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I’m not the neatest individual that ever walked the planet. For instance, at some point I needed to make espresso. Somebody as soon as informed me, to make the perfect espresso, it’s a must to grind the beans freshly. So, I finished getting floor espresso and opted for the entire bean selection. On the time, I used to be on the brink of exit and decide up a brand new bag of espresso for my newly enlightened journey in the direction of the right cup and requested my spouse if we had a grinder. She informed me we did, so I took off with haste to seek out the perfect bag of complete bean espresso I might discover. After acquiring the espresso, I hurried dwelling to grind it and discover out if there was a distinction. 

The issue? I had no concept the place the grinder was. So, I searched all through the cupboards till I discovered (what I believed) was the elusive espresso grinder. I floor up my espresso the perfect I might, threw it in a French press (this was additionally advisable to me versus my Keurig), and we had been off. I grabbed an excellent e book, sat down, and seemed on the frothy prime of my freshly brewed cup of espresso, ready for it to chill all the way down to the right temperature. I took my first sip, ready to really feel the enlightened glory shine down, and instantly spit it out. 

Upon coming dwelling, I informed my spouse, espresso grinder in hand, I used the espresso grinder, nevertheless it made my espresso style terrible. To my chagrin, I discovered I used the spice grinder, beforehand used for warm peppers, to grind my espresso. I used it for a objective apart from what it had.

Function tends to be a really ambiguous phrase. Typically we expect we all know what it means (normally when God is transferring), and typically we really feel just like the phrase comes from a distinct language. At one time or one other, we’ve both been engaged in our objective, ran from it, looked for it, or grew to become misplaced in it. 

We find yourself asking a number of questions:

What do I do with my life?

What’s the objective of my life?

I consider God designed every one among us with a selected objective. For us to raised discover and interact with our God-given mission, I believe there are 4 pitfalls that we should keep away from.

Course of

We don’t like course of. We’re within the microwave era. The whole lot needs to be now, and it needs to be my approach. If it takes longer than a couple of minutes, we don’t need it. We get caught within the course of. 

Do you bear in mind little Jesus? We by no means discuss Him a lot, as a result of we solely noticed Him one time. In Luke 2:41-52, we see Jesus at 12 years previous. He’s within the temple, talking of the wonders of God. He’s education the academics on the mysteries of Heaven, however He forgot one factor: He didn’t inform Momma Mary. He forgot to report again. 

Rising up, we had walkie talkies. I needed to test in on my walkie talkie each 30 minutes. It didn’t matter that we had been the one home wherever close to as a result of it was the center of Iowa. I nonetheless needed to check-in. Jesus didn’t check-in. And so, Mary begins to search for Him and finds Jesus within the temple. 

Look what it says in Luke 2:48 (NIV), “His mother said to him, “Son, why have you treated us like this? Your father and I have been anxiously searching for you.”

She is mad. Why are you treating me this manner? Why did you run off? We’ve been frightened sick. And so, Jesus responds, “I was doing My father’s business.” We don’t hear from Jesus once more for 18 years. Gone. Off the map. Why? 

As a result of in verse 51-52, it says, “Then he went down to Nazareth with them and was obedient to them. But his mother treasured all these things in her heart. And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” 

A few of it’s essential submit your self right into a strategy of obedience so you possibly can develop in knowledge and stature and favor with God and man. 

Simply because you’ve got the power doesn’t imply it’s time for the platform. God cares extra about your character than your gifting. He isn’t going to place you onto a platform that your character can’t maintain.

There’s a course of in your objective.


We’ve two canines, Aspen and Thaddeus. They’re fantastic. We discovered Thaddeus on-line from a shelter who had rescued him, and his litter coated in mange, cigarette burns, and wrapped in barbed wire left for lifeless within the woods. Once we came upon about his story, we instantly known as and mentioned, “We will take him. Where are you? I will come now.” 

We went and obtained this canine. Now, they’d warned us He was “Special.” That was an understatement. Due to his ache and trauma, he forgot find out how to be a canine. 

This canine was frightened of all the things.



Trash baggage.



His previous had decided his objective.

It has taken us two years of coaching, love and dedication to assist him relearn his objective: simply to be a canine. He needed to relearn find out how to be a canine. 

A few of you might be letting your previous decide your objective. You’re standing right here, letting the ache, the trauma and the emotional destruction that you simply went by way of plan in your objective. You need to relearn how simply to be you once more. 


In 1 Samuel 17, you discover David visiting his brothers on the frontlines of battle. Within the course of he will get twisted up with a man named Goliath. And this shepherd boy rejects the armor and energy of the King to go to a stream to get stones for his slingshot. Prefer it doesn’t make sense. 

And it says in 1 Sam. 17:40 (NLT), “He picked up 5 easy stones from a stream and put them into his shepherd’s bag. Then, armed solely together with his shepherd’s workers and sling, he began throughout the valley to battle the Philistine.

The phrase armed means “to be equipped with.” Able to defend. He was strapped. I’m good with being armed till I discover out what he was armed with a shepherd’s workers and sling. A large v.s. a shepherds workers and sling.

What occurs when the very factor God goes to make use of is in your hand? As a result of God has supplied the availability to you for the battle. God armed you with that particular trait or character. The very factor you may suppose is a weak spot might very properly be the very factor God desires to make use of. 

Don’t low cost the availability and forgo your objective as a result of individuals are not celebrating what you might be geared up with. 

What if David had rejected his objective due to the perceived lack of provision?

Verse 50-51 says, “So David triumphed over the Philistine with only a sling and a stone, for he had no sword. Then David ran over and pulled Goliath’s sword from its sheath. David used it to kill him and cut off his head.”

Triumphant with solely the very factor you might be counting out is what God is relying on. It reiterates that he nonetheless didn’t have a sword. After which David takes Goliath’s sword and cuts off his head. The weapon that he had received within the battle his personal enemy’s weapon.

Some issues are going to occur provided that you keep devoted to battle the battle that’s in entrance of you now. When that big falls, and also you win that battle, you’ll get the very weapon it’s essential minimize off the top off of your enemy’s head.

Right this moment’s warfare will produce tomorrow’s weapons. Give up worrying about when the subsequent provision goes to come back. The place the subsequent weapon will come from and battle the battle in entrance of you as a result of when that big falls, he’ll drop his sword, and it is possible for you to to stroll over and take his sword. From this level on, David by no means makes use of a slingshot once more to defeat enemies. He makes use of a sword after which turns into the captain over hundreds carrying a sword. Not a weapon he made for himself within the pasture, however the weapon he obtained from the final battle he fought. 

The place is the subsequent connection going to come back from? The following breakthrough? The following success? So frightened concerning the provision in your objective. God is sitting right here saying, “If you would just do what I asked you to do with what I gave you, then I will present you with a trophy for your next battle.” Too many individuals are attempting to plan the availability for his or her objective as a substitute of participating with the availability He already supplied.

With out the shepherd’s workers, he by no means would have gotten to the slingshot. 

With out the slingshot, he by no means would have gotten to the sword. 

With out the sword, he would by no means have gotten to the crown.

For even David, who fulfilled his objective


See potential and objective are two various things. They’re related, however not the identical.

This may mess with a few of your theology this morning. Jesus by no means reached His potential. He by no means did. Jesus had the potential to be the subsequent Caesar. He had the potential to be the subsequent nice Pharisee. He had the potential to be simply the perfect carpenter. He had the potential to be a tax collector. He had the potential to steer the Zealots towards Rome. He had a number of potential, however just one objective. Jesus didn’t fulfill all of His potential as a result of He targeted on the aim which He fulfilled when He stretched His arms to a cross-bearing demise for the world to carry life. 

Take a look at Saul in Acts 9:1-9 (NRSV), “In the meantime Saul, nonetheless respiratory threats and homicide towards the disciples of the Lord, went to the excessive priest and requested him for letters to the synagogues at Damascus, in order that if he discovered any who belonged to the Method, males or girls, he may carry them sure to Jerusalem. Now as he was going alongside and approaching Damascus, abruptly a light-weight from Heaven flashed round him. He fell to the bottom and heard a voice saying to him, Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me? He requested, Who’re you, Lord? The reply got here, I’m Jesus, whom you might be persecuting. However stand up and enter town, and you may be informed what you might be to do. The lads who had been touring with him stood speechless as a result of they heard the voice however noticed nobody. Saul obtained up from the bottom, and although his eyes had been open, he might see nothing; so, they led him by the hand and introduced him into Damascus. For 3 days, he was with out sight, and neither ate nor drank.

Saul is on the market, respiratory threats and homicide. He’s killing followers of Jesus. He’s fulfilling his potential. Then God steps in, blinds him from his potential so he might realign together with his objective. 

A few of you are feeling like you possibly can’t see straight, nevertheless it is perhaps as a result of God is blinding you to your potential so you possibly can see your objective.

Folks might have seen your potential as Saul, however God sees your objective as Paul. You’re operating round attempting to meet all your potential and are amazed why you might be drained. You’re operating round attempting to attain all your potential and surprise why there’s a wake of demise round you. 

My household is falling aside. 

My funds are falling aside.

My marriage is falling aside. 

My profession is falling aside. 

My emotional state is falling aside.

Perhaps all the things is falling aside since you are pursuing your potential and never your objective.

So, you’re sitting right here pondering what if they only noticed my potential!? Perhaps they do you see your potential, however they’re targeted in your objective as a result of they know that in the event that they feed into the potential that it is going to be lethal to the aim that God has given you.

Your potential can maintain you out of your objective.

If we will keep away from the pitfalls of the method, our previous, provision and potential, I do know we will all stroll in our God-designed functions for our lives.

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