Kevin Bacon Has Launched a 'Six Degrees' Campaign to Encourage Social Distancing | RELEVANT Magazine

We’ve all obtained an element to play in slowing the unfold of COVID-19, whether or not you’re a healthcare skilled, musician, movie star couple, former Governor of California or pastor. And in allthese circumstances, the coronavirus pandemic is not any match for individuals who keep inside to guard the weak. That’s as a result of we’re all related, a truth few folks know higher than Kevin Bacon.

Bacon took to social media to launch a “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”-inspired marketing campaign to encourage folks to remain indoors. As you probably know, an outdated meme (like, very outdated from the times earlier than we had a phrase for “meme”) speculated that each single actor may very well be related to Kevin Bacon in six films or much less. Bacon’s at all times been an excellent sport in regards to the recreation and now, he’s leveraging it for an excellent trigger, utilizing it as an example the significance of social isolation.

Proper now, like folks all over the world, Im staying dwelling,” he mentioned. “As a result of it saves lives and it’s the solely approach had been going to decelerate the unfold of this coronavirus. As a result of the contact that you just make with somebody, who makes contact with another person which may be what makes somebodys mother or grandpa or spouse sick.

Bacon mentioned everybody has somebody they’re staying dwelling for (he mentioned he’s staying dwelling for his spouse Kyra Sedgwick) and informed folks to submit their very own somebody they’re staying dwelling to guard and tag six different folks to get them concerned. Bacon picked his well-known buddies Elton John, Jimmy Fallon, Brandi Carlisle, Kevin Hart, Demi Lovato and David Beckham, however you don’t must have a gold-plated Rolodex to get entangled.

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