Todd did do in this case, to me, they weren’t shocking anymore,” he says.

In his personal Fb video, Bentley owns as much as “having a past” however calls “many” of the accusations “false.”

“I do have a past and many of the things I’m being accused of today come from the fact that I’ve had cracks in my foundation. I’m not about to hide, try to lie or run from the fact that I have a past in which my wife and my therapist [have been a part],” he says.

However he denies lots of the claims being made towards him, particularly denying “those homosexual acts.”

“They are gossip, they are swirl, they are speculation, hearsay and they are without any real evidence,” he says. “As far as let the accusers come forth. Let them name names. Let them meet with me, with Rick. With whoever is on my leadership. I would love to be able to look in the eye of the people making the claims.”