Nancy Pelosi: I Pray for the President and His Household All of the Time

Home Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Donald Trump are political rivals, a lot in order that she just lately introduced impeach continuing in opposition to the president.

Nonetheless, a latest interview with the Democratic lawmaker featured an attention-grabbing second. Whereas on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, she was discussing a number of the president latest behind-closed-doors “jokes” about executing whistleblowers.

Pelosi stated that we’ve to be very “prayerful” shifting ahead. She then stated that she prays for the president “all the time.”

“I pray for the president all the time,” she stated. “I pray for the safety of his family — wish he would pray for the safety of other families and do something on guns — but I also pray that God will illuminate him to see right from wrong.”

At Faithwire notes, Pelosi made comparable feedback a couple of weeks in the past, telling Harper’s Bazaar that she prays for the President Trump “at night and in church on Sunday.”

When he first took workplace, Pelosi stated she prayed for the president within the Oval Workplace. 

“I myself thought we would open the meeting with a prayer which I did once we privately had the meeting outside the press if you call that private because there were many people in the room,” she instructed NBC Information . “I told [Trump] about Solomon, King Solomon, when he was to become king of the Jews, he prayed to God and said, ‘How can I ever follow King David, King David, King of the Jews? I need you to give me great understanding and wisdom, Lord,’ … and after he prayed and prayed and prayed, a guy came to him and said, ‘Solomon, because you did not ask for longevity, great wealth or vengeance against your enemy, I will give you more wisdom than anyone has ever had — the wisdom of Solomon.’”