Liberty University Professor: 'Jerry Falwell Jr. Is About to Make a Terrible Mistake' | RELEVANT Magazine

Over at Faith Information Service, Liberty College Professor Marybeth Davis Baggett has penned an op-ed criticizing Jerry Falwell Jr.’s dealing with of his college in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Though Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s ban on gatherings of greater than 100 individuals compelled Liberty to cancel lessons, Falwell has opted to depart the campus open for college kids to return to the dorms and continues to be requiring school and employees to come back to work.

As Davis Baggett notes, the three different faculties within the Lynchburg space have closed their campuses, though college students with nowhere else to go have been allowed again to the dorms.

“This foolhardy decision tracks Falwells conspiratorial thinking about COVID-19 and smacks of defiance,” Davis Baggett wrote.

“His public comments on the pandemic have manifested bravado, self-congratulation, and callousness in the extreme …” she wrote. “For one charged with leading a Christian institution of higher learning, these are troubling qualities, fundamentally at odds with both Christian faith convictions and an academic mindset. For a leader dealing with a situation of such magnitude, they are outright terrifying.”

Falwell’s public statements about COVID-19 have run the gamut from dismissive to weird. On March 13, Falwell appeared on Fox and Buddies to drift a idea that COVID-19 was really a bioweapon created by North Korea and China. He appeared on Todd Starnes radio present to counsel equally unsubstantiated theories, accusing the media of intentionally overhyping the specter of COVID-19 as a solution to make President Donald Trump look dangerous.

Davis Baggett’s op-ed was as scathing as they arrive, accusing Falwell of “reckless behavior” and stated he has confirmed to be “unfit for this moment.” She additionally referred to as out the deans and senior management of the varsity for refusing to face as much as what she considers to be irresponsible habits from Falwell.

“The leaderships willingness to enable Falwells self-professed politically motivated decision bespeaks a spirit of fear, or worse, that shames the mission they ostensibly pursue,” she wrote. “These leaders may think they are helping the institution, but in fact, they are sowing the seeds for its devastation.”

You’ll be able to learn the entire article at RNS.

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