Report: Police Are Investigating James MacDonald Homicide-for-Rent Allegations

Report: Police Are Investigating James MacDonald Homicide-for-Rent Allegations

Harvest Bible Chapel founder and former lead pastor James MacDonald is dealing with some new, disturbing allegations for allegedly making an attempt to rent a hitman.

Wilmette Deputy Police Chief Pat Collins instructed The Christian Publish, “A subject came in and filed a report and we are doing an investigation based on that report.”

The allegations got here to mild following a latest podcast by Chicago space radio character Mancow Muller. On the present, Muller stated that MacDonald, “came to me and wanted me to have someone killed for him. He came to me and he wanted to hire a hitman, and my understanding was to kill one of his rivals.” He continued, “And at that moment I realized I was in a cult, this guy was bad and I couldn’t support it any longer. Do I think he was kidding? No. I think he really wanted me to find a hitman for him.”

After Muller made the allegations, a former Harvest parishioner—who journalist Julie Roys says is a former bodyguard of MacDonald—got here on the present and made related allegations.

“James MacDonald also asked me if I could kill his son-in-law,” he stated on the podcast. “He asked if I would be willing to do that for him, and he said he would be more than happy to help me get rid of the body.” The person MacDonald allegedly needed to be killed is his now former son-in-law, who previous to the divorce “was arrested twice and charged with domestic battery” based on Roys.

The person instructed the Chicago space information outlet Patch that he didn’t report the homicide request to police at the moment as a result of attorneys instructed him that legally, the declare can be seen as “hearsay.”

MacDonald was not too long ago fired from Harvest following accusations of bullying, mismanaging funds, inappropriate touching and different actions.

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