Elon Musk Says He Will Make Ventilators If There Is a Shortage Because of the Coronavirus | RELEVANT Magazine

Elon Musk Says He Will Make Ventilators If There Is a Scarcity Due to the Coronavirus | RELEVANT Journal

One of many main issues concerning the coronavirus outbreak is that if sufficient folks develop into contaminated with COVID-19which impacts the respiratory systemthat hospitals will run out of ventilators. This might imply medical doctors must select who lives and who dies if two sufferers want the identical machine.

Nonetheless, Elon Musk now says that he will probably be prepared to make extra if there’s a scarcity. He defined on Twitter, “Tesla makes vehicles with subtle HVAC methods. SpaceX makes spacecraft with life assist methods. Ventilators usually are not troublesome, however can’t be produced immediately.

He’s proper that his firms SpaceX and Tesla make extremely subtle machines, however there may be additionally some cause for skepticism. It was solely two weeks in the past that Musk tweeted The coronavirus panic is dumb”, lengthy after consultants had sounded the alarm about an impending disaster.

Theres additionally the notorious Thai cave rescue debacle of 2018. After a rescue diver in control of releasing youngsters who’d unintentionally gotten caught in a harmful, underwater cave known as Musks plan to invent a submarine to do the job impractical, Musk acquired sued for calling him a pedo man. Within the lawsuit casewhich Musk ended up winningthe eccentric inventor was known as a thin-skinned billionaire who’s obsessed together with his public picture and who has a historical past of vindictively and deliberately ignoring reality to keep up that PR-created picture.

All this along with the truth that Musk as soon as promised to assist repair the water state of affairs in Flint, Michigan for “any house in Flint that has water contamination above FDA levels.” That turned out to be a little bit of an exaggeration, although Musk did ultimately donate $500,000 to Flint Neighborhood Colleges.

And theres additionally the truth that, internationally, there already is a scarcity in ventilators as coronavirus instances proceed to develop. The truth that Musk is asking Nate Silver the place the ventilator shortages are isn’t a terrific signal.

Nonetheless, if Musk can ship on the promise, the implications may very well be lifesaving for numerous sufferers.

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