J.D. Greear Gave an Attention-grabbing Reply to the Query ‘Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?’ https://chrisonet.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/j-d-greear-gave-an-interesting-answer-to-the-question-do-muslims-and-christians-worship-the-same-god.jpg

Southern Baptist Conference President J.D. Greear was just lately requested, ‘Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God?’ His reply supplied quite a lot of nuance.

The query was a part of a sequence for The Gospel Coalition by which Greear, a pastor, creator and former missionary, tackles robust questions.

Although Greear says “Islam is basically a false way to salvation,” as a result of it’s works-based, he stated the thought Muslims are “attempting to worship the One Creator, God…has some merit,” noting Muslims worship the God of Abraham. 

He stated in Jesus’ interplay with the lady on the effectively, Jesus “didn’t say you’re worshipping a different God,” He stated you’re “attempting to worship the One Creator, God, the wrong way.”

Greear suggests if a missionary had been to level out the variations between Christian beliefs about Jesus and Muslim beliefs about Muhammad, then “I have less problems with them saying, ‘Christians and Muslims are attempting to worship the same God in two entirely different ways.”

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