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The enneagram has shortly change into all the fashion, from the memes flooding our social media feeds to the subject of dialog across the espresso pot within the breakroom.

The enneagram is likely one of the biggest character evaluation instruments to grasp your self and others higher, which finally results in connection and compassion.But when misused, it could create a myriad of issues each personally and relationally.

These Four enneagram floor guidelines function a suggestion to keep away from a number of the widespread pitfalls that always accompany dialog surrounding the enneagram 

1. Dont weaponize the Enneagram.

OMG, youre being such a Three proper now.

Utilizing the enneagram to label somebody due to their conduct will not be constructive and at worst, harmful. Its not completely different then stereotyping, and the way dare anybody to stereotype us!

Once we weaponize the enneagram by labeling and stereotyping, we diminished the distinctive and nuanced human being we’re talking to or of.

We put them in the exact same field we demand that others not put us in. 

Its simple to do and sometimes we achieve this with no ailing intent, however its results are damaging.

Dont weaponize the enneagram.  

2. Dont use the Enneagram to justify dangerous conduct.

Nicely, Im Four so thats simply the best way I’m.

Weren’t 4-year-olds. Private accountability is, in actual fact, a factor in actual life, so dont use the enneagram to justify dangerous conduct.

Are kind 8s going to be extra more likely to get offended? Completely. Is it extra within the nature of a sort 3s to control an individual or scenario? You guess. Is a sort 1 going to err on the facet of judgment over grace? Positive.

However no ones Enneagram kind needs to be used as a justification for dangerous conduct.

Dont use your kind as a cop-out for poor selections. Dont enable another person to deal with in you in a approach that’s not OK due to their enneagram kind.

 Dont use the Enneagram to justify dangerous conduct.

3. Dont inform another person what kind you assume they’re.

I haven’t taken the take a look at, I dont know what kind I’m. 

Oh youre completely 7!

None of us, not even essentially the most extremely educated and studied enneagram specialists have magic powers to know what kind another person us.

You might need an concept, a well-reasoned speculation of what kind they’re, however for the love, dont inform them.

The enneagram is a journey of self-discovery, private and religious development, its not for the faint of coronary heart and may shortly change into convoluted and complicated for a person if persons are asserting their very own opinions of their enneagram kind.

Even when you would guess the lifetime of your firstborn on someones enneagram kind, dont inform them what kind you assume they’re.

Its a journey of self-discovery, dont inform another person what enneagram kind you assume they’re.

4. By no means use someones kind to control or exploit them.

Making an eight in your workforce be the one to have a tricky dialog as a result of they like battle will not be a cool factor to do.

Every kind has its personal stunning strengths and weaknesses, proclivities and tendencies, however it’s utterly inappropriate, out of line, and unacceptable to make the most of your data of somebody’s enneagram kind to take advantage of or manipulate them.

I really feel a bit captivated with this one (when you couldnt inform) as a result of I’ve painstakingly watched it occur and it’s extremely damaging.

I dont consider that the majority of us got down to manipulate exploit somebody for his or her enneagram kind however it could occur subtly and subconsciously.

That’s the reason it’s so necessary to repeatedly develop in self-awareness, be in tune with the Holy Spirit (yep, I went there) and be very cautious in relation to the enneagram.

Whether or not its in your marriage, friendships or together with your colleagues, by no means use the data of someones enneagram kind to take advantage of or manipulate them.

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