Is Your Mind Ready for Christopher Nolan’s First Full ‘Tenet’ Trailer? | RELEVANT Magazine

Coming to theaters …maybe, possibly this summer(?) …is Tenet, Christopher Nolan’s return to huge budget, blockbuster filmmaking with a cerebral twist. In this case, the central conceit looks to be around some sort of time-reversal hijinks that will allow John David Washington, Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth Debicki to manipulate the time-flow of the world around them. It’s the sort of sci-fi gimmick that Nolan’s never worked too hard to justify (InceptionandThe Prestigeboth featured similarly unlikely inventions) since getting bogged down in explanation would get in the way of his propulsive plots. Speaking of getting bogged down, we’re already over-explaining this movie.Tenet:

So many questions. What organization is Washington working for? What are they trying to do? Why is Robert Pattinson crashing a plane? And above all, when will this thing release? Officially,Tenetis still supposed to come out July 17 but this trailer isn’t making any such promises. All it says is “coming to theaters,” which could mean a lot of things. SoTenetwill either mark the world’s return to movie theaters or possibly flop on arrival or maybe be delayed until down the road. We really don’t know much about this movie except that it looks bananas.

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